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» [2014-04-23]
ILana Martin Shares valuable Vocal Tips for Emerging Artists
Popular Vocal Coach Prepares Universal Music Group's Emerging Artist for Project Spearheaded by Stevie Wonder
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-03-21]
Artists Get Cheat Sheet on Website Development Tools
New Music Business Association Infographic lists a variety of web services that musicians can use to add specialized functionality to their sites
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-03-15]
Streaming And Access Services Scoop A Quarter Of The Entertainment Market
Music And Video Store Total Hits All-Time High
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-03-13]
The Insights Evolution: Why Only Obsessing About Sales Is Holding You Back
Connecting Data in New Ways is Key to Achieving and Measuring Success
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-02-15]
Rock Turns The Table On Pop
Led by Arctic Monkeys, Bastille and Jake Bugg, Rock music claims a third of the albums purchased in 2013 - its largest share since 2010
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-01-31]
Music Label, Publisher and Production Company Lang Van Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against VNG and IDG
Owners of World's Largest Vietnamese Music Catalog Suing U.S. Investment Firm and Leading Vietnamese Internet Company
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-01-08]
Lyor Cohen To Reveal Strategy Of His New Digital-Era Venture
Exclusive Midem Insight Into Innovative Google-Backed Label
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-12-17]
Rock Paper Photo Celebrates Keith Richards 70th Birthday
The carefully-curated online photography site with an extensive inventory of rare and iconic images—celebrates the man, the myth, the legend
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-07-26]
National Poll Reveals Queen Really Are The Champions
The poll also revealed that the UK's favourite music genre is Rock, with two-fifths (40.51%) of Brits preferring Rock Music above all other styles
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-07-04]
Join The Beat In Five Of The Youngest Cities In Europe
An exciting new briefing uncovers five of the youngest cities in Europe and highlights the impact their population is having on the culture and events scene in each area
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-06-03]
Does The Pluralist Generation Love Music Like Previous Generations?
First-of-its-kind research study among the Pluralist Generation helps to understand difference in music consumption and music community among the USA’s next generation
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-31]
New Music Streaming Survey Shows Trends In Europe
Usage and willingness to pay continue to increase
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-28]
Industry Trends In Asia And Internationally - Frances Moore at Music Matters 2013
In China, we are seeing a new approach to licensing, as record companies partner with internet companies such as Baidu, with vast customer bases
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-26]
Music Industry Plagued By Retitling Of Songs
Report reveals prolific problems with royalties in the music licensing landscape for artists and companies
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-20]
Take Me To Your Leaders
Digital & Music Matters 2013 has assembled a the most CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen level speakers than ever before
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-18]
Merlin Member Labels And Distributors At Forefront Of Burgeoning Streaming Market
Merlin Member Market Share Increases Significantly On Digital Platforms, Even More On Streaming Services
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-12-02]
The Digital Market: Streaming With Delight (And Dollars)
The music industry is getting a shot in the arm from digital products and subscription based services and free streaming from select devices
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2012-11-28]
Is Pandora Radio The New Pandora's Box?
Pandora, which filed a lawsuit in the New York federal court to reduce its artist royalties, is also taking their battle to Congress
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2012-09-03]
Vinyl Strikes Back!
30% (or 21 million people) of core music lovers plan to do the dance with vinyl again within the next 12 months
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2012-08-29]
Why Car Brands Need To Appeal To Country Music Fans
Country fans represent a strong buying market with 24 percent planning to purchase a new vehicle in the next 12 months
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2012-08-28]
Uncovering The Best Practices for Fan Outreach Around Live Music Events
Bandsintown reveals what makes live music fans tick
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2012-08-22]
Rightclearing: The Future of Music Licensing?
The complicated legal process has made music licensing so difficult that transactional costs and time delays can frustrate smaller, non-Hollywood players
By Huilong Han (more from this author)

» [2012-07-09]
Final Countdown - Launching Digital Services in Asia
To commemorate iTunes expansion into Greater China, we wanted to share a video from the Music Matters 2012 panel "Final Countdown - Launching Digital Services in Asia"
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2012-05-14]
IWantJam: Live Concerts Worldwide From The Comfort Of Your Home
IWantJam is a very unique and innovative music site that connects a global network of musicians and fans through live shows, video streaming, and social media
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2012-04-30]
Hilary Rosen's Uncomfortable Truths About Politics And The Music Industry
Is Hilary Rosen an Uncomfortable Truth Vortex?
By Matthew Montfort (more from this author)

» [2012-04-22]
Roadshow Films PTY LTD & ORS v iiNet Limited
The Court observed that iiNet had no direct technical power to prevent its customers from using the BitTorrent system to infringe copyright in the appellants' films
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2012-04-14]
MU Urges Musicians Not To Work For Free At Olympics
The MU has been receiving reports of professional musicians being asked to perform for no payment at Olympic events
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-02-24]
Cashless Festivals Likely This Summer
Festival industry and RFID technology figureheads revealed the likelihood of cashless festivals this summer at event production seminar.
By Craig Bennett, ID&C (more from this author)

» [2012-02-19]
New Study Determines Small Businesses Unaware Of Music Licensing Requirements
Report Finds Large Number of Businesses Playing Music Without Proper Licensing
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-01-17]
Audio-Technica Marks "50 Years of Passionate Listening"
A historical look back – with a view toward the future – at one of the leading innovators in transducer technology
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-01-08]
Is The Music Industry Finally Making A Comeback?
Record labels and artists may take some comfort that the winds of change may be blowing in their direction
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2011-11-21]
Spotify's Success Through Deep Facebook Integration Points The Way For Brands
Success in social media marketing is based on seamlessly integrating with Facebook user's lives, not trying to subvert or divert attention towards a brand's message
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-11-05]
Amazing Facts About Music
The very first record was created way back in 1857 by a French scientist called Leon Scott
By Louise Goldstein (more from this author)

» [2011-11-04]
Annoying Music Sends Shoppers Heading For The Exits
Survey shows that many shoppers leave a store if they don't like the music; illustrates the danger of retailers leaving the sound of their brand to chance
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-11-01]
NARIP Music Supervision Sessions - Josh Rabinowitz
Rabinowitz was accompanied by 15 eager musicians and artist representatives to have their music critiqued for song placement in commercials
By Milan Lazistan (more from this author)

» [2011-08-24]
ReverbNation Allows You to PROMOTE IT
PROMOTE IT is an advertising solution that is built on top of Facebook applications designed just for the music industry
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2011-07-09]
Just In Time ... Six (unofficial) Rules To Live By When Using Facebook
We've all been there, weighing the options of allowing yet another friend into our lives
By Amanda Strong (more from this author)

» [2011-06-25]
Music In The Cloud: A New Chapter
The launch of Apple iCloud service has been the spark to a powderkeg of conference talk and blog buzz
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2011-05-02]
Government Seizures Of Music Blogs
'Cyber Monday', the epic Post-Thanksgiving online shopping day, was more of a "Black Monday" this year for the hip-hop blogging community
By Robert Litowitz & Dana Nicoletti (more from this author)

» [2011-04-13] Unveils Major Site Upgrade
We were determined to relaunch on the 12th anniversary of the original site's March 8th launch, and it was a pretty mad scramble to make it happen
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-02-07]
MIDEM 2011 Recap: Classical Music Out, Taiwan Music In
MIDEM welcomed a record number of music managers (150) as well as significant increases in attending publishers (+25%) and digital/tech companies (+29%)
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2010-11-30]
The Day Music Died
"Bill C-32: New copyright legislation leaves songwriters and artists out in the cold," says Canada's largest music publisher
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2010-11-13]
One Down, Three To Go: The Music Biz Shrinks Yet Again, as Courts Close EMI
EMI has lost in court and it's now only a matter of time before its assets are chopped up
By Moses Avalon (more from this author)

» [2010-10-26]
Music 2010: New Opportunities
The seminar focused on the decline of the traditional music industry as every aspect of music has become available online
By Eiko Watanabe (more from this author)

» [2010-10-24]
Fair Or Not, The Performance Rights Act Will Affect More Than Artists' Royalties
Amos Biegun, CEO of Counterpoint Systems and a 20-year veteran of the music industry, has taken a fresh look at the Performance Rights Act
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2010-09-01]
How The Music Industry Changed
The days of creating a song, getting it played on the radio, sold within stores, touring and making a ton of cash has basically dried up
By Allen Johnston, The Music Specialist (more from this author)

» [2010-08-28]
iDream Studios And The Day Studio Music Rose Again
Home studios are no more than computers, digital programs and cheap mics, crammed into small, acoustically "dead" rooms
By Angela Ursprung (more from this author)

» [2010-08-25]
Net Neutrality For Musicians
What's all the fuss and which side should you be on?
By Moses Avalon (more from this author)

» [2010-08-25]
Time To Pay the Piper
Instead of campaigning and paying lobbyists to advocate their position, the NAB should sit down with the label
By Paul Menes (more from this author)

» [2010-08-23]
Industry Viewpoints: Indian Copyright Act 1958 Revisited
Perceptions on the copyright amendment about to take place in India
By Ria Shah (more from this author)

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