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Articles by Ram Samudrala
25 published article(s)

» [2002-08-05] Music Spotlight
Event Review: Sasha and Digweed

» [2002-07-09] Music Spotlight
Living In The Past
Jethro Tull At The Benaroyo Concert Hall In Seattle

» [2002-06-24] Music Spotlight
Kenny Rogers Performs At The Puyallup County Fair

» [2002-06-20] Music Spotlight
David Lee Roth Belts Them Out At Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival

» [2000-11-28] Music Spotlight
Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade
When pigs flew...

» [2000-11-14] Music Spotlight
Bridge School Benefit featuring Foo Fighters, Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty and theHeartbreakers, Dave Matthews Band, Neil Young, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Under the bridge

» [2000-11-06] Music Spotlight
King Crimson Concert Review
Elephant Talk

» [2000-11-06] Music Spotlight
Santana Concert Review
Black Magic

» [2000-06-25] Music Spotlight
Roger Waters in the Flesh

» [2000-06-06] Music Spotlight
Queensryche with Project 86
Spreading the Disease

» [2000-06-06] Music Spotlight
The Ventures with Casino Royale and Electric Peach
Walk, Don't Run

» [2000-06-03] Music Spotlight
Dick Dale and Wasabi (almost)

» [2000-05-28] Music Spotlight
The letter U and the numeral 2

» [2000-05-17] Insider Scoop
The RIAA vs. Free Music

» [2000-04-09] Music Spotlight
Primus with Pseudopod, Groove Hop, North House, and Spanc

» [2000-03-11] Insider Scoop
A primer on the ethics of "intellectual property"

» [2000-02-16] Career Tips
DiY - A Guide to Making Music

» [2000-02-02] Insider Scoop
Beam me up, Hilary!
The bottles are disappearing and the RIAA doesn't like it

» [2000-02-02] Career Tips
DiY - A Guide to Making Music
Duplication and Distribution

» [2000-01-18] Career Tips
DiY - A Guide to Making Music
Copyrights, Trademarks, and Publication

» [2000-01-06] Career Tips
DiY - A Guide to Making Music
Using the Studio

» [1999-12-15] Career Tips
DiY - A Guide to Making Music
Building a Studio

» [1999-07-13] Insider Scoop
Free Music: progress and prospects

» [1999-06-30] Insider Scoop
The Free Music Philosophy (v1.4)

» [1999-06-04] Insider Scoop
The future of music

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