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Splash! Hip Hop & Dancehall Festival - Chemnitz, Germany
Sunday, 22nd July, 2001
By Lady Zimma & Miss Mention, Dainty Crew
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Comment | Email | Print | RSS's second day at the Splash festival dawned bright and sunny. Due to our hanging out with some well-known celebrities at their hotel for most of the day conducting interviews, we missed the first few acts of the day, namely [get names off schedule]. We even learnt a German phrase and as the entire black contingent on the bus shouted it at the driver, he got the hint that we wanted the air-conditioning turned on as it was hot as hell on the bus! When we did get to the festival site after being entertained by Lexxus on the bus en route with his jokes and antics, Hawkeye was on stage performing.

Lady Saw giving him the ride of his life

More photos of the event can be viewed under the Event Reviews section of

Hawkeye gave the crowd a ganja man tune and then said, "Me hear seh the lock up man fi weed and gun, but they have to lock up what women have between dem legs" before he cried out "Arrest me officer"! The crowd were lively and were kept amused by Hawkeye's lyrical flow. He then decided to utilise one of the security men guarding the stage asking him, "How ya going on like you're tough?" He got no response from the man and proceeded to tell him about how his clothes looked like they were repeat, which the crowd found hilarious as Hawkeye then asked the crowd, "If the clothes you have on are new say NEW." This led the way to the track 'What's New'.

The crowd interaction continued throughout his performance and as he performed all his hits, the crowd were right there with him. At one point he grabbed up his front and asked if any gal was ready for his "anaconda." A girl from the crowd called Tina took up the challenge and came onto the stage to get to grips with Hawkeye. She took the back shot and then curled her legs round Hawkeye's waist as she took his front ways ramming. Pleased with her performance, she waved at the crowd as she came offstage.

The Rice & Peas rhythm heralded yet more tunes from Hawkeye. He called out "Gal hungry, can't buy lunch... she a nyam stale crackers." He ended his set on 'Twingy Twang' and made way for Mr Dai-Doo himself, Vegas.

Dressed in long white shorts, white cap, trainers and a multi-coloured striped shirt. He launched straight into his catalogues of tunes with 'Hands Up', 'Nike Air', 'Latest News' on the Tarantula rhythm, 'Big Tings A Gwan' and 'Wave' on a calypso beat. The Bookshelf rhythm heralded 'Jack It Up' and as Vegas was running up and down the stage a girl dropped her plastic water gun. He picked it up for her and put it into the waistband of his shorts for her to pull out. He definitely had the girls backing him as he did a combination of "Work yuh money and bring it come" with Tanto Metro's & Devonte's tune 'Everyone Falls In Love'.

Vegas introduced the bass player from the band, Bassey, as the wickedest bassist in the world after having played with the likes of the crown prince of Reggae, Dennis Brown. Vegas then sang a cover of 'Revolution', before Bob Marley's 'Turn The Lights Down Low'. He then crooned, "Every time I close my eyes...," before covering "I love you too much to ever start liking you." He said he loved being in Germany before saying he would sing the next song when he got back to Jamaica as he launched into a cover of Sanchez' 'Missing You'. Vegas said he was showing respect to his elders - those whose songs he had just covered.

Elephant Man & Kunley of Ward 21

The Street Sweeper rhythm heralded 'Hot Gal Today' before Vegas said 'Bad Man Nuh Flee', complained about 'Jacket' and said he wouldn't 'Sucky Ducky' before encouraging the girls to keep their 'Heads High'. He jumped into the crowd, much to the delight of the ladies and they swarmed round him jumping to the tune.

The covers were not over as Vegas sang Chaka Demus and Pliers' 'Murder She Wrote', then moved onto 'Tigerbone' before the Juice rhythm made way for his hit tune, 'Go Up'. He started 'Bun It' solo, but said it wasn't going to work without his partner on the track and he called for Elephant Man to join him on stage.

The crowd went wild as Elephant Man walked onto the stage dressed in a cream suit with long gangster-style jacket, matching bowler hat, black top and matching cream and brown shoes. He immediately threw his hat into the crowd displaying some bright yellow cornrows going backwards into a pony tail as he started jumping up and down alongside Vegas performing their duet.

He quickly got into the flow of things as he proceeded to delight the crowd with tracks such as 'Get Mad Now' and "All who love pum-pum." Vegas jumped back in to perform 'Girls Time', then Ele came in with 'Passa Passa'. The crowd were asked to put up their hands if they didn't love gays and as their hands were launched into the air, Ele went mad and started scaling the stage equipment. Vegas was busy saying 'She's A Ho' then Ele admonished those who 'Watchie Pum'. He jumped off the stage and over the railing into the crowd sparking alarm from security as they rushed into the crowds to find him. Ele's fans were right there alongside him as they all jumped up together, then security followed him mindfully as he made his way back to the stage.

Ele's time was not done though as instead of getting back onto the actual stage set, he decided to jump onto the speaker boxes. Vegas was not to be outdone with the crowd as the next time Ele dived in, he was right there alongside. They rushed through the crowd, Ele lost Vegas and made his way back, but Vegas was nowhere to be seen for what seemed an age as Ele watched his progress back through the crowd from the stage.

Ele stood on a stage as Vegas clambered onto a speaker box and then pushed him off. Vegas climbed back up and as Ele stood on the same box, he pushed him off. The crowd were well amused by their antics as the Superstar rhythm played.

As they requested a girl from the audience, the same girl who had taken some action from Hawkeye came back for more from Ele and Vegas. Ele dragged her shorts right up in her backside before pummelling her with his back shot moves. As she tried to recover with her face as red as a tomato, Vegas grabbed her, hitched her legs around his waist and proceeded to give her a full frontal session hanging her over the edge of the stage. She was finally released to head back into the crowd as Ward 21 came on stage to join Vegas and Ele.

They hollered, "Chi chi man get kick inna him face" before performing alongside Ele and Vegas with 'Some Bwoy' and 'Jamaica'. Ele's new saying of "capiche" and "shiza my nizas" was running things backstage and at the hotel, which he shared with his fans as well. Ele performed his version of Outkast's 'Ms. Jackson' before 'Headache' and then Vegas slowed the tempo with 'Rise'. Ele interrupted him and swiped the mic as he told him that when he sings those kind of songs he should take his rag and wipe his brow as he demonstrated. He then proceeded to call on our very own Lady Zimma to come up on a speaker box to join him. After her initial shock, she handed over the camera to another press person and clambered onto the speaker box. Ele told her to grab him and wine on him as he sang Chris De Burgh's 'Lady In Red' to her. Why you might ask? Well, she was sporting some red PVC trousers and had a red jumper tied around her waist. The song was brief and Lady Zimma was happy to climb back down from the speaker box aided by Miss Mention as the security men seemed completely wutless with regards to helping her down.

Mr. Vegas

The MOB Band launched onto the Orgasm rhythm and Ele went onto sing 'Truth Hurts', 'Go Look A Life' and Kunley from Ward 21 rejoined him on stage as they sang 'Blaze It Up'. We noticed Ele's trousers had split slightly at the crotch due to his acrobatics, but the show went on. Rumblood mentioned Ce' Cile's name and they all said she was their friend before singing 'Fuck Pussy', then 'Application'.

As he was getting applauded, Ele asked for the Superstar rhythm and showed the crowd the Angel, then his own new dance which he said was running Jamaica called the Log On. As the dancing was being performed Mean Dog from Ward 21 came onto the stage and they all sang, "Hoist up your namebrand gun inna de air and bust dem." Ward 21 then did 'Bloodstain' making the most of their second time on the stage in as many days. Ele was all about 'War, War, War' and kicked Rumblood off the edge of the stage. He got back on and the entire crew as well as Ele left the stage to a warm round of applause from the crowd.

It was time now for the 1st lady in Dancehall, the one and only Lady Saw. Dressed in jeans, a white top, sunglasses, heels and a white jumper round her waist, she went straight into 'Sweets For My Sweets' and bigged up all the man who reckoned they knew how to fuck pussy. She kicked off her shoes, requested the Urkle rhythm and then accosted a man who was at the side of the stage taking photos giving him a ride and an invitation for a back shot. He was spread-eagled on the floor and was too shocked to do anything, but Saw was onto 'Ninja Bike' by then and as she jumped up she sang 'If Him Lef' before 'Stab Out Mi meat'. She was on a roll and asked 'Give Me A Reason' before saying gal a carry malice to her 'Ehem Ehem'. She did her ladies anthem 'A Woman Mi Name' before requesting another man from the audience.

One guy braved it all and came through the crowd. She touched his front and sized up his package asking him what position he liked. He was being a bit coy, so she encouraged him, "Come on tell me what you like an I'll mek you moan till daylight." After no response and her not being impressed by his package either, she called for another man. This time a black guy came through and she asked him to lie down on the speaker boxes. He did as he was told after a little bit of encouragement and she started to ride him. His expression was one of disbelief, but he hung on in there as she sang 'Practice What You Preach'. After letting him up, she went onto some more of her hits including 'Hardcore', 'Sycamore Tree' and '99 Ways'.

It was blatantly obvious why Saw still held the title of 1st lady of Dancehall as she held the crowd captivated by her every move. She bigged up all the men who nyam pussy as she said they were there as men on the side as she would never put her mouth on a man who eat from underneath. As she explained, "The man in the house gives raw sex and the man on the side sucks pussy." To further consolidate her lyrics she sang, "Nyam like a dog and lick me till me come." She then went onto 'Brand New Mercedes' and said she had a new album due out on VP Records called 'Striptease' and she sang some tracks off the album including one set of lyrics that went, "Lady Saw, she de champion. Baddest chick you know" on the Get Your Freak On rhythm. As she said, "Look at these tits," she pulled up her top.

During her act Saw was being backed by Lexxus and at times she cussed saying whoever was backing her didn't know her lyrics, which was true. As the Bellyas rhythm came on though, she did 'Backshot' and Lexxus joined her on stage giving her some shots from the back and then Lexxus took the opportunity to do 'Full Hundred' and 'Holla Holla' with Rumblood helping out on the drums.

Saw then covered Smokey Robinson's 'Being With You' in a refix style before a few artists, namely Saw, Kunley, Danny English and Lexxus sang a combination of the track 'Lean On Me'. Lexxus was doing 'Bungs A Gal' as decided it was time to head backstage and do some mingling.

A very lively day and night was had by all and we hung around the festival checking out the Dancehall tent where Elephant Man and Ward 21 made an impromptu performance for those that might have missed their earlier antics. As they headed off to the dub cutting studio, yes that's right, a dub cutting studio on site, we hung out for a little longer taking in the tunes being spun by Soundquake before reaching the dub studio to find Alozade, Chico, Singer Jay and Hawkeye cutting some dubs for the sound men lucky enough to have the funds there and then. We left alongside Alozade, Chico and Singer Jay to catch some more vibes at the Dancehall tent before heading back to the artist hotel and hung out some more until the early hours of Monday morning.

Big respect to Jan of for all your help and assistance in getting out to Germany to review this event. No doubt we'll be marking it down in our calendars for next year!

Special shout outs to Lady Saw, Singer Jay, Jazzwad, Black Rhino, Delano, Elephant Man and once again Earlton.

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