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News and Nuggets: the Gants / Turtles / Northwest / Rhino Handmade / Poptones Records / Gear Fab / The BooneScuttle 5 ...
By Mike Dugo, 60sGarageBands
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*Ed Wincentsen's forthcoming book, "Yes, Phoenix Had Music in the '60s! A Look at the Bands, Clubs and Fans," now has its own website. Ed promises to update the web site frequently, and add photos along the way. To read excerpts from the book, and keep informed on its status, be sure to visit. Ed is also soliciting memories from all fans and former band members of Phoenix's '60s scene via the site. We'll continue to keep you informed every step of the way until the book's publishing date.

*Fresh from their appearance at the Village Underground in New York, the Gants "are currently working on a series of collector's CDs which will be released for sale through their website at in the very near future. These CDs can ONLY be purchased through The Gants' website. They will include previously unheard recordings of the following sessions: The SUN Sessions-1964; The Muscle Shoals Sessions-1965; The Nashville Sessions-1990; and The Tupelo Sessions-1993." We'll have more information as it becomes available. . . . In other Gants news, the 5th Annual Southern Music Issue of the OXFORD AMERICAN features an article on the Greenwood, Mississippi band. The magazine comes with a free CD that will includes an original recording of "Little Girl Sad." The latest issue of Popular Culture Press also includes a Gants article. It's great to see the band getting some good recognition. The band's web site is currently being upgraded, but there's a cool fan site to also visit:

*There's also some interesting Turtles news to report: "Rhino Films has recently completed the first phase of shooting on the film tentatively titled MY DINNER WITH JIMI written by Howard Kaylan (Eddie). The movie chronicles Howard's adventures in London when the Turtles first traveled there in 1967. Originally written as a one-hour screenplay, the movie has returned to production as a full-length feature. Bill Fishman is the director. Also coming from Rhino, a two-CD anthology featuring, not only the Turtle's greatest hits, but album favorites as well as rarely heard and never-released demos and out-takes." For more on the Turtles, swing by

*Though there's some duplication with both Sundazed's and Big Beat's recent Northwest CD compliations, the majority of the tracks are first timers on CD on Jerdens' "History of Northwest Rock, Volume 3." Bands include Magic Fern, Springfield Rifle, Brave New World, New Yorkers, Crome Syrcus, P.H. Phactor Jug Band, and Bluebird. Visit for a complete track listing, or to place an order.

*And the Northwest comps just keep on coming! Norton Records has recently released three volumes of 1960-1966 cuts from the vaults of Kearney Barton's Audio Recording Studios in Seattle. Of the 61 tracks, 51 have been previously unreissued. The volumes are broken down by years, with Volume One titled "STOMP! NORTHWEST KILLERS VOL. 1 1960-1964," Volume Two "SHOUT! NORTHWEST KILLERS VOL. 2 1964-1965", and Volume 3 "WORK IT ON OUT! NORTHWEST KILLERS VOL. 3 1965-1966". There's a few familiar bands represented (Rocky & His Friends, Beachcombers, and Frantics), but for the most part the comps feature little known bands. One such band is Little Daddy and the Bachelors, with Tommy Chong on guitar! To read more, visit:

*Norton Records has also released a 7" of the four unreleased songs by the Creations on Arcania International "Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things Volume Two" CD. It's titled "To Whom It May Concern." and comes in a cool picture sleeve of the band.

*A new vinyl only release on Vee Records of Germany is the Blue Bus' "Your Mind Is Moving Too Fast." The album is straight from the original masters, and includes original cover artwork provided by the members of the band. Apparently, this unreleased album, is "an incredible find: a 1967 L.A. band in the style of Love, Autumn bands, and early Quick Silver Messenger Service." Might be worth seeking out.

*Though the Fugs are an acquired taste that I have yet to acquire, Rhino Handmade is releasing some long unavailable recordings by the band that might interest '60s music collectors: 1967's "Tenderness Junction," 1968's "It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest," 1969's "The Belle of Avenue A," and 1970's "Golden Filth" (all originally released on Reprise Records). The four albums will be combined with a bonus disc of the surviving PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED Atlantic Records recordings to create the 3-CD collection entitled THE FUGS 'Electromagnetic Steamboat: The Reprise Recordings'." For more information, visit:

*Rhino Handmade has also released all six Rascals albums in a box set. It's a "6-CD 132-track collection of all of their Atlantic albums and singles which we have, hopefully cleverly, entitled THE RASCALS 'All I Really Need: The Atlantic Recordings 1965-1971.' Every Atlantic master used to create every RASCALS STEREO album and every master used to create every RASCALS single all in one convenient place. All eight of the Atlantic albums - 1966's 'The Young Rascals,' 1967's 'Collections' and 'Groovin',' 1968's 'Once Upon A Dream' and 'Time Peace/The Rascals' Greatest Hits,' 1969's 'Freedom Suite' and 'See,' 1971's 'Search And Nearness' - are in STEREO. And each of the nineteen Atlantic singles are presented in order of release in the original MONO or STEREO as the case may be."

*San Francisco's Baypop Festival is being held this year August 1st through August 5th. It will consist of six shows over five nights. On opening night, the show will be a "tribute to San Jose's 1960's punk legends The Chocalate Watchband, the band's first Bay Area appearance in thirty years! Plus Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies and Mike Wilhelm of the Charlatans." Also performing during the festival will be the Syndicate of Sound. Alec Palao will guest. Check out for more information.

*Issue #19 of Mike Stax's excellent magazine, UGLY THINGS, is now out. Fans of '60's U.S. music will be interested in the massive Kim Fowley cover story, as well as articles on Something Wild and Gandalf. Fans of music from other countries will dig the articles on Israeli psychsters The Churchills, the British '70s punk band The Boys, and New Zealand's Chants. And, as is the norm, the magazine is packed with book, CD, and vinyl reviews. It's an essential read. Place your order at

*Dionysus Records ( has two excellent 7" vinyl releases slated for release: Four songs by Arkansas' Rock Garden, including the band's '67 single and two unreleased cuts. Liners were penned by Rock Garden member Charles Tuberville; and four songs by Phoenix' Topsy Turbys, the Liberty Bell recording artists famed for their turbans, beards, and robes. Liners for this were written by Topsy Turby member Charles Johnson.

*Poptones Records, the British label that has reissued many of Curt Boettcher's recordings, has announced that the Byrds' PREFLYTE album will be released on CD in early September. These recordings, of course, were produced at World Pacific Studios in 1964, prior to the Byrds success, and the album's initial release really opened the door for today's collector's market. The album was really the first of its kind to release demos and unfinished versions of songs. For more information, visit:

*Gear Fab has announced the bands that will be featured in it's upcoming "Psychedelic States: Georgia In The 60's, Volume 1" CD. They include The Bandits, The Continentals, Dave & The Stalkers, The Echo,The Knights Of Darkness, The Sweet Acids, Bo Allen, The Younger Brothers, Faman, The Celtics, Gang Of Saints, The Mach V, Beethoven, The Unknowns, The Spontaneous Generation, The Rogues, Tier Park, Soul Inc., The Fugitives, Red Beard & The Pirates, The Malibus, The Apolloes, The Nightshadows, Bitterr Creek, and The Fly-Bi-Nites. Check it out at:

*Cavestomp Records, in conjunction with Varese Sarabande, has just released "Feel It! The Very Best Of ? & The Mysterians." This CD is a re-release of the previous "More Action!" CD with a bonus track, "I Need Somebody," that was recorded live at CAVESTOMP. According to Cavestomper Jon Weiss, "It's repackaged with new artwork and liner notes by Miriam Linna of Norton Records. It differs from 'More Action!' in that it is pared down to what I thought were the essential and best 18 tracks. Since it is now on a single CD (rather than the double CD of 'More Action!'), it also retails for less. These are all studio recordings (except for bonus track) that I had the pleasure of producing with the band. Some are re-records of '?' classics that everyone knows, some are new, and two are pre-'96 Tears' demos they recorded that were never formally released back in the day. The CD is also enhanced with video of them performing their re-make of The Jaynettes very spooky 'Sally Go Round The Roses.' Every song was recorded in the spirit of 1966. From performances to vintage gear and studio technology (or lack of)." For more information, visit:

*Germany's Rock-In-Beat Records will soon be releasing a Human Beinz "Complete Collection" CD. Included will be the band's two albums, and a few singles. You can get a track listing at

*Johnny Lightning, a manufacturer of mini diecast cars, has a new line out titled Rock 'N Rollers. The series features miniature versions of classic cars and a CD single of a famous '60s song written about them. Artists include the Beach Boys ('natch), Sam & Dave, the Ripchords, Ronny & The Daytonas, and Jan and Dean. Very cool collectibles, they're available at Tower Records, or online at:

*WEB-SITE WATCH: The BooneScuttle 5 is a British Invasion inspired band from New Jersey that rose from the ashes of three '60s garage bands: The Lyzzerds, Culture, and The Sky. Check out the band's history at: for some cool band pictures, and photos of their vintage equipment. According to Myke Connell, "Every band practice usually concludes with a parking lot conversation and the activation of some 30+ year-old brain cells. Out of it all comes stories that we feel are worthy of a Ken Kesey novel. We are actively capturing and documenting our history on the web site." Be sure to check back often.

SPECIAL THANKS to Myke Connel, Gant Girl Beth, Jon Weiss, and Ed Wincentsen.

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