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News and Nuggets: Ace/Big Beat, Sundazed, Public Nuisance, Monkeesology, Jefferson Airplane...
Latest U.S. '60s Garage Band Happenings
By Mike Dugo, 60sGarageBands
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"Davie Allan & the Arrows will be performing at the Fifty Bucks Gallery in Pomona on June 8th."

"Ace also promises more CDs of recently discovered, unreleased instrumental, and vocal Fireballs' tracks."

*Thanks to Alec Palao, we're able to offer a sneak peak at some of the upcoming releases on Ace / Big Beat: "'Board Boogie' (the first of four volumes of the Big Beat "international" series devoted to Australia '60s scene. The other three are 'Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones - Beat From Down Under'; 'Hot Generation - Garage Punk From Down Under'; and 'Peculiar Hole in the Sky - Pop Psych from Down Under'. All feature tracks that have not been reissued legitimately and/or not been on CD and many that have never been reissued anywhere." Also coming is 'Love That Louie' - The ultimate 'Louie' comp, that traces the history of the song from Richard Berry's never reissued original (plus the songs that inspired him like 'El Loco Cha Cha' and 'Havana Moon') through the Northwest versions that made it famous, through unique versions from across the Country (Otis Redding, Travis Wammack, Swamp Rats, etc.) and abroad (Kinks), the re-writes ('Love That Louie', 'Louise Louis,' 'Long Green,' etc.) and the sequels ('Have Love Will Travel,' 'Louie Go Home,' etc.). Entertaining and fun but not goofy/novelty like previous 'Louie Louie' collections, plus a jam packed booklet; 'Northwest Battle Of the Band Volume Three' - Another 30-tracker loaded with rarities and many unissued sides, all killer no filler; and Count Five - (title TBA) - Finally a definitive collection with superior sound quality and several unissued cuts, including the never-heard true ending to Psychotic Reaction!" While all should interest '60's collectors, the Count Five one is a must have. . . . Currently available from Ace / Big Beat, but not a project that Alec was involved with, is "The Best of the Rest of the Fireballs' Vocals." Ace has released eight Jimmy Gilmer / Fireballs CDs since 1993, and this CD collects most of what to date has not been reissued by the company. Ace also promises more CDs of recently discovered, unreleased instrumental, and vocal Fireballs' tracks. Visit the label's website for updates:

*Sundazed's new Kustom Shop (an Internet-only outlet for rare, limited edition releases) has officially been "opened." Initial releases include a CD of a live Trashmen performance from August 22, 1965, titled "Teen Trot"; a 7" single of "You Movin'" b/w "Boston" by the Byrds; a 1964 "Surf Age" CD by Jerry Cole & His Spacemen; and a five-song EP of rare recordings by the Cyrkle, which includes a 1968 7-Up radio spot. The Shop also offers t-shirts a-plenty, as well as Sundazed bowling shirts (!) and the Trashmen "Teen Trot" CD cover offered as a lobby card. Sundazed is also releasing 180-gram vinyl reissues of The Byrds: Sanctuary IV," which documents outtakes and rehearsals from the band's 1968 "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" album; Clear Light's self-titled 1967 album, with "She's Ready To Be Free" as a bonus track; and The Holy Modal Rounders: The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders," Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber 's 1968 album. Swing by for updates.

*Available exclusively via the band's website at , the Jelly Bean Bandits have released a CD titled "Mirror Music." Recorded live at the Buccaneer Nightclub in Poughkeepsie, New York on September 3rd, 1967, prior to the band signing with Mainstream and officially becoming the Jelly Bean Bandits, the recording features mostly Top-40 material from the day. According to Bandit Mike Raab, "Our club list was all over the place, from Los Bravos to Paul Butterfield, Music Explosion to Ben E. King, the Strangeloves to the Turtles. (The CD) is edited to sound like a night at the club, from opening to a middle break and an end-of the-end closing." Check the band's website for availability.

*Distortion Records is readying a CD release of theirs to date vinyl-only Painted Faces "Anxious Color" album, but with the addition of 11 unreleased tracks! Unfortunately, the label doesn't yet have a website address (that I'm aware of, anyway), so check mail orders houses specializing in '60's reissues (Bomp, Get Hip, Midnight, etc.).

*Dionysus Records is finally about to release "Think Of The Good Times: The Tucson Sound 1960 - 1968" on CD. Long available on vinyl, the CD will include several bonus cuts not available on the album, including a previously unreleased cut by the Dearly Beloved. Swing by

*The Charly label has just released a 13th Floor Elevators 3 CD box set. Titled "The Psychedelic World Of The 13th Floor Elevators," the set contains: (CD1) "The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators" (1966) and "Live In San Francisco" (1966); (CD2) "Easter Everywhere" (1967) and "Live In Texas" (1967); (CD3) "Live" (1968) and "Bull of the Woods" (1969) plus 4 bonus tracks, including 2 by Rocky Erickson & Clementine Hall and a radio spot for the "Bull Of The Woods" album. The box set also includes a 20-page booklet.

*Available via the Aether website - is a double CD from Frantic Records of all known recordings by Public Nuisance. Titled "Gotta Survive," the Aether site offers more information on the band: "Public Nuisance began in Sacramento in 1964 as the Jaguars, made two rare-as-hens-teeth 45s as Moss & The Rocks (both of which are included on this compilation), and then became Public Nuisance for the rest of the decade; dressed in black with ultra long-hair-sort-of-a-proto-Ramones look and playing a fascinating blend of punky garage tinged psychedelic rock & roll, with total Who/Small Faces energy and a Seeds/Music Machine monomania, all topped with some of the coolest guitar and lyrics you can imagine. As heavy as the Stooges, as freaky as the Airplane, as direct as the Creation. Signing to Terry Melcher's Equinox Productions in late 1968, they recorded two lengthy sessions with famed maverick engineer Erik 'The Norwegian' Wangberg that constitute some of the most kinetic and engaging recordings of the psychedelic era. The group completed a full-length album that was set to make Public Nuisance a national sensation when the Manson family murders scared Melcher into dropping his projects and going into hiding, causing the breakup of the band. The deluxe package includes every surviving Nuisance cut and features a 28-page full color booklet packed with mind-blowing graphics and eye-popping pix of this most unusual of groups, as well as copious notes by Alec Palao, Mike Stax, Karl Ikola and Clark Faville." Better grab them before they're gone.

*A new import/bootleg (depending on your degree of gullibility) to keep an eye out for is a CD titled "Buffalo Springfield - Sell Out." The disc is comprised of demos and other rare tracks of songs not found on last year's great box set. And--in perhaps one-upping the official box set release--this CD includes live tracks. The CD's "Sell Out" title refers to a 1967 Neil Young demo that, until now, has never been released before. The next Buffalo Springfield release promises to be the entire last performance of the band from a concert appearance in 1968. *Presented in the same format as the "Beatles Anthology," the "Monkeesology" is a new CD containing many rare recordings of the band. All material is new to CD, and includes a concert performance in Phoenix during January 1967; a Michael Nesmith interview with Gold Riviera from 1968; a New York appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW from June 1969; an appearance on "Jerry Blavat's Place," a syndicated series from Philadelphia, from 1968; the intended single mix of "Love Is Only Sleeping"; and parts of an appearance at the Pueblo Colorado State Fair in August 1969. I'm assuming this is another bootleg, so you might have to search long and hard for it.

*Kim Cooper, Morgan Neville, and Lisa Sutton are preparing POP ROCKS. According to an email that they circulated, "We are excited to announce the production of POP ROCKS, a 5-hour VH1 documentary series that chronicles the history and culture of carefully crafted pop music directed towards pre-teens. From the 1960s bubblegum sounds of the Archies and the Ohio Express to today's boy bands and teen temptresses, POP ROCKS will reveal the universal truths behind several generations of hits. For more info and for an opportunity to participate in message board discussions, please visit our website at - We're also looking for home movies and snapshots of the performers, so if you brought your Brownie when the Banana Splits appeared at your local amusement park, we especially want to hear from you!" If you can help out, please contact them via their website.

*According to a post by guitarist Gary Fury to the Bomp-List, Question Mark & the New Mysterians (featuring original frontman Question Mark and drummer Robbie Martinez) boast "a smoother more '60's oriented sound than the very punk rock New Mysterians lineup of 2000 but will venture into the world of fuzz/psych and punk by redoing a number of non-Mysterians tunes. We will definitely be playing all the best Mysterian classics and fans will get to hear their favorites as well as some surprises." Joining the band will be Frankie Carrabetta, the original saxophonist and music director of Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs. The band is currently slated to appear in New York on May 31st and June 1st.

*Rolling Stone reported that the Jefferson Airplane launched the band's official website on Friday, April 19th. It can be found, of course, at - According to a story on, the "The site will feature a deep photo archive, with many candid and behind-the-scenes shots and a detailed timeline of the seminal San Francisco psychedelic band's eight years and nine albums together--from its founding in 1965 to 1973, when the band splintered and reconfigured itself as Jefferson Starship and, eventually, Starship." The story continues by explaining that "Scott Wolfe, of Lucas Alexandre Design, worked closely with the band's longtime manager Bill Thompson on the project, and says the site will be updated regularly with just that type of 'new old stuff' and additional rare and archived material. 'We especially want to get up a lot of the concert videos and home videos,' he says. 'There's quite a bit of it, and some bootlegs of performances. Hopefully we'll be able to feature some of that in the store when it gets going, too, some exclusive merchandise.'" The story concluded by indicating that Jeff Tamarkin recently finished a book on the band. Titled "Got A Revolution," it's due in July, 2003.

*Davie Allan & the Arrows will be performing at the Fifty Bucks Gallery in Pomona on June 8th.

*Susan Martin-Rott is authoring a book about Florida garage bands of the '60's and early-'70's. The working title is "Playin' the Peninsula - '60s and Early '70s Rock along the I-4 Corridor," and it will cover "many of the bands who played the clubs along the Interstate between Daytona and Clearwater. It will no doubt be heavier on the area between Orlando and Tampa than on Daytona as the Daytona bands tended to travel North and South rather than east and west. In addition to the listings of the bands, which will include the customary discography, many never seen before photos, and other relics (teen club schedules, etc), will also be presented along with commentary from many of the players, local disc jockeys and others who influenced the music scene at that time." The estimated publication date is September 2002. If you can contribute in anyway, especially regarding "the Daytona and Clearwater/St Pete areas (the two farthest points)," please contact Susan at - The Lance Monthly will do its best to keep you informed until publication.

*George Pedersen sent me an email detailing progress on the '60's Museum: "We are working with the Shadows of Knight and the Mauds to secure other groups for a museum benefit in September. We will also present our first annual Sixties Museum Hall of Fame awards for significant contributions. New pages will be up on May 1, for the voting. Visit - Jimy Rogers of The Mauds has joined our Board of Directors, and we have begun to receive corporate donations for our preservation and educational programs. We hope to combine the Museum benefit with other Cellar groups for a real Cellar reunion of great sounds. We should have a location selected soon. It has to be big and it has to be acoustically great. We may record it." The Cellar, of course, was the Arlington Heights, IL '60's teen club that regularly featured appearances by all of the legendary Chicago garage bands. The museum is also looking for donations of exhibit items, photographs, and other memorabilia. Check out the website, and future NEWS & NUGGETS columns, for updates. SPECIAL THANKS to Davie Allan, Stan Denski, Karl Ikola, Susan Martin-Rott, Alec Palao, George Pedersen, and Mike Raab for their contributions to this month's column.

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