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Articles by Sounni de Fontenay
200 published article(s)
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» [2002-10-17] Industry Interviews
Straight Up Talk with Moses Avalon

» [2002-09-30] Insider Scoop
Courtney Love & UMG Settle Their Differences

» [2002-09-05] News Beat
Will the DoJ Go After Consumers for File Swapping

» [2002-06-14] Insider Scoop
Counterfeiting, Not Online Piracy, is the Real Plague of the Music Industry

» [2002-05-31] Insider Scoop
The UK Music Industry in Decline? Only in the US

» [2002-03-16] News Beat
Loud Records closes shop

» [2002-03-14] News Beat
The RIAA & AFIM work together

» [2002-02-21] Insider Scoop
The Supreme Court Enters the Copyright Fray with Debate on Sonny Bono's CTEA

» [2001-12-21] News Beat
Microsoft previews next-generation streaming technology

» [2001-12-21] News Beat
SONICblue vs. TiVo: A battle over patents

» [2001-12-21] News Beat
Courtney Love takes on Nirvana's remaining two

» [2001-12-21] News Beat
Pixo makes MP3 players user friendly

» [2001-12-21] News Beat
Ringtones: A cashcow in Western Europe

» [2001-10-04] Insider Scoop
A Drop in Worldwide CD Sales: A Case of Collective Blame?

» [2001-09-19] Industry Interviews
Interview with Steve Zuckerman - Industry Veteran & Visionary

» [2001-09-19] Insider Scoop
Bridging the Artist Divide: AFM & the Hispanic Caucus Succeed in Gaining Equal Rights for Tejano & Latino Artists

» [2001-08-29] Insider Scoop
Vivendi Universal Takes Another Step Towards Media Dominance

» [2001-05-01] News Beat
Should Copyright Law Go the Way of the Buggie?
EFF Releases the Open Audio License

» [2001-04-18] Industry Interviews
Idioma - The Backend Solution to DRM?
Streaming Interview w/ Aviram Ganor, VP of Marketing

» [2001-04-13] News Beat
Singing the Blues to the Tune of Napster &
A one, two punch by the judicial system on behalf of TVT & the major labels!

» [2001-03-08] Industry Interviews
Interview with Glenn Gomez, President of

» [2001-03-06] News Beat
Judge's Ruling Furthers Marriage of Napster and the Recording Industry
If Digital Music is the Drug and Napster the Needle, Then Who's the Pusher?

» [2001-02-27] News Beat
IBM Makes Comeback in DRM Space

» [2001-02-13] News Beat
IUMA Suspends Operations - Is It Really All That Surprising?

» [2001-02-12] News Beat
Napster Takes a Blow, But Problems Still Loom for the Recording Industry

» [2001-02-05] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ David Hyman, President of Gracenote

» [2001-02-05] News Beat
InterTrust Partners with Nokia and Releases Financial Results for 2000
Pushes Ahead with DRM Solutions for the Secure Delivery of Content to Mobile & Portable Devices

» [2000-12-13] Insider Scoop
Have Independent Artists Benefited from the Internet?

» [2000-12-06] Insider Scoop
Loss of Innocence: Story of the Rebellion
Tag It e-Report available for free download in Adobe PDF

» [2000-12-06] Music Spotlight
Interview w/ Vernon Neilly
Famed Artist, Label Executive, Producer & Songwriter

» [2000-10-12] News Beat
Spinning Out of Control, the Death of Another Dot Com
Solutions Media, Inc. and Shut Their Doors

» [2000-09-11] Insider Scoop
To Boycott or Not To Boycott: A Buyer's Quandary

» [2000-08-27] Digital Skool
The Future: MPEG-4 & MPEG-7
An intro to MPEG-4

» [2000-08-27] Digital Skool
Windows Media Audio & Liquid Audio
Windows Media Audio

» [2000-08-27] Digital Skool
VQF, ATRAC3, & ePac
The Basics on VQF

» [2000-08-23] Career Tips
Taking Your Press Kit to the Next Level

» [2000-08-22] Digital Skool
The World of MPEG Audio
What is MPEG Audio?

» [2000-07-28] News Beat
Napster Wins, Appeals Court Grants Stay of Injunction

» [2000-07-27] Industry Interviews
Helping Artists to Focus on their Music
Interview w/ Ari Nisman of

» [2000-06-20] Industry Interviews
CD Baby - An Icon Of Indie Retailing
Streaming Interview w/ Derek Sivers

» [2000-06-20] Industry Interviews
Where's an All Indie? Here's an All Indie, There's an All Indie!
Streaming Interview w/ Tom Chernaik

» [2000-04-12] Music Spotlight
Interview with a Funkywhitegirl
Christina Fasano: Live & In Person

» [2000-03-09] Industry Interviews
EMusic Takes the Mantle of the MP3 Revolution
Interview with Gene Hoffman, President & CEO

» [2000-03-09] Industry Interviews
Software Solutions for the Working Musician
Interview w/ Richard Cliff, President of Music Software Solutions

» [2000-01-18] News Beat
The MP3 Revolution Comes Full Circle
Coverage from the Consumer Electronics Show

» [2000-01-18] News Beat
Spotlight on J-Bird Records

» [1999-12-08] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ Bob Welch of

» [1999-12-08] Industry Interviews
Interview with Andy Rathbone, author of 'MP3 For Dummies'

» [1999-11-18] Industry Interviews
Interview with CEO of, Josh Futterman

» [1999-11-04] Music Spotlight
Interview with Sheer Trust

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