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» [2010-02-18] Open Review
MusicDishTV Presents: Inanna - You And Me Only
"You And Me Only" puts together a relaxing beat and Inanna's heartfelt voice

» [2010-02-18] Open Review
MusicDishTV presents: "Clarity" by Kava Kava
Their latest album, Forwards, was released on the New York City based label Midnight Swimming in 2009

» [2010-02-18] Open Review
MusicDishTV presents: Ivory Tower Project "My Name"
The Ivory Tower is that very best place of refuge from the daily routine where you are 'free' to express yourself

» [2009-12-15] Open Review
MusicDishTV presents: Ylotana - Dance For The Snow Queen
Taking music, graphic art, animation, video and literature in a way that seamlessly flows together

» [2009-12-05] Open Review
MusicDishTV Presents: Crazy Aunt Mary's Christmas Video
A video sure to make you smile and get into the holiday spirit

» [2009-12-03] Open Review
MusicDishTV: Bethany And Rufus Roots Quartet Live At Les Trois Mailletz
The Bethany and Rufus Roots Quartet initiated their CD release with a live performance

» [2009-11-30] Open Review
MusicDishTV: Rukas Juice - Live My Life
Michael Cornell and Tracey Paleo team up to turn musician Kameron White's music into visual form

» [2009-11-30] Open Review
MusicDishTV: Hearts Of Black Science - Giving In To Anger
Swedish band Hearts of Black Science's newest music video for the single "Giving in to Anger"

» [2009-11-27] Open Review
MusicDishTV Presents: Andy Fraser - This Is The Big One
Andy Fraser is sponsoring a Climate Change Video Competition

» [2009-11-13] Open Review
MusicDishTV: REGA - Wrap MC's
REGA is the music industry's newest emcee/songwriter who co-founded his label, EnT, in 2008

» [2009-10-07] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Kirsten DeHaan - "1984" (live)
Indie rock singer/songwriter Kirsten DeHaan performing "1984" from her newly released EP 'Thorns On A Crown.'

» [2009-08-03] Music Spotlight
Mirk & The New Familiars - Forbidden

» [2009-08-03] Music Spotlight
Emith - High Sierra

» [2009-07-06] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Balloon Flight by Alexander Shulgin
The video is a montage of clips from modern-day Russia, showing both the flurry of day-time activity on the streets and the subsequent tranquility of the night

» [2009-06-24] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Rufus Cappadocia performing at Pop!Tech 2008
Cappadocia bows and plucks his cello with theatrical intensity and dignified ease

» [2009-06-03] Music Spotlight
The Making of 'Love Kills' by This Is Shakedown!
Get inside the studio with Cleveland's hottest band, This Is A Shakedown!

» [2009-05-22] Music Spotlight
Gary Husband in 'Triptych, Part 2: Alexander Shulgin's Songbook'
Producer Richard Niles and multi-instrumentalist Gary Husband discuss what it was like creating part two of Alexander Shulgin's instrumental album.

» [2009-05-14] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Silvina Magari - Corona De Flores
New video from the Spanish artist Silvina Magari

» [2009-05-07] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: This Is A Shakedown! - Circles
The first music video ever made with Apple Mac Book's Photo Booth.

» [2009-04-27] Music Spotlight
Kerchoonz Live Episode 1 - Helicopter Girl
The fantastic 'Mercury Prize' nominated artist Helicopter Girl performs the coolest of cool sets at the House Of Rock Studios, Glasgow for Kerchoonz Live #1.

» [2009-04-19] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: IXTHEIS - Alles Meres
The music video for "Alles meres" (Other Days) by Greek alternative/rock band IXTHEIS

» [2009-04-06] Music Spotlight
Kerchoonz Live Episode 1 - The Fortunate Sons
Kerchoonz Live Episode #1... two fantastic songs from The Fortunate Sons performed at House Of Rock Studios, Glasgow.

» [2009-03-28] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Insurgent Inc - A Pulse for Atheistic
"What results is a very cool electronic remix of an already great song..."

» [2009-03-24] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Koko Dozo Live @ Tubway, NYC
On January 24, 2009, post-pop duo KOKO DOZO brought their unique blend of funk/disco/dance music to Tubway in New York City.

» [2009-03-22] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: LiLi Roquelin - I Saw You
LiLi Roquelin's video for "I Saw You," filmed in Central Park and directed by Matthew Murphy.

» [2009-03-14] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: JES - Imagination (Kaskade Remix)
JES's video for "Imagination"; incorporates a stunning visual performance piece and live footage shot during her opening stint for Tiesto's Elements Of Life show in Copenhagen.

» [2009-03-11] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Pete Hopkins - New Umbrella
Two time national band search winner: Pop indie darling Pete Hopkins, has released a video for his song "New Umbrella."

» [2009-03-04] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: KNiKi - Wax n Wane
Perth, Western Australia-based KNiKi's music video from her newly released album Just...

» [2009-02-27] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Najam Sheraz - Dil Tumhara Bhi Hae (f. Natalie Williams)
Pakistani Pop star Najam Sheraz sings his first Urdu/English duet with London Jazz artist Natalie Williams.

» [2009-02-20] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Nicole Patrick - I'm Here To Stay
Nicole Patrick's debut video; shot in Nashville.

» [2009-02-12] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: Festival - Valentine

» [2009-02-09] Music Spotlight
MusicDishTV: 12 the Band - Twilight (live performance)
Live performance by 12 the Band of their song "Twilight" from their debut album 'Streets and Avenues'.

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