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Ronni Marcus
Archive of Articles

phone: 757-460-3887

Ronni Marcus is a Freelance Writer of corporate Public Relations materials, Business Manuals, Business Plans, Advertising Copy, and general creative marketing pieces. Ronni has degrees in Marketing and Finance. Previous endeavors included job titles of District Manager, Field Manager, Service Manager, and Treasurer. The most rewarding job titles thus far has been Freelance Writer. In addition to being an Associate Writer for Music Dish, Ronni is a writer of non-fiction featured articles and a music columnist for Splash Magazine in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Ronni's work has also been featured in Enigma Magazine, The Virginian-Pilot Newspaper, Caustic Truths, and Beyond Mainstream.   Ronni currently teaches business courses at Tidewater Tech in Va. Beach, Virginia.

P.S. MM=Music Motivator

Excerpt Life Chapter

I’m just a girl…who made it all the way to middle management in #$%^& corporate America. Excuse my language but, I have a message here and profanity provides emphasis when needed. (Is that illegal yet, too?) Anyhow, the MBA degree paved the way back in the early 80’s. Back in that prior decade, women with MBA’s had not yet reached critical mass…roughly 10-20% were female. The degree enabled me to land my first “real job” with a Fortune 500 corporation in the Memphis sales division. Keep in mind, it really looked good for the company to promote minorities to management positions. Alas, me? This girl was one of the first female Field Managers in America within this huge company. 

Still clueless after two years of hell while traveling weekly throughout southern/western Mississippi and eastern Arkansas. I felt land locked in this particular area of the country. I had to go to shore, home sweet home. I smoozed the boys at a competitive company within the Norfolk region and was bestowed the title of District Manager. Life was good…two company cars, expense account, and a top floor hotel room in the Adam Mark hotel. WHAT? Norfolk region had never had a woman responsible for either the Baltimore or Washington Metro territories? Is Ronni up to the task? What the hell…”she’s all we got.” Life was one big party in Baltimore…this product was hot and in huge demand. I had the power. Bribes were rampant. Unfortunately, I was still walking the walk and talking the talk. 

The big D, who me? Don’t try to control me. Well, back to lovely corporate America. I went to work for a telecommunications company. This company’s name changed three times due to buyout or merger, while I was employed there. (Gobble, gobble) I was in my element as the Account Manager. Couldn't say that about my experience as the Service Manager, for my responsibilities included managing nineteen direct reports including Technicians and Installers who performed tasks I had no clue of nor desire to have a clue of! 

I did believe in the need to motivate Service Department employees, though, utilizing contests and positive feedback for a job well done. I believe employees whose performance cannot precisely be measured in terms of exact revenue dollars should be or rewarded for their significant contributions much like Sales Reps. I created the first Service Department Incentive Contest, which resulted in increased net profits and improved employee morale and motivation. I shouldn’t have gone overboard, though. When I wrote the first Policy and Procedure Manual to unify Service Department practices throughout the region...I really messed up by forwarding a copy to the regional President. My General Manager wanted to do that. Who knew? I went over her head?

Bah bye, I couldn’t do it anymore. Wished corporate America well…at least the stocks, especially the employee purchased ones! I could no longer walk the walk and talk the talk. This baby boomer is a wonder I never felt as I fit in. Does corporate America care about writers? I hope so. (Just be sure to achieve those sales objectives.)   YEW HOO, let’s all think about the big picture for a moment. Is bigger always better? Do you advise or mentor another within your organization? Are you happy for another’s success and congratulate them for a job well done? Do all departments work in harmony or are there departmental divides that truly hinder the corporate mission statement? Do you treat the maintenance people with the exact same respect as you treat the CEO? Discuss this among yourselves...we’ll talk later.

Creative Writing Sample:

Mars Music
Musician's Planet

By: Ronni Marcus

The staff at Mars...these people of musical expertise are stars. (Just for the record, the terminology for star status is subjective and egomaniacs don't qualify.) That's plural...Musical Instrument Consultants by day, Musicians by night. In this new millennium, any new ultra high tech equipment need not intimidate anyone. The staff is thoroughly trained on all new product lines and in tern; the Mars staff serves as Music Mentors to both the young and the old. As Mars states, "you're never too young or too old to become a musicmaker." 

Mrs. Arnold's first grade class from Windsor Oaks Elementary expressed their appreciation for the "before store hours" Field Trip by sending expressive hand made pictures of art proudly displayed on Mars Music Hall of Fame. Mars is equipped with separate departments for each Musical Instrument Category, Learning Centers, Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, Project Studios, Microphone Room, DJ and Lighting Room, Guitar Repair Center, and a Reconditioned Instrument Department. Mars Music provides affordable lessons in a comfortable, supportive environment for guitar, keyboard, drums, voice, and more. Mars does provide a huge selection of brands and products allowing the final consumer the benefit of Mars quantity discounts. 

Do not fret; it is not just men that are from Mars, but some women, as well. Visit the following men at Mars Music, 5565 Virginia Beach Boulevard. It is extremely interesting to note the various Mars Musicians and their current and past musical endeavors: 

Bary Scott-(guitar) The Barrys, States, Neo Duo
David Waltrip-(guitar) States, Wild Kingdom, Waterworks, Hoi Poloi,
Rumblefish, solo artist.
David Paranzino-(guitar) The Boneshakers
Norman Harrell-(guitar) Snuff, solo artist
Robbie House-(guitar) Snuff, solo artist
Jen Kravassi-(guitar) Route 66, solo artist
Mike Williams-(drums) Gibb Droll, Debrah Coleman
Richie Comia-(drums) Killroos, Jessica Dawn, Dahna Rowe
Jimmy Purcell-(guitar) The Stingrays
Alan Felder-(drums) Luv Jelly, Walt Redman Band
Johnny Smallwood-(guitar) Walt Redman Band, Mindset
Bill McClure-(bass) Naked by noon
Eddie Lionetti-(guitar) Plastic Eddie
Rob Baugh-(bass) Area 3
Mike Harris-(guitar) Elmo
Duane Devoe Tidewater Winds board of directors

It's not that stop by Mars! 

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