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Articles by Margee Fagelson
42 published article(s)

» [2001-02-27] Industry Interviews
Interview with Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity

» [2001-02-22] News Beat
Napster Extends a $1 Billion Olive Branch - The Industry Reacts
And Other Emanations from the Napster Decision...

» [2001-02-22] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ Jeremy Silver, Executive VP at Uplister

» [2001-02-15] News Beat
The Napster Decision: Where do we go from here?
Alternatives to Napster - Friends of Napster - Enemies of Napster

» [2001-02-08] News Beat
Anti-Piracy Efforts Succeed on Multiple Fronts
But the War Continues Against a $4 Billion Gorilla

» [2001-02-08] News Beat
How Does the New Amazon Honor System Measure Up?

» [2001-02-08] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ Denzyl Feigelson, Founder & President of AWAL

» [2001-02-01] News Beat
Major Labels Feel the Heat from Across the Atlantic
European Commission Investigates Labels' Retail Pricing Practices

» [2001-01-29] News Beat
Napster Gains Another Ally in TVT Records

» [2001-01-25] News Beat
DigMedia Launches Dlocker, DigKiosk & Dboxer

» [2001-01-21] News Beat
Seeking to Reduce Costs, ARTISTdirect Reorganizes Into Five Business Groups

» [2001-01-18] News Beat
The Future of Music Policy Summit - Two Days of Deep Discussion
Orrin Hatch - Senator, Music Fan & Songwriter - Speaks Out

» [2001-01-18] News Beat
Ex-BMG Exec, Kevin Conroy, to Run AOL Music

» [2001-01-15] News Beat
Corporate Restructuring & Layoffs at Emusic? Will it Work?
A look at the history of Emusic, 1998 forward...

» [2001-01-04] News Beat
Will the New CPRM / CPPM Specification End the Fair Trading of Media Files?

» [2001-01-04] Industry Interviews
MusicDish Speaks to Paul Schatzkin, aka The Perfesser, on the Shut Down of

» [2001-01-04] Industry Interviews
An in-depth look at the Future of Music Coalition
Interviews with the six board members

» [2001-01-03] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ Kristin Thomson, Future of Music Coalition

» [2001-01-03] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ Jenny Toomey, Future of Music Coalition

» [2001-01-03] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ Michael Bracy, Future of Music Coalition

» [2001-01-03] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ Brian Zisk, Future of Music Coalition

» [2001-01-03] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ Peter DiCola, Future of Music Coalition

» [2001-01-03] Industry Interviews
Interview w/ Walter F. McDonough, Future of Music Coalition

» [2001-01-02] News Beat
Songwriters and Music Publishers to the US Copyright Office: It's Time to Take Action!
Petition Filed to Set Industry-wide Internet Royalty Rates for Streaming & Downloading

» [2000-12-20] News Beat
Yahoo! Outloud - Giving Fans the Complete Tour Experience

» [2000-12-20] News Beat
Wireless Music - BuzzHits, Mobilee and HitHive are Leading the Pack!

» [2000-12-20] News Beat
CenterSpan Wins Bid for Scour Assets

» [2000-12-13] News Beat
The European Commission Looks to Battle Couterfeiting & Piracy on a United Front

» [2000-12-12] News Beat
Make Room in the Dot-Com Graveyard - Joins the Pack!
Is Serving the Independent Music Market Profitable? CD Baby Continues to Think So.

» [2000-12-12] News Beat
The U.S. Copyright Office Levels the Playing Field Between Terrestrial and Internet Radio Stations

» [2000-12-12] News Beat
A Reversal of Fortune: Songwriters & Music Publishers Sue Universal Music Group

» [2000-12-06] News Beat
Artists Beware: You could be getting a raw deal w/ SoundExchange
Members of the Industry Speak Out on Digital Performance Royalties

» [2000-12-05] News Beat
The Bet is on DRM. So says Audiosoft in Partnering with two Major German Webcasters

» [2000-12-05] News Beat
Webnoize 2000 - A Digital Media Event

» [2000-12-05] News Beat
Future of Music Coalition

» [2000-11-28] News Beat
SEC. 104. Evaluation of Impact of Copyright Law and Amendments on Electronic Commerce and Techno-Logical Development

» [2000-11-28] Insider Scoop
The Future of Music is Today, in New York!

» [2000-11-21] News Beat & Universal - What's Behind the Deal?
The Major Labels' Strategy Becomes Clearer

» [2000-11-14] News Beat
Tackling the Issues: Peer-to-Peer & Security
A Look at Flycode, Preview Systems & Vedalabs

» [2000-11-07] News Beat
The New Kid on the Block:
Open-Source, File-Sharing Program

» [2000-11-07] News Beat
Who is More 'Culturally Significant': REM or Eminem?
The National Recording Preservation Act of 2000

» [2000-10-31] News Beat
My, Have Times Changed! BMG and Napster in a Partnership?

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