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Articles by Moses Avalon
71 published article(s)
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» [2010-11-13] Insider Scoop
One Down, Three To Go: The Music Biz Shrinks Yet Again, as Courts Close EMI
EMI has lost in court and it's now only a matter of time before its assets are chopped up

» [2010-08-25] Insider Scoop
Net Neutrality For Musicians
What's all the fuss and which side should you be on?

» [2008-01-14] Insider Scoop
New Year - New Law

» [2008-01-12] Insider Scoop
360 DEALS: The Final Nail In The Major Label Coffin?
Will The 'New Model' Bring Record Labels Salvation Or Oblivion?

» [2007-10-31] Insider Scoop
Do I Owe My Lawyer Lunch?
Labels Will Live Says 'Long Tail Author' Chris Anderson

» [2007-10-14] Insider Scoop
Lime Wire Users Beware:
The Sheriff Just Got A Brand New Cannon And Itís Aimed At YOU!!!

» [2007-05-12] Insider Scoop
The DRM Manifesto For Musicians, Artists, Songwriters And Everyone Else Who Isnít Paying Attention

» [2007-03-18] Insider Scoop
Music Business Dead? What, Again?

» [2007-01-01] Insider Scoop
RIAA Lawsuits Hit Brick Wall
'Fire Sharer' Fights Back

» [2007-01-01] Insider Scoop
Universal Sues MySpace Yet Again?
Majors Wants To Have Their MySpace And Eat It Too

» [2006-10-27] Insider Scoop
Feds Throw Publishers & ASCAP/BMI Into The Dog House With Ringtone Ruling
New Copyright Register Ruling Could Radically Cut Down the $2 Billion A Year In Ringtone Revenue To Publishers

» [2006-10-24] Insider Scoop
The Eagles Sing Duet With Wal-Mart Executives?
Megagroup Partners With Evil Empire

» [2006-08-09] Insider Scoop
Is MySpace Stealing Your Music?

» [2006-04-21] Insider Scoop
XM Radio Disses 1000s Of Its Subscribers

» [2004-07-04] Insider Scoop
Music In Space
(or, Screw The Majors - But Use Protection)

» [2004-05-12] Insider Scoop
Gilli Moon And The 3 Big Lies Of Music Conferences

» [2004-04-24] Insider Scoop
Nielsen Rating System At Odds With RIAA's Claim Of "Lost Sales"
RIAA says sales are down. Soundscan says "Wha..?" Who should you believe?

» [2004-02-20] Insider Scoop
RIAA Law Suits: Point or Punt?
Market Research Reports Say It's Working, But Can You Trust Them?

» [2004-01-06] Insider Scoop
Union Gets Labels to Cough Up Cash for Artists They Can't Sell
But How Much New Care Will Artists Really See?

» [2004-01-06] News Beat
Punk Rocker Gets a Street Named After Him
Skips Line Ahead of George W. Bush

» [2004-01-06] News Beat
UNI Imprint Implicated in Drug/Money Laundering Scam

» [2003-11-25] News Beat
BMI Beats Up On Karaoke Bars

» [2003-11-25] News Beat
Destiny's Child Accused of Song Theft-Again

» [2003-11-25] Insider Scoop
iTunes Inspires New On-Line Scams: Who Can You Trust?

» [2003-11-25] News Beat
Uni On The Block? Uni-Ver Know

» [2003-08-12] Insider Scoop
XM Radio Says I'm Full of Bunk

» [2003-08-12] News Beat
Texas Law Man Wants the FBI to Regulate Music Production

» [2003-08-12] News Beat
Gibson Decides to Reinvent the Wheel - A Guitar Without Pickups

» [2003-08-12] News Beat
Tonos Limping But Still in the Race

» [2003-08-12] Insider Scoop
CD Baby's New Digital Deal Is Not What It Seems
Poorly Structured Contract Could Tie Up the Rights of Artists for Years

» [2003-07-23] Insider Scoop
Digital Radio: A Dog That Won't Hunt

» [2003-07-23] News Beat
Farmer Asks God to Defend His Music - And Gets His Wish

» [2003-06-12] Insider Scoop
Record Royalties Bill Passes California Senate, But There's Still Bad News
The RIAA Makes Its Case

» [2003-06-12] News Beat
ASCAP Wins Right to Pay Some Writers Less Than Others

» [2003-06-12] Insider Scoop
Record Royalties Bill Passes California Senate, But There's Still Bad News
Call to Action

» [2003-05-12] Insider Scoop
Clear Channel Fools the Fed Into Thinking that It's Getting Rid Of Payola, or Are They Just Trying to Fool Us?

» [2003-05-01] Insider Scoop
Major Labels Caught Stealing $100m a Year
Record Clubs Get a Smack Upside the Head by Federal Judge

» [2003-05-01] Insider Scoop
How Will Artists Ever Get Paid Once Computer Companies Buy Major Labels?
Apple Takes a Byte Out of Vivendi and Chips Its Tooth

» [2003-03-30] Insider Scoop
War and the Music Business
The Revolution WILL be televised, now that we have a sponsor.

» [2003-03-07] Insider Scoop
Tech-Heads & Lawyers Freak Out Artists at Future of Music Conference
Can't We All Just Get a Hard Drive?

» [2003-03-07] Insider Scoop
BMG Comes Clean
Reveals that the RIAA Lies, Artists Should Dump their Lawyers, and their 'New Deal' Really Isn't

» [2003-03-07] Insider Scoop
Who Needs Record Stores - We All Have the Internet, Don't We?

» [2003-01-21] News Beat
RIAA Plans to Burn Rippers and Rip Burners

» [2003-01-16] Insider Scoop
Music Industry Armageddon has Arrived - Major Labels are Arm-Wrestled into Giving $67 Million Bucks to You!

» [2002-12-17] Insider Scoop
The Future of Music And It's Enemies 2002

» [2002-10-16] News Beat
Daughters of James Brown Slap Him Upside the Head as they Step Back and Kiss Themselves. Haa!

» [2002-10-16] Insider Scoop
Feds Rob the Record Labels Blind

» [2002-09-28] Insider Scoop
First Blood is Spilled at Record Industry Hearings - The War is On!!!

» [2002-08-07] Insider Scoop
Uncle Sam Helps the RIAA Create Monopoly Which Could Deprive Artists of Choices and $$$

» [2002-03-29] Insider Scoop
Napster Looking Healthier than the Majors

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