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Articles by Michele Wilson-Morris
137 published article(s)
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» [2013-07-19] Music Spotlight
East Meets West In Concert With Breakthrough In New Life Streaming Technology
a-Peer and Yahara utilized a new multimedia clouding technology thatallowed Ruhan in China and Edisun in Wisconsin to perform together

» [2013-01-01] MusicDish*China
Split LP: Chinese Post-Rock Meets Swedish Experimental
Swedish experimental instrumentalists pg.lost and China's post-rock outfit Wang Wen combines to release their self-titled vinyl "Split LP"

» [2012-12-04] MusicDish*China
Entertainment Mogul Kenny Bloom: First In The Land of Many
His latest venture will fill yet another void in China, as he sets his sights on forming a 24 hour music channel

» [2012-12-02] Insider Scoop
The Digital Market: Streaming With Delight (And Dollars)
The music industry is getting a shot in the arm from digital products and subscription based services and free streaming from select devices

» [2012-11-28] Insider Scoop
Is Pandora Radio The New Pandora's Box?
Pandora, which filed a lawsuit in the New York federal court to reduce its artist royalties, is also taking their battle to Congress

» [2012-09-03] Insider Scoop
Vinyl Strikes Back!
30% (or 21 million people) of core music lovers plan to do the dance with vinyl again within the next 12 months

» [2012-08-29] News Beat
August 2012: Career Moves In The Music Industry
Interesting executive hirings and promotions from the CRS, Sunset Island Music, Primary Wave Music, Secret Road Music, HFA, GMIA and Island Def Jam Motown

» [2012-08-24] MusicDish*China
Stefan Aaron: After The Great Wall
On August 12, 2012, Aaron once again made history as he performed two songs, "Doing The Undoable", and "The Great Wall Song", which he wrote specifically for the occasion

» [2012-08-24] Digital Skool
The Headphone Market: Booming All The Way To The Bank
Everyone from corporations to artists are getting in on the design, marketing, and endorsements, reaping the benefits while smiling from ear to ear

» [2012-05-14] Insider Scoop
IWantJam: Live Concerts Worldwide From The Comfort Of Your Home
IWantJam is a very unique and innovative music site that connects a global network of musicians and fans through live shows, video streaming, and social media

» [2012-04-05] Open Review
Are We Surviving Progress?
Surviving Progress is a sobering and thought provoking look at the progress mankind has made over the ages

» [2012-03-04] Music Spotlight
Kem: Observing An R&B Legend In The Making
Kem is a master entertainer who connects with the audience in a way that I've never seen anyone else do

» [2012-02-24] Open Review
Hiroshima: A "Departure" From The Rest
Hiroshima's newest release, appropriately entitled "Departure" after leaving their label behind to pursue a career on their own terms as independent recording artists

» [2012-02-18] Music Spotlight
Black History Month: The Legacy of Cannonball
Cannonball Adderley is heralded as one of the greatest soprano and alto saxophone players of all time, and known as a progenitor of the musical genre Hard-bop

» [2012-02-18] MusicDish*China
Chinese Singer Ruhan Delights Midem Attendees
It speaks volumes to Ruhan's talent that she was able to give this caliber performance in a non-traditional venue like the Riviera exhibit hall

» [2012-01-17] News Beat
Jarrell Guitars Debuts "Monte Pittman Signature" Guitar at NAMM 2012
Monte Pittman Signature Jarrell MPS will be at Super Bowl 2012, played by Monte Pittman himself during pop superstar Madonna's half-time show

» [2012-01-08] Insider Scoop
Is The Music Industry Finally Making A Comeback?
Record labels and artists may take some comfort that the winds of change may be blowing in their direction

» [2011-11-08] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China MV Competition: Mercy And Sorrow "1945"
Mercy And Sorrow's music video "1945" directs our attention to how World War II (in which 50-70 million lives were lost) ended

» [2011-11-05] Open Review
MusicDishTV Presents "Who is the King" By Fabian Willems
The Netherlands' Fabian Willems really delivers on "Who Is The King?" which is an inspirational track praising the King of kings

» [2011-11-04] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China MV Competition: ViVA Girls
The video "Yin Yang" by ViVA Girls, 12 classically-trained Chinese female musicians, is exceedingly entertaining from start to finish

» [2011-09-06] MusicDish*China
A "Taiwan Phenomenon" At The CMJ Music Marathon: 3 Bands, 3 Sounds
Dubbed "The Taiwan Phenomenon," the bands - Bearbabes, Echo, and 1976 - will make their first CMJ appearance from 8-10pm on Wednesday, October 19th at Dominion NY

» [2011-08-31] MusicDish*China
transmitCHINA - Monetizing A New Generation Of Music Consumers
transmitCHINA will take the form of a three-day conference in Beijing featuring their signature roundtable discussions and one-day festival

» [2011-08-24] Insider Scoop
ReverbNation Allows You to PROMOTE IT
PROMOTE IT is an advertising solution that is built on top of Facebook applications designed just for the music industry

» [2011-08-15] MusicDish*China
Fix You - Music Matters for Japan
Coldplay's "Fix You" Covered By Over 40 Artists From Around The World To Benefit Japan's Quake Relief Efforts

» [2010-12-07] Music Spotlight
UK Progressive Fusion Keyboadist & Composer Anders Helmerson - The Exception And Not the Rule
This musical mastermind fuses jazz and rock to create a sound that amazes listeners with the power of superior technique and great composing

» [2010-11-24] MusicDish*China
From NYC To Shanghai: Tomas Doncker's Long Road To China's World Expo
We did 7 shows in 6 days, performing for over 100,000 people. It was pretty spectacular!

» [2010-09-14] Music Spotlight
Julien Drolon Harness The Power Of Music For Peace
Julien Drolon, a Frenchman, singer, songwriter, and man of peace, has taken up that cause as well

» [2010-07-12] Music Spotlight
The 2010 Essence Music Festival: Entertainment at Its Best
Essence Musical Festival delivered an all star lineup of performances and seminars

» [2010-06-13] Career Tips
Review of "Developing Music Careers In Uncertain Times: A Psycho-Spiritual-Musical Manifesto"
Peter Spellman makes a clear distinction between the music industry and the music trade

» [2010-04-13] Music Spotlight
Inside MarilynMusic: Meet Michael Gaines
Gaines has worked with legendary stars like George Balanchine, Robert Deniro, Mickey Rourke and many others

» [2010-04-08] Insider Scoop
Nashville: Paying It Forward With and 3rd Sundays at 3:00 was officially launched on March 2, 2010

» [2010-03-15] Insider Scoop
Indie Artists In Brazil: Making Music In Spite Of Major Labels And Making It Work
Independent musicians found a very innovative way to make their voices heard - literally, without the major record labels

» [2010-02-22] Career Tips
Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Press Release
There are certain mistakes that are the journalistic equivalent of dragging one's nails across a blackboard

» [2010-02-13] Open Review
Barry Manilow - The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time
Barry Manilow, a name that is synonymous with love and romance, has done it again with his latest CD

» [2010-02-06] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China 'Eye On China': Red Orchestra - Solo
'Eye On China' opens with MOGO's new acoustic music scene presenting the band Red Orchestra

» [2009-11-29] Career Tips
The Seven Essentials To Writing A Press Release
It's your connection to your audience: conveying your brand, your event, and your story

» [2009-08-25] Open Review
P*L*A*Y AH by Swagga Jonez fka
The track is somewhat of a musical paradox... it has some ole school flavor blended into a Hip Hop and Rap combination

» [2009-08-17] Open Review
Power Move Records Presents "She Fine" by Mr. Gin & C. Gutta (f. Crush)
"She Fine" by has a nice head bopping beat and a solid hook

» [2009-07-08] Open Review
Review of the Dance Track "Today I Believe" by Marina
"Today I Believe," by Marina Karman (aka Marina), is a dance groove that takes you back to the 1990's and a New York dance club.

» [2009-07-08] Open Review
Review of Paypa Boy's New Hip Hop EP 'Paypa Workz'
The anthemic "Got Work" provides the perfect backdrop for Paypa Boy's salvo of punch lines, boasting a knocking baseline and banging hook

» [2009-06-15] Industry Interviews
Hiroshima At The 32nd Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival
Hiroshima is internationally known and loved for their infusion of Asian sounds into contemporary jazz for the last three decades

» [2009-06-15] Industry Interviews
Dionne Farris At The 32nd Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival
Formerly a member of the group Arrested Development and currently a successful solo artist, Ms. Farris gave me the scoop

» [2009-06-15] Industry Interviews
Cindy Blackman At The 32nd Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival
A powerhouse drummer, she is extremely humble, very focused, sophisticated, soulful, and creative

» [2009-06-14] Music Spotlight
The 32nd Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival
Alternating between drenching rains and seriously intense heat, even the weather couldn't subdue the power of this festival

» [2009-05-19] Open Review
Country Ballad MP3: Molten Mike - One Little Love
A simple and slow ballad, with traditional country music and female background vocalists

» [2009-05-09] Open Review
Winifred Adams - You Are My Rose
Adams sings country music in the traditional style from the Johnny Cash/Loretta Lynn era

» [2009-05-09] Open Review
Carvelli - The Movement
'The Movement' is about expressing the pride of being Italian, and bringing that flavor to the Hip-Hop scene

» [2009-04-21] Digital Skool
Live In Concert - Coming To A Laptop Near You? is a Web-based distribution platform for streaming video of live or archived concerts

» [2009-04-14] Insider Scoop
The Witchwood School Of Rock Meets Kerchoonz
"We as teachers are just passing on our years of experience"

» [2009-03-02] Open Review
'We Welcome You To Come' MP3 by Grace LaJoy f. Zenobia Smith
Spoken Word Artist Grace LaJoy Give Us "We Welcome You to Come" Single Featuring Gospel Singer Zenobia Smith

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