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Catching Up With The Warren Brothers
WB Release New CD, Well-Deserved Obscurity
By Cindy Beth Gordon
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Warning: This interview may contain some funny, off the wall answers - some laughing may occur. Read at your own risk!

I recently caught up with lead guitarist/songwriter and vocalist Brad Warren of the Warren Brothers on their current "Out Loud" tour with Tim McGraw and Big & Rich. The Warren Brothers are making waves and doesn't look like they are going to be obscure for much longer.

The Warren Brothers recently filmed “The John McEnroe Show” on CNBC. The show will air sometime in September. Check their website for more information and be sure to tune in! In addition, their video for "Sell A Lot Of Beer" is now in rotation on CMT! Be sure to visit to request the video. And, the Warren Brothers are back on TV this Fall with ... Barely Famous! Mark your calendars for Friday nights this Fall. Beginning Friday, September 10th, The Warren Brothers will premier their new comedy reality series, Barely Famous on CMT. Don't miss the "blue-collar celebrity" of the Warren Brothers!

Touring with everyone from Faith Hill to Quiet Riot, penned hits for the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Evan and Jaron, had songs in movies with Natalie Portman, and multiple top 20 singles, many people would be content to say they've tasted the limelight. Five-time CMA nominees, The Warren Brothers, prefer to say they have gained some Well-Deserved Obscurity.

As 2004 begins, brothers Brad and Brett Warren stand poised to take on their biggest year yet. The world of film and TV will be forever changed in the early months of 2004 as the Warren Brothers begin filming a reality series pilot with Lorne Michaels' production company. Brett and Brad also lend their quick-witted expertise and lay down the law as judges in the weekly USA Networks series "Nashville Star."

Spring 2004 marks the release of Well-Deserved Obscurity, the duo's first independent release. With a balance of flavors ranging from George Jones to Tom Petty, Well-Deserved Obscurity floats effortlessly between stories of love, life, faith, and murder like the soundtrack to a William Faulkner novel. Following up to the success and critical acclaim of Beautiful Day in a Cold Cruel World (1998) and King of Nothing (2002),Well-Deserved Obscurity is laced with the tongue-in-cheek humor of a bar singer in "Sell a Lot of Beer," the infectiously-catchy rebellion against small town gossip in "Southern Baptist Heartbreak," and ten other perfectly gritty tracks.

In 2002-2003 Brett and Brad saw their names in the songwriting credits of Lynyrd Skynyrd's patriotic look at Americana life, "Red, White, and Blue" as well as Tim McGraw's "Who Are They." Be on the lookout for the Warren Brothers as they share the stage and liner notes with some of the industry's biggest artists in 2004. While fame may not be for everybody, between their TV appearances, high-profile touring, critically acclaimed albums, hit songwriting, and five CMA nominations, it's safe to say the Warren Brothers have gathered some Well-Deserved Obscurity.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] Hi Brad. It's great to meet you. So you're currently promoting your new CD, Well Deserved Obscurity.

Brad Warren Yes. We have a video coming out next week and a single came out last week - it's just unbelievably awesome, so you should just encourage everyone to buy it, please!

[Cindy Beth Gordon] I checked out the CD, I really enjoyed it - very unique.

Brad Warren Thank you.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] What's the name of the single that you're releasing?

Brad Warren The single is called, "Sell a Lot of Beer." It's our bar anthem because we are a bar band. The video comes out next week on this song. Sell a Lot of Beer

[Cindy Beth Gordon] And you're currently on tour with Tim McGraw and Big & Rich. How's that been for you?

Brad Warren It's been fun. We've been friends with Big & Rich for a long time and Tim for a long time, so it's been a big love fest out here.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] Sounds fun. How many dates are you playing?

Brad Warren About 35 or so. It's a lot.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] Didn't Tim McGraw produce your song called "Mr. President?"

Brad Warren Yes, he produced the whole record. It's going to be on a compilation country CD record. You can pick that up sometime in the Fall. (Check out the Warren Brothers website at for more information on that).

[Cindy Beth Gordon] And you play lead guitar?

Brad Warren Yes, there are four of us in the band. The drummer is Kirk - he's from Okinawa - he used to play in a Japanese cover band. He plays drums in like four different languages.:=) The bass player is Marty McIntosh. He actually does a lot of Irish, Celtic music - you know, McIntosh and all. It's a nice plethora of styles that we have.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] How long has the band been together?

Brad Warren We've been together for 14 years, and we've added things like horn sections and things at different times. The four of us, the core, have been together over a decade.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] And when did you start playing guitar?

Brad Warren I started playing when I was 3.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] That's quite an early age. You must be quite the prodigy.

Brad Warren I realized as soon as I got potty trained I was just kind of bored and I had all this extra time on my hands, so I just started playing guitar. I basically kind of taught myself on a ukulele that my dad picked up in Tijuana one day when we were going to pick up some prescriptions, and I've been playing ever since.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] Who are some of your favorite artists and songwriters?

Brad Warren Tiny Tim was a big influence. Burl Ives is one of my favorites. I like Red Skeleton - he's a big influence. I'm really into the Village people and kajagoogoo. We like a little bit of everything!

[Cindy Beth Gordon] How long have you been songwriting?

Brad Warren I've been songwriting since I was 3, too. I've been writing since I was 3, my first hit was called “Give Me Back My Binky.” It was a hit on children's radio.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] How did you guys hook up with Tim McGraw?

Brad Warren We toured with Faith Hill when we first got signed. Tim would come out and watch our sound checks. We just became friends from hanging out and playing basketball during the day. He liked our style of songwriting so we became real good friends because of that.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] Any future plans?

Brad Warren Not really, I just gotta get thru today. One day at a time. I try not to find out where I'm playing the next day.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] And you write with your brother, Brett?

Brad Warren My brother, Brett, Marty and I write a lot together. Marty is the road manager, the "Celtic" music director, our bass player and a co-writer as well. He's got a lot of talent.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] Any advice to aspiring artists and songwriters?

Brad Warren Yes. Go to college and get a real job!

[Cindy Beth Gordon] And what some of your favorite songs on CD and what inspired them?

Brad Warren They all so incredibly great, I like them all equally the same. I listen to it and wonder how did we come up with that? I'm just kidding - I like everything on there. I can't pick favorites because someone will get mad at me, you know, the jealousy thing.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] The single, "Sell a Lot of Beer," - what inspired that?

Brad Warren We wrote that with Bill Anderson - we're really great at moving the liquor. It's just a funny, true bar anthem, but it's pretty true for a lot of bands out there. You really sell a lot of beer before you start selling a lot of records. It's true for almost any act except for like Britney Spears, who wasn't old enough to play in bars before she got signed.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] So, what's it been like touring with Tim McGraw, the DHD, and Big & Rich?

Brad Warren Just another stick in the eye - that's what we always say.

[Cindy Beth Gordon] Sounds like a lot of fun! Well, that's about all the time we have for now. Thanks Brad. Check out the Warren Brothers new CD, Well Deserved Obscurity, and catch them on tour with Tim McGraw and Big & Rich this Summer!

Brad Warren Thank you Cindy.

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