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News and Nuggets: Ron Hall / Norton Records / The Night Shadows' trilogy / Arcania /Electric Prunes ...
By Mike Dugo, 60sGarageBands
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*The Teddy & The Pandas website is now offering two different CDs of Pandas material. The first disc includes all the band's singles, plus two previously unreleased acetates. The second disc includes the Pandas' 1968 album, "Basic Magnetism." Both discs are recommended to fans of '60s garage pop. The singles collection is especially strong. The CDs are priced at $12 a piece (plus $4.50 postage and handling), or offered together as a set for the bargain cost of $20 (+$5.25 postage and handling). Place your orders at:

*Ron Hall has completed the Memphis Garage and Frat Band project. By the time you read this, the official party for the release will have been an unqualified success. According to Ron in early August, "The party for September 1st is really shaping up. Right now we have Jim Dickinson, B.B. Cunningham (Hombres), Bobby Lawson of Lawson & 4 More, the Rapscallions, the Castels, the Coachmen, with others to follow."

The Lance Monthly received an advance copy of the book and the CD, and is very impressed. Bands featured in the book include hitmakers (Gentrys, Box Tops, Hombres), garage band legends (Guilloteens, Gants), and the completely unknown (The Solips, Portrait Of Fun, The Charms). It's from Shangri-La Projects and is titled "Playing For A Piece Of The Door: A History Of Garage & Frat Bands In Memphis 1960-1975." It's 172 pages and details brief histories on every Memphis area band that released a 45 between 1960-1975. Each band entry includes a listing of the group's singles and, when appropriate, albums. There are many rare and excellent photos throughout. Ron spent three years searching for the bands, and there are many quotes from members. As he points out in the text, for every band that released a 45 rpm single, there is 50 more that didn't record, and the book includes a lengthy listing of bands that either Ron recalled seeing, or that his research turned up.

The author was a member of his own garage band, the 13th Muse, and his love for the music really shines through. Here's a quote from the entry on the Four Jokers: "The recording sounds like what it is, a high school garage band banging around in a gym, and that is what makes it so good." Obviously, the man gets it! Also included is the author's Top 20 Memphis area singles, and I was personally happy to see the Guilloteens' "I Don't Believe" at the top of the list. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, that particular tune couldn't be included on the accompanying CD, but there's a nice selection of tracks included, with standout tracks by the Yo Yos and the Escapades. The CD cover matches the book's cover, and there are well written liner notes - with a brief review and history of each track included. If you're reading this column, there's no way you can do without this set. The street date is October 3rd. For more information, contact Editor Sherman Willmot at *ORANGE COLORED SKY has a few scenes in the MGM movie GHOST WORLD.

According to RVSP's Matt Hoffman, "the band was filmed performing two songs, 'Mister Magic' and 'Where Is The Love?'" The band has been performing since the 1960's (they had an album on Uni in 1968), and also was filmed for the Don Knott's comedy, THE LOVE GOD, in 1969.

*Though the $150 price tag may scare many collectors away, Robert "King" Curtis has penned "Florida's Famous & Forgotten: History Of Florida's Rock - Soul - Dance Music (The First 30 Years 1955 - 1985)." Included will be "over 230 biographies and discographies . . . with over 800 graphics, photos, and memorabilia. [The book] also delves into other parts of the Southeastern U.S." Many of the state's garage bands will be included. For more information, check out

*Sundazed's latest releases that haven't been previously announced in this column include albums by the Rising Sons (Taj Mahal and Cy Rooder's '60s band), and the Beau Brummels: "North Beach Legends," 14 cuts previously unavailable on vinyl, and "Gentle Wanderin' Ways," a reconstruction of a never released album that would have fit in alongside "The Beau Brummels" and "Volume Two." All releases are 180 gram vinyl only.

*Courtesy of Norton Records, here are some of their upcoming releases: "FRIDAY AT THE HIDEOUT: Flip to the ultimate sixties teen scene and dig the lowdown on Detroit's Hideout label (home of Pleasure Seekers, Underdogs, Fugitives, Henchmen, Four Of Us and mo') and the legendary Hideout Club, the first teen shack in Michigan to feature live music! Thrill to this thriving chapter in Detroit rock n' roll history via Hideout singles, promo spots, wickedly rare photos, band stories and interviews! . . . A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES: This LP only collection rounds up a platter load of rare and unissued Virginia sixties garage featuring the Satellites, Wild Cherries, Live Wires, Panics, Uprisers and many more Southern savages! Dig the first ever cover of a Velvet Underground song, There She Goes Again by the Banana -recorded in Vietnam! Deluxe package howls with band bios and photos! . . . SONICS - THE SAVAGE YOUNG SONICS: Long before they delivered the full blown crunch of The Witch and Psycho, the Sonics were cutting their teeth in Tacoma teen clubs! These crude 1961-64 sides were taped live at dances and at home, showing the heavy influence of their primo idols the Wailers and includes the ultra primitive A-Rab, the group's very first recording,- raw!!" They can be found at

*Big Beat's "Riot City" CD should be out by the time you read this. It's a collection of Pacific Northwest surf and rock instrumentals, all recorded between 1960 - 1965. Bands featured include Rocky & His Friends, Don & The Goodtimes, the Raymarks, and the Beachcombers. All tunes are from the vaults of Jerden Records. Visit for more information.

*Rolling Stone reports that there will be a comprehensive Creedence Clearwater Revival box set released in late October that will include the band's highly sought after singles recorded prior to the band reaching fame as CCR: "The first disc will contain rare recordings by CCR's earliest incarnations, including four tracks by Tommy Fogerty and the Blue Velvets and twelve singles released by the group as the Golliwogs. 'Call It Pretending,' the first track the band recorded under the name Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1967, will kick off the remaining five discs of released material." The early songs were assembled by Alec Palao of "Nuggets From The Golden State," "Nuggets," and the Chocolate Watchband fame.

*The long awaited third volume to the The Night Shadows' trilogy ('Volume 3: The Psychedelic Era, 1967-1969') will hopefully be out by years end. Band member Aleck Janoulis graciously provided the following update: "The CD master has been completed. As soon as the graphic artist finishes the Blues Mafia CD this week, we'll get him started on the Vol 3 booklet which may be around 24 pages. It will be loaded with info and pictures never seen before. This project actually started when we were still pressing vinyl many years ago. Delays have kept coming up that make us believe that psychedelic voodoo may be at work here. Besides technical issues like tape restoration, some of the problems we encountered even included a plane crash with many of the band's original photo negatives that were in route to be reprocessed. I kept the article and picture of the plane wreck that the service company sent us along with several rolls of blank film (as if we could go back in time to retake the pictures). It took several years to relocate good copies of some of the prints. If we don't have any more surprises, I'm expecting Vol. 3 to be out around Christmas. We did locate some unreleased material as well as some unpublished pictures because of this long (and costly) delay." For updates, visit

*Arcania International is promising the third volume of "Aliens, Psychos, & Wild Things" shortly. The compilation CD will feature psych bands from 1960's Virginia. The label's web site is at

*The Lance Records / Sundazed Music Driving Stupid collaboration, originally scheduled to be released this month, unfortunately has been indefinitely delayed. It will definitely be released, and as soon as we have a target date we will mention it in this column. Project Coordinator, Efram Turchick hopes the title of the package will be "Horror Asparagus Stories." Watch this space for updates.

*There's some great news to report on the Electric Prunes front. Fresh from their highly regarded performance at VOXfest, the Prunes will be gigging at Cavestomp in November. According to front man James Lowe: "VOXfest was a chance to hook it all together and play live. We didn't do some things we had planned, and it was a little loose; but overall it was a good chance to play live and we felt like we were with old friends . . . . We will be playing the CAVESTOMP event on November 3rd in New York. As you know this event supports 'garage' music and we were a part of that movement back then, and we feel it is appropriate to support it now." Other Prunes activities to keep an eye (and ear) out for include a DVD ("Some of the live songs from VOXfest will be on the DVD, probably out in November; but the project is not specifically about that event. There will be a short <5 minute> video promo of some of the DVD material out within the month. This promo is planned to be a free download on the website) . . . . Cameron (James' son) is well along on (a Prunes) documentary and we will be glad when he is done so we don't have to answer any more questions and he'll stop sneaking up on us with the damned cameras. He is working on (locating vintage) footage . . . . The Chesterfield King's sent me a track and Cameron and I gave them some lyrics that we thought fit. We titled the song 'Down Bad Road' but I am not sure they kept that title or ever recorded the song for that matter, as they never got back to me after they got the lyrics. Perhaps too racy? No s . . . . Mark Tulin and I went to Los Angeles and recorded a couple of cuts with Rudi Protrudi of the Fuzztones at Westworld Recorders. I did some vocals on a song with Aurthur Lee and Sean Bonniwell called 'All the Kings Horses' [Note: both Bonniwell's and Lee's parts were recorded in 1990], that I understand will be released somewhere as a 45. I also sang some parts on 'Hallucination Generation,' a Fuzztones album cut. Mark played typical electric dripping fuzz guitar on this cut as well . . . . We will be releasing a new Vinyl in September called ARTIFACT through Heartbeat Records in England. A CD will follow here in the states. This is considered by the band to be the third album we never got to make due to a 'Mass Exodus' on our parts from Reprise and a repressive production and management company. We gathered other original band members James, Ken, Mark, Quint, Joe Dooley (our last drummer) to make this album and Peter Lewis of Moby Grape and my son, Cameron, joined us for some cuts as well. We have had a good time making this record and feel it is the best stuff we have ever done [Don't they all say that!]." Keep checking for updates.

SPECIAL THANKS to Ben Chaput, Ron Hall, Matt Hoffman, Aleck Janoulis, James Lowe, Efram Turchick, and Bob Wallis.

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