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British Electro-pop Trio Ooberfuse "The Globetrotters" China Tour
Ooberfuse kicked off their debut China tour at MTA Festival to introduce their "Greater Love" album release
By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher)
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Ooberfuse, a British Electro-pop band that has done hundreds of gigs worldwide, is debuting in China this September with their 8-city tour and the new album "Greater Love"!

至今已经在世界范围内举行了几百场演唱会的英国电子流行Ooberfuse乐队,将在今年9月份将第一次登陆中国,为中国歌迷带来他们的首次中国巡演以及最新专辑《Greater Love》

Tom Robinson of BBC Radio once praised Ooberfuse's music as "[it] reaches out of the headphones from bar one and shakes hands with your ears... that's upbeat and accessible, yet quirky and charming... Classy, well-made pop music".

BBC制片人Tom Robinson 曾这样评价英国流行电子乐队Ooberfuse的音乐: 独一无二的音乐从耳机里蔓延出来,仿佛在亲吻你的耳朵,这简直是太优雅,经典,完美的流行音乐了。

Ooberfuse has graced the stage of some of Britain's most prestigious venues including the O2 in Greenwich, Leicester Square Theatre, Bush Hall and Trafalgar Square. Outside of the UK, they have performed to an audience of 2 million in Madrid, to hundreds in one of Rio de Janeiro's notorious favelas, or in front of the House of Lords in the UK. They recently toured the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines and Iraq.

Get your ears ready for Ooberfuse's September China Tour ❤

他们几乎去过了英国所有具有很高名望的表演场地,包括格林威治O2,莱斯特广场剧院,以及特拉法加广场。走出英国,在马德里,他们可以在家里为上百万观众演出;也可以在里约热内卢的贫民窟为几百人表演;更可以在英国国会上议院的门口表演。 最近,他们刚刚完成了在英国,西班牙,意大利,葡萄牙,巴西,加拿大,菲律宾和伊拉克的巡演。


Ticketing Info 票务信息

9/9 - Baoding/保定 - An Xiang/暗香咖啡
Time / 时间:20:00 - 22:00
Price / 票价:¥40/50 TICKETS购票: 13473122223 Address / 地址:保定市总督署广场牌楼下西侧

9/11 - Langfang/廊坊 - Qilin/麒麟Show Club
Time / 时间:20:30 - 22:30
Price / 票价:¥40/60 TICKETS购票 Address / 地址:廊坊市第六大街苏宁电器二楼斜对面

9/12 - Tianjin/天津 - Blue Map
Time / 时间:21:00 - 23:00
Price / 票价:¥50/60 TICKETS购票(现场购票) Address / 地址:东丽湖万科城售楼处对面

9/14 - Nanjing/南京 - 61House
Time / 时间:20:30 - 22:30
Price / 票价:¥50/60 TICKETS购票 Address / 地址:南京市鼓楼区汉口西路61号(宁海路麦当劳正对面)

9/15 - Wuxi/无锡 - Piston/活塞
Time / 时间:20:30 - 22:30
Price / 票价:¥40/50 TICKETS购票 Address / 地址:无锡市南长区太湖大道向阳南路N1955南下塘文化创意园九号楼

9/16 - Ningbo/宁波 - CMK/城门口
Time / 时间:20:00 - 22:00
Price / 票价:¥40/60 TICKETS购票 Address / 地址:宁波市鄞州区钱湖天地商业广场北侧钱丰巷16号城门口音乐房子

9/17 - Changzhou/常州 - Maze/迷宫
Time / 时间:20:30 - 22:30
Price / 票价:¥40/50 TICKETS购票 Address / 地址:常州市钟楼区清潭院街商业中心 B2-301 Maze Livehouse(清潭路木梳路交汇处)

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