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Most Played Song - 迷幻之夜 [Night of illusions] Armonight

[Review]: 来自意大利的硬核摇滚乐队“ARMONIGHT”今天为大家带来了第三张专辑“Recover”中的一首歌,“Night of Illusions"。 这是一首哥特摇滚风格的歌曲。主唱用高亢的女声,意欲冲破世俗对哥特风的偏见。歌曲节奏硬朗,不容错过!!!乐队在过去一段时间,长期在欧洲巡演,广受好评,喜欢摇滚的亲们要多多支持呦~

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Screenshots of MusicDish*China promotion of indie artists in China

Promote Your Music Single In China

Lua Hadar on Diandian

After 5 years of promoting and touring bands in China, we've developed a low-cost promotional service to help introduce your music in the world's #1 music market. The service icludes:

  • Compose a short introduction in Chinese about the artist and review of their single
  • Uploading your single to our branded channel on Chinese streaming platforms Ximalaya, Diandian,, Tudou and
  • Promotion on our Chinese social media channel, including Weibo, Douban, QQZone, Sohu, RenRen
  • Marketing report with links and screenshots to all the location where you music was promoted

Vinyl Floor on

China has the largest potential music market in the world. It is the #1 internet market with over half a billion users. It is also the #1 mobile market with over 1.2 billion active phones and over 700 million active smartphones by the end of 2013. China also has over 400 million under age 30 and the fastest growing middle class in the world.

Sam Ebiko on

There's More...

If you're song is amongst the most played and included on our Top Song Chart (see left-hand margin), we will (i) feature your single on our Chinese-language radio show "MusicDish.FM" to be launched this August in partnership with Chinese podcast sharing service Ximalaya, (ii) provide free digital distribution of your EP or album in Greater China.

In the service's first month, 37.5% of all songs promoted had between 400-999 plays, while 12.5% have had over 1,000 plays.

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