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» [2018-06-06]
Screen Music Connect To Explore The Music Of Film, Television And Interactive Media
Created by James Hannigan, award-winning composer and Game Music Connect co-founder, Screen Music Connect builds on the success of the sold-out game music conferences
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2018-04-24]
Skype and Mixcloud Launch "Connecting..." Podcast Series
Podcast series connects the music world's brightest sparks and explores the power of creative collaboration
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-11-27]
Voice-Controlled Speakers & The Music We Listen Too
Music is a major part of the way Amazon Echo and Google Home owners interact with their devices
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-11-05]
Hybrid Studios Announces Online Mastering Services
Engineers Billy Klein and Brian Frederick spearhead new online mastering effort through OC studio
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-10-31]
ICMP Launches Spotlight Blog
Spotlight features the best in music industry articles, insight and advice
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-10-26]
5 Ways Your Band Can Benefit From A Mobile App
Using an app allows all your fans get your message in the same way, every time, reinforcing your brand with very little effort
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-10-03]
Audials Music Zoom Visualizes All The Music In The World
Every artist in the world is displayed on one global music map, based on similarity and popularity
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-09-05]
TrendCulprit's "Music as a Business" Telesummit
All aspects of the music business, from songwriting to publishing to distribution and marketing will be covered
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-08-26]
Audiofile Engineering Under New Ownership
Krekeltronics acquires leading macOS and iOS audio company
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-08-25]
Songwriters Join BMG's Tech Team To Create New Royalties App
Thousands of BMG songwriters will be able to see up-to-date worldwide information on the value and source of their income
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-08-07]
PPL and PRS for Music Launch Music Recognition Technology Pilot
Pilot includes iconic nightclubs Ministry of Sound and Fabric and major club chain The Deltic Group
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-08-02]
Viberate Enables Musicians To Charge For Their Performances In Cryptocurrencies
Viberate will allow musicians to start offering gigs to event organizers in exchange for crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ether
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-06-14]
Rockwood Music Hall First Virtualized Venue To Livestream Concerts In VR
Social Music VR Platform Endless Riff has announced a partnership with NYC's Rockwood Music Hall
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2017-06-07]
Baserock Launches Immersive Bass-Frequency Backpack
Designed for Music Lovers, the Hydration Backpack is Set to Disrupt the Music Festival Experience
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2016-10-23]
HPCmusic Strives to Make Stereo Obsolete - The $100 Billion opportunity
Many believe that the internet led to the collapse of the music industry. Other industries equally exposed to piracy though have continued to flourish alongside the internet
By Rob Johnson (more from this author)

» [2016-07-18]
Music 1 Network Launches New Artist Discovery Platform
Music 1 Television is a live 24-hour music channel that provides commercial exposure for independent artists
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2016-07-10]
Research Finds Audible Differences with High-Resolution Audio
Listeners can hear a difference between standard audio and better-than-CD quality, known as high-resolution audio
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2016-06-16]
Adva Mobile Fan Engagement Score (ES)
New mobile technology scores fan engagement on artist web apps and ranks fans by loyalty
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2016-05-22]
Kobalt Offers Creators Real-Time Earnings & Data Reporting
Mobile app allows artists and songwriters to track their earnings, synch activity, YouTube and music usage, all in real time
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2016-05-15]
Ryan West Video Shows How To Add 'Transformer Color' in a Mix
Tips video shows how transformer saturation along with analog summing adds sonic dimension to a mix
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-06-15]
Novation Bass Station II and the New Sound of P-Funk
Danny Bedrosian tells how the Bass Station II is fast becoming the sound of George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-05-17]
Best Facebook Supported Video Format for Facebook Uploading
The bad news is video uploading causes issues on Facebook that photo uploading may not due to availability of different video formats but the limited video format supported by Facebook
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-05-14]
Why Mastering Your Audio Is Vital
Sometimes referred to the "black art", mastering is the most mysterious and least understood audio process
By Micheal John (more from this author)

» [2013-11-15]
Sir Tom Jones Rocked Muscat with Outline Butterfly
Production was provided by the Muscat-based Talentz Centre LLC, the largest production operation in Oman
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-01-07]
midemlab: Startup & Apps Developers Competition
The most innovative startups pitch their business model at midem and get the chance to find new business partners & investors
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2012-08-24]
The Headphone Market: Booming All The Way To The Bank
Everyone from corporations to artists are getting in on the design, marketing, and endorsements, reaping the benefits while smiling from ear to ear
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2012-07-03]
The Opposite House Soundtrack Volume 4
The Opposite House's latest soundtrack Oppositehouse Vol 4 features a sampling of China’s younger musical talent including Mr. Graceless, Pumi and JR Fog
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2011-03-31]
A Reflection On The Life And Legacy Of Tsutomu Katoh, Founder Of Korg Inc.
Katoh and Osanai teamed up to create and market the world's first disk rotary rhythm machine
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2010-07-18]
Has The Music Piracy Ship Finally Been Sunk?
The impact of piracy is far reaching with an estimated 30,000 potential employment losses
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2010-06-30]
SANYO's Pedal Juice to Charge Up the Music Industry
A new way for musicians to power their effects pedals, multi-effect devices, and mobile recorders
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2010-06-27]
Guitar String Problems At Outdoor Gigs? Here Are Some Tips
If you have played at an outdoor concert, then you are probably familiar with the issues that can arise
By Professor String (more from this author)

» [2010-02-07]
The new Miles Davis Tribute headphones by Monster Cable at NAMM
Miles Davis Properties reps link up with Slash at the NAMM Show during launch of the new headphones
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2010-01-02]
Wireless Predictions & Mobile Media Trends for 2010
Mobile Data Traffic Explosion to put strain on 3G Networks
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2009-12-27]
Guitar Heroes Steve Ouimette and Ryan Greene Get Dangerous
Musician & Engineer use Dangerous Music 2-Bus and D-Box on Blockbuster 'Guitar Hero' Games
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2009-12-18]
AVATAR Mixed by Simon Rhodes at Ocean Way / Record One
The James Horner score for movie AVATAR was mixed by Simon Rhodes at Ocean Way's film mixing studio Record One
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2009-12-18]
Studio City Sound Shines with Star Power
Stellar Holiday Season as Legendary Recording Studio Welcomes Famous Names
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2009-12-09]
NYU's New Facility Goes Dangerous for 10.2 Surround Monitoring
NYU's Department of Music and Performing Arts at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2009-11-22]
Technology Review: Rockster+Pro Home Studio Recording Software Package
With Rockster+Pro, I was able to infuse a very unique musical color into dry sounds with just my digital audio workstation
By Marios Papasavvas (more from this author)

» [2009-09-21]
The Next Step In Recording Technology
Rockster+ Pro is an important innovation in home recording
By Jon Peritz (more from this author)

» [2009-07-17]
What Beat Programs are Simple to Use and Quick to Learn?
Your choices range from complicated high end music production software programs to free open source programs
By Peter Webber (more from this author)

» [2009-04-21]
Live In Concert - Coming To A Laptop Near You? is a Web-based distribution platform for streaming video of live or archived concerts
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2009-03-20]
Mobile Social Networking is The Key to Stay Connected with Consumers
A survey active users in mobile internet illustrates comprehensive synergy effects between mobile social networks, the operators and the mobile phone manufacturers
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2009-03-02]
iPods Aren't Working Well Enough As "We-Pods"
iPod generation is losing touch with joys of collective listening due to sub-standard equipment
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2009-02-08]
MusicDishTV: Video Tour
By MusicDish (more from this author)

» [2008-03-21]
Mixi's Music Features
By Steve Myers, Theta Music (more from this author)

» [2008-03-17]
Technology that Stops Illegal 'Copyright' File Sharing
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2008-03-17], Music Licensing Solutions for Independent Artists, Record Labels and Publishers, Launches Public Beta
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2008-01-23]
Solid State Logic Expands Plug-In Portfolio For Duende With X-EQ Plug-In
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2008-01-23]
Image Line Software Announces The Mac Version Of Deckadance
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2008-01-23]
Neutrik Introduces 32 Amp Powercon At Winter NAMM 2008
By Mi2N (more from this author)

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