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Articles by Mark Kirby
108 published article(s)
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» [2009-02-05] Open Review
Soular System - Big Bang Creates Planets of Rock

» [2009-01-16] Music Spotlight
Bringing a Little Madness - and Lots of Teamwork - into the Mix
An Interview with Koko Dozo

» [2008-09-15] Music Spotlight
Making Canada Proud with True Talent: An Interview with Peter Bloom

» [2008-07-16] Music Spotlight
Music for Meditation, Reflection or Therapy, Day or Night
An Interview with the NightDancers

» [2008-07-09] Open Review
Lorraine Reid: How Can I Keep Him Lovin' Me?

» [2008-06-25] Open Review
Peter Bloom Band - A Man and His Random Thoughts

» [2008-05-13] Open Review
Future psychediscorama With Koko Dozo's Illegal Space Aliens
Brothers and a Sister From Another Planet

» [2008-04-28] Open Review
A CD Review of Mashed Buddha's 'Zen Conspiracy'

» [2008-03-18] Open Review
A Hard Rock Broadside from Soundside

» [2008-03-18] Open Review
Julie Moffitt: Belle of the Tunes

» [2008-03-18] Open Review
Charles Laster II & Silvia Pratesi: Believe What You Say And See

» [2008-03-14] Open Review
From the Coffee Shops and Pubs to Cyberspace, The Smiling Strangers Make Noise on MySpace

» [2008-03-13] Open Review
NightDancers' Montana Crossings: Flute Music of Transformation

» [2008-03-07] Open Review
The Hills Are In His Heart
A Review of Sweet Tea a CD by Hills Rolling

» [2008-03-01] Open Review
Sad Songs Say So Much
A Review of Attention to Detail

» [2008-03-01] Open Review
Moving My Feet by The Foley McKenna Band

» [2008-01-11] Music Spotlight
Hobbyhorse: San Francisco's Sunshine Superteam Re-Imagines Folk Psychedelia

» [2008-01-08] Industry Interviews
Trepanning the Light Fantastic: Cevin Soling gives you A Hole In The Head

» [2007-12-17] Open Review
Elliot Carlson Boteros Parasite: A Love Story

» [2007-12-10] Open Review
Nice and Easy, Smooth but Rough: Dave Sasscer Quiet Mind

» [2007-12-09] Open Review
Mambo Mariachi Rock turned into One World on Share My Love

» [2007-11-20] Open Review
Mello Mello's An Abstract Love Story: Down to Earth, Love, Sexy Drama

» [2007-10-30] Open Review
'Good Boys Don't' by Skye

» [2007-10-21] Open Review
'Fire Behind Me' - Electro/Pop By Michael Hensley

» [2007-10-15] Open Review
Play on, Sister! A Review of the 'Bread or Water' by Alaria Taylor

» [2007-10-13] Open Review
Chewy is Chewy Good

» [2007-09-20] Open Review
Kill Van Kull: Kickin' out the Jams at the Edge of Sunrise

» [2007-09-13] Music Spotlight
Paul Nash: Avant Noir Jazz Cycles

» [2007-09-12] Music Spotlight
'Happy Suicide, Jim!' Burns Like Lake Erie, Now You're Addicted to The Love Kills Theory

» [2007-08-14] Music Spotlight
Mashed Buddha, Electro and Four Keys To Zen: Rise of the Human Being

» [2007-07-20] Music Spotlight
Kiko Loureiro and His Inverted Universe of Music

» [2007-07-05] Music Spotlight
Polarity/1: Flesh & Blood Electronica for Our Times

» [2007-07-05] Music Spotlight
Karlex Brings His New Afro Groove Music to the World

» [2007-05-01] Industry Interviews
Rose Beach: Conquering With the Power of Family Love

» [2007-03-18] Music Spotlight
Event Review: Fay Victor Ensemble
Cartwheels at Galapagos

» [2007-01-03] Music Spotlight
Kicksta Music Group: Scotia In The House

» [2006-12-05] Music Spotlight
Listening Liberally To Kobo Town, Live

» [2006-11-28] Music Spotlight
Bluebeard Screams "Long Live Rock!" on Deluxe With Reverb

» [2006-10-02] Music Spotlight
Mashed Buddha: Subdue Your Mind

» [2006-08-29] Music Spotlight
Von Cello: Shredding With A New Kind Of Axe On Excalibur

» [2006-08-25] Music Spotlight
Mellani Day and Dazed: Chill Songs for Hot Times

» [2006-08-09] Music Spotlight
Traedonya, The Bride of New Funk Hip Opera

» [2006-08-06] Music Spotlight
Jeff Merchant: Window Rolled Down
Neo Pop Gem Enriches the Musical Landscape

» [2006-06-30] Music Spotlight
Braun And Brain Music Presents - Next Wave: Undiscovered Hits From an Imaginary Radio Station

» [2006-06-25] Music Spotlight
Blow Up Hollywood Unveils The Diaries of Private Henry Hill

» [2006-06-12] Music Spotlight
Wild Child, Brave Journey Of Just A Girl
Lee Lindsey Above The Madding Crowd

» [2006-05-12] Music Spotlight
Brian Rolland Dreams Of Brazil

» [2006-03-20] Music Spotlight
Gatewaymusic: Ten Years Rockin' the Sound of Music

» [2006-03-06] Music Spotlight
Wavelength: New Jazz, Smooth and Delicious

» [2006-02-19] Music Spotlight
Following Indiana Gregg Down The Yellow Brick Road

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