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2022 archived articles (displaying 101 to 150)

» [2014-01-21]
BMG Appoints Joe Gillen As CFO North America
Gillen will be responsible for Finance and Accounting together with Income Tracking and Royalty Audit
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-01-18]
Viacom Names Martha Riley As Senior Vice President Of Music Sales For Viacom Media Networks
Riley will provide the strategic connection between Viacom's Music and Entertainment Ad Sales group and the Music and Logo Group brands
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2014-01-16]
Dave Kusek Launches New Online Course For Independent Musicians
New Artist Model To Teach Musicians How To Think Like Entrepreneurs And Be Empowered Through An 8-week Course
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-11-15]
PRS for Music Honour Electronic Music Duo Orbital
Iconic group unveil music plaque at site of first live gig in North London
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-09-15]
Midem To Curate Full Conference Programme For First Edition Of Dubai Music Week
Midem, the leading international business event for the music ecosystem, joins forces with the first ever Dubai Music Week set to take place on September 24-29, 2013
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-08-03]
California Court Rules in Shakira's Favor
A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against the pop star Shakira by her former boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-08-03]
U.S. Department of Commerce Green Paper on Updating Copyright Policies for the Internet Age
Comprehensive Analysis Addressing Copyright Policy, Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Economy
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-07-24]
Driven Music Conference Announces Return To Atlanta In September 2013
"The Driven Music Conference is an amazing resource for finding world-class talent!" Peter Cohen, Talent Producer for NBC TV's The Voice
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-07-11]
Demystifying Pan-European Digital-Music Rights
New research details the path to success in digital-music rights licensing in Europe
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-06-06]
Innovative Personalized Artist Consulting Firm ArtistAdvisors Launched
The Los Angeles-based firm to offer comprehensive consultation and development packages for artists at any level of accomplishment
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-06-05]
Live Nation Further Expands Presence In Asia
Live Nation Entertainment and Lushington Entertainments have formed a joint venture, Live Nation Lushington, to promote live concerts in Hong Kong and Singapore
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-06-03]
Copyright And Popular Media: Liberal Villains And Technological Change
New book on media piracy by Trajce Cvetkovski - with strong focus on the popular music industry
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-06-01]
Building The 100 Billion Dollar Music Business At The New Music Seminar
New Music Seminar is back on June 9-11 in New York City, ready to tackle the challenge of building the 100 billion dollar music business
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-29]
Tony Maserati and Bedrock.LA Pioneer Modern Music Studio Center
Hit record producer/engineer Tony Maserati is teaming up with LA's hip Bedrock.LA studios in an ambitious strategic partnership with the Standard Oil Investment Group
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-20]
Maria Pallante, John Morton, Scott Turow, Jean-Michel Jarre and Hervé Di Rosa to Keynote at the World Creators Summit
Featuring appearances from over 80 of the biggest influencers and industry luminaries in the creator-rights space
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-19]
Microsoft Windows Azure Supports Digital Matters!
Microsoft Windows Azure solidifies its place as the premier partner event on the digital entertainment industry calendar
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-17]
Music Weekly Asia Launches Top 30 Asia: Asia's First Digital Music & Video Charts
Music Weekly Asia, the online music magazine and Asia's leading source of music news, has launched Asia's first digital music and video charts
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2013-05-09]
Digital And Music Matters 2013 Returns With Brand-New Youtube Fanfest Powered By HP
Exciting line-up of international music professionals including Johnny Wright and Gurrumul Yunupingu
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-03-06]
What To Do At SXSW?
As the SXSW madness builds up, here are some events to keep an eye on from to UK Sensation Et Tu Brucé
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-03-05]
Your Favorite Enemies and Voodoo Invited To Perform At China's Sound of the Xity
Canadian rock band Your Favorite Enemies and French band Voodoo have been invited to participate in Sound of the Xity
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-03-02]
George Ash Appointed President, Universal Music Asia Pacific
In his new role, Ash will add responsibility for all of UMG's operations in the Asia Pacific region excluding Japan
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2013-01-09]
Are Apps Building A New Music Industry?
Applications are becoming a defacto tools in the music industry's toolbox, with apps helping artists practice, record, promote and even split royalties
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-08-29]
August 2012: Career Moves In The Music Industry
Interesting executive hirings and promotions from the CRS, Sunset Island Music, Primary Wave Music, Secret Road Music, HFA, GMIA and Island Def Jam Motown
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2012-08-24]
Signing Deals and Creating Music Stars
All cynicism aside, what can be more exciting for aspiring musicians than being signed by some a hot label or agency in the business?
By Varsha Srivastava (more from this author)

» [2012-07-26]
Guitarist Adrian Vandenberg Gets Sued For The Rights To His Own Name
Former Vandenberg, Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg gets sued to the rights to his name by former Vandenberg band members
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-06-25]
Trigger '12 Brings Together Music Industry Luminaries From Around the World
The Trigger Creative Conference has confirmed its program, bringing together top global executives from the music and media industries
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2012-04-30]
SoundCloud Song Pitch Competition for Midem 2013
Song pitching competition for midem trailers
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

» [2012-04-29]
Roger Waters The Wall Smashes Attendance Records In South America
The Wall Makes Its Triumphant Return To North America On April 27th With 41 Shows
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-04-17]
Shakira And President Obama Promote Early Childhood Development Policies
Shakira Speaks Alongside President Obama During 6th Summit Of The Americas To Promote Early Childhood Development Policies
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-04-14]
Yellow Dog Contracts
Union breaking tactics against the American Federation of Musicians (AFM)
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-03-16]
American Voices, U.S. Dept. of State Announce 2012-2013 American Music Abroad Participants
American Voices and the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs are pleased to announce the lineup for the 2012-13 season
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-02-19]
AES Hosts Wax Cylinder Recording Session At Edison Museum
Suzanne Vega Cuts New Side On State of The Art Technology (Circa 1878)
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-01-17]
Jarrell Guitars Debuts "Monte Pittman Signature" Guitar at NAMM 2012
Monte Pittman Signature Jarrell MPS will be at Super Bowl 2012, played by Monte Pittman himself during pop superstar Madonna's half-time show
By Michele Wilson-Morris (more from this author)

» [2012-01-16]
Barix Audio over IP Solution to Support Live Streams from 2012 International Piano Festival
Audio over IP pioneer Barix AG will bring the 2012 International Piano Festival to a global audience this year through the power of streaming media
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-01-15]
European Repertoire Struggles To Cross Borders Within The EU
According to an extensive study, artists from the region struggle to achieve recognition and success across the borders of EU countries
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2012-01-15]
Big Tech And Star Start-Ups Converge At MIDEM 2012
Companies from a diverse geographical spread including Australia, Korea, Chile, Israel, Russia, US and across Europe are gathering at MIDEM 2012
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-12-08]
American Voices Now Accepting Ensemble Applications
American Voices, in partnership with the U.S. Dept. of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is now accepting ensemble applications for the American Music Abroad 2012-2013 touring season
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-12-06]
WSDG Names Three Partners
Architectural/Acoustical Design Firm Sees International & Domestic Growth
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-12-03]
Art Galleries In Berlin Present Bart Constant
The music project "Bart Constant" will be presented along with its debut album during special mini exhibition in Berlin in January
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-11-26]
Hit Songwriting Trends in Pop: Q3-2011
Report reveals how key elements present in hit Pop songwriting are shifting over time
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-11-26]
Executive Watch: Universal Republic & Island Def Jam | 24-7 | SoundExchange | Guvera | PlayNetwork | Zenph Sound Innovations | Luna Chica Records
Peter Thea - Universal Republic & Island Def Jam; Tobias Brinkhorst - 24-7; Jonathan Bender - SoundExchange; Scotty Moore - Guvera; John Wooler - PlayNetwork; Quincy Jones - Zenph Sound Innovations; Brenda Cline - Luna Chica Records
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-11-19]
Internet2 And IPV6 Provide New Opportunities For Music
University of Waikato musicians used high-speed Internet2 and IPv6 format to link digtial video and audio and open this year's Asian Telemusic Concert in Beijing
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-11-04]
Executive Watch: ThingLink | CEntrance | Mad Sun Marketing | Audio-Technica | Warner Music Japan | Blue Pie | Steinway | Max Sound
ThingLink - Cortney Harding; CEntrance - Michael Mercer; Mad Sun - Meilina Dalit; Audio-Technica - Doug Swan; Warner Music Japan - Kei Ishizaka; Blue Pie - Stephanie Garcia; Steinway - Dana Messina; Max Sound - Carl Stubner
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-10-31]
131st AES Convention Rocks New York
With the successful completion of the 131st AES Convention on Sunday, Oct. 23rd, one of the most positive, pages has been writ in the annals of AES history
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-10-26]
The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing At The 131st AES Convention
GRAMMY Soundtables - APRS And SPARS Held In The Mix - Fourth Manufacturer Breakfast
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-10-25]
MusicDish Sponsors The Driven Music Conference At The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Continuing the success of last year's Driven Music Conference in Florida, the event will return to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-10-25]
Executive Watch: BMI | | Universal Audio | Universal Music Publishing Group | D.W Fearn | Sennheiser | SESAC | I AM PR Agency
BMI - Susan Davenport; - Jack Isquith; Rob Currie - Universal Audio; Evan Lamberg - UPG; Doug Fearn - D.W Fearn; John Falcone - Sennheiser; Cappriccieo Scates - SESAC; Shari Baldie - I AM PR
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-10-23]
The Verbicide Unsigned 2011 Contest proudly announces the return of Verbicide Unsigned - the contest that aims to name the best unsigned band of 2011
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-08-25]
Government Says Wood Is Illegal If U.S. Workers Produce It
The Justice Department bullies Gibson without filing charges
By Mi2N (more from this author)

» [2011-08-15]
Executive Watch: RIAA; IFPI; RCA Music Group; Universal Republic Records; Myxer; Guitar Center Professional; Photo Finish Records
RIAA - Cary Sherman; IFPI - Plácido Domingo; RCA Music Group - Peter Edge; Universal Republic Records - Rob Stevenson; Myxer - William J. Brown; Guitar Center Professional - Kurtis Ewing; Photo Finish Records - Trevor McFedries
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) (more from this author)

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