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Articles by Kenny Love
117 published article(s)
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» [2014-01-31] Career Tips
10 Things That Scare The Hell Out Of Me On Stage (As A Performing Musician)
I have elected to list ten incidents that I have borne witness to and experienced at some point that may serve to inspire my exodus once more from live performance

» [2006-02-05] Career Tips
The Great CD Cover Mystery"

» [2006-01-05] Career Tips
What To Do *Immediately* After Getting Radio Airplay

» [2005-12-04] Career Tips
Why Colleges Are An Independent Musician's Goldmine

» [2005-11-05] Career Tips
Setting Up In-House Retail Sales

» [2005-05-28] Career Tips
How To Get State-Of-The Art Video Singles Cheap
Get Competitive Videos For Little Or No Money

» [2005-05-05] Career Tips
Alternative Sales Sources for Your Music

» [2004-08-19] Career Tips
On Your Mark...Get Set...Slow Down!

» [2004-08-01] Career Tips
Uninsured Music Motorists

» [2004-07-04] Career Tips
Power to the People

» [2004-06-11] Open Review
Best of the Batch: Teresa Cole
Just a Matter of Time

» [2004-05-12] Career Tips
'Indie' Shouldn't Mean 'Amateurish'

» [2004-05-12] Insider Scoop
Indie Music Stores: Resurgence

» [2004-02-21] Career Tips
Bigger Career 'Eyes' Than Career 'Stomachs'

» [2004-01-06] Insider Scoop
Refreshing Winds of Change

» [2003-10-31] Open Review
Ed Stone - Magic Rhythm

» [2003-10-06] Career Tips
Dance & Romance Singles Should Focus on New Year

» [2003-06-03] Open Review
00 Soul - All Brothers, Different Mothers

» [2003-06-03] Insider Scoop
How Major Label Artists Are Like State Prisoners

» [2003-04-11] Open Review
Fred Caporale - Homecoming
Music Minus Melody

» [2003-03-30] Career Tips
Q&A With Kenny Love
Waiting to Exhale

» [2003-03-07] Career Tips
Q&A with Kenny Love: Brother, Can You Spare Some FREE Time?

» [2003-02-26] Career Tips
Maxing Your Musical Mastery
Earning More Without Learning More

» [2003-02-04] Career Tips
Q&A with Kenny Love: P&D Free

» [2003-01-28] Career Tips
Q&A with Kenny Love: Stuck In Sacramento

» [2003-01-21] Career Tips
Q&A with Kenny Love: If The Purists Had Their Way...
...The Rest of Us Would Be Dead

» [2003-01-14] Career Tips
Don't Mean a Thing...
If It Ain't Got that Sting

» [2003-01-07] Career Tips
Q&A With Kenny Love
Dumbfounded in Duluth

» [2002-12-22] Career Tips
Kenny Love Q&A: DIY Makin' You Cry?

» [2002-12-15] Career Tips
Capitalizing on High-Profile Gig$

» [2002-12-08] Career Tips
2 Vital Phases Artists *Must* Now Implement!

» [2002-12-08] Insider Scoop
Well, Well, Well...Lookee Here!
Teens finally yell, 'Enough is enough!'

» [2002-11-19] Career Tips
Kenny Love Q&A: Urgent in Urbana!

» [2002-11-10] Career Tips
Kenny Love Q&A: Record Promotion to Radio

» [2002-11-07] Insider Scoop
Declining Online Music $ales
How to compensate for their current slump

» [2002-10-27] Music Spotlight
Interview with Catherine Berry

» [2002-10-20] Music Spotlight
Interview with Lauren Gibbs

» [2002-10-06] Music Spotlight
Interview with Victoria Boland

» [2002-09-28] Career Tips
D-I-Y: Blessings, Curses and Limits

» [2002-09-22] Career Tips
Rejection: Don't Take It Personally

» [2002-09-22] Insider Scoop
Wonder What 'They' Will Do Next?
Internet radio not out, and may not even be down any longer.

» [2002-09-03] Insider Scoop
Why 'Johnny' Record Label (Can't Come Out to Play)

» [2002-08-22] Insider Scoop
Greed: The Bane of the Music Industry
A financial comparison of America's corporate and music sectors.

» [2002-06-27] Insider Scoop
Music Industry Scrambles Better Than Roger Staubach Ever Could

» [2002-01-22] Career Tips
Just 'Cause It's 'Indie' (Don't Mean I'll Spin It)

» [2002-01-10] Open Review
Karen Bernod - Some Othaness 4 U
Natively Creative, Inc.

» [2002-01-01] Career Tips
Kenny Love Q&A: Fight For The Future

» [2001-12-09] Career Tips
What's a *Real* 'Pro' Musician?
A perspective on its definition

» [2001-11-19] Open Review
Kenco Enterprises

» [2001-11-13] Career Tips
Don't Walk! Run!
Streaming Music on Your Website is a Must

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