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Elvis inside of them
An Explanation(?) of The Strangemen
By Matthew S. Robinson
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They have been described as "Elvis meets The X-Files" and their combination of rockabilly guitars and other-worldly hair-do's makes such references fit like a sequined jumpsuit.

They are The Strangemen - a bizarre conglomeration of musical misfits who have come to our planet to rock it into the stratosphere.

Lead by the theatrical antics of Captain Ernest Summertime, Los Hombres Extranjeros also include a rhythm section of drummer Mondo Raceway and bass-man Magic Dave Deltona and the twelve-stringed attacks of Les More and "Handsome" Dick Vitalis.

According to Captain S., the Men were abducted by aliens in 1995. "We were somewhere outside of Tulsa with our last $3.85 after another dead end gig," the Captain ernest-ly explains. 'Suddenly, bingo! A flash of light and I don't know what happened next."

After appropriate probings and genetic experimentation, the well-coifed quintet was thankfully returned to Earth to carry out a special purpose.

"It has been deemed (or doomed) our mission to return civilization to utopia amidst such realities as electronic pollution and web rage," the good Captain explains. "Our agenda includes the maps to the universe. The keys to Atlantis and a strange reverence for Elvis Presley and all things American." Principle among these, Captain S. says, is Rock & Roll.

"To accompany our sound, we have invited all the great influences from the entire Rock era," Summertime 'splains. "We pay homage to the greatest because who wouldn't given the opportunity. We pull from the lazy susan of Rock & Roll, but our biggest portion is the fried peanut butter and bacon."

And therein lies the connection to The King.

"We like to have fun and a lot of people have fun listening to, looking at, laughing at Elvis and riding with The King, so to speak. Some of us just can't get enough," the Captain admits. "We don't live and breathe it but we love it. It's a tributary thing. Our music is R&B and he was the King of that."

But wait- I thought Elvis was 'The King of Rock & Roll.'

The Captain clarifies.

"As Little Richard, the reigning king of Rock & Roll, said, there's no such thing as Rock & Roll. R&B had a baby and it was named Rock & Roll." Speaking of 'babies,' Summertime suggests that he and his Bryl-cremed brethren might actually be the illegitimate kids of The King.

"A least that what The Weekly World News said," Summertime smiles.

And where is 'Dad' now?

"He's everywhere and we're all Ahabs to Elvis's Moby Dick," the Captain cryptically claims, quoting his all-too appropriate song "Elvis Inside of Me."

"There's even a little Elvis in Britney Spears, by golly!"

Oops! He did it again!

Geographically speaking, Summertime says that he is most probably in E lDorado, though he claims to have seen at least a spectral incarnation of Poppa Presley at Graceland a while back.

"I was on a cross-country quest for eternal Americana," quoth The Captain. "We were heading through Memphis en route to Route 66." After recording a single at the legendary Sun Studios, Summertime went on the famous Graceland tour. In his attempt to film every aspect of the home and grounds, Summertime became separated from his group and decided to take his time through the patchworked palace.

"Let's just say I partied in The Jungle Room," Summertime smirks. As he was waiting for the next tram out, The Captain looked back towards the pool.

"Lo and behold there was this cool cat ," The Captain recalls. "He had the jewelry, the hair and the nice suit . There was no doubt about it , It was The King."

From that moment on (and with the help of the aliens), Ernest knew his special purpose.

So how have the Men fulfilled their mission?

"We deliver a sci-fi surfabilly phenomenon unparalleled in these parts," the Captain claims. "This side of Mississippi, at least."

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