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» [2010-02-13] MusicDish*China
MPh Music Discovery System Wins Best Lifestyle Awards At Hong Kong ICT Awards 2009
"MPh Music Discovery System" proactively recommends songs with similar tone, mood and feel

» [2010-02-13] News Beat
The GRAMMY Museum Hosts 'Mississippi Night'
Music and audio innovator Hartley Peavey participated in preamble to the 52nd GRAMMY Awards

» [2010-02-12] Music Spotlight
Lady Gaga, Elton John and a Beautiful Baldwin
Artist Terence Koh Talks About Designing The Dual-Sided Piano For This Year's Grammys' Most Stunning Performance

» [2010-02-12] MusicDish*China
"Implantrobotik," The Latest Release From Beijing's Bypass Netlabel
"Implantrobotik" produced by Germany experimental artist "Pharmakustik"

» [2010-02-07] News Beat
Music Jobs News: SOCAN; Warner Music UK; RealNetworks; SMC Recordings; TWE; Hollywood Records; UMGD; ACO
Eric Baptiste - SOCAN; Warner Music UK - Raoul Chatterjee; RealNetworks - Mike Lunsford; SMC Recordings - David Newberg; TWE - Jim Litwak; J. Scavo - Hollywood Records; L.J. Hayden Gutierrez - UMGD; ACO - George Manahan

» [2010-02-07] Digital Skool
The new Miles Davis Tribute headphones by Monster Cable at NAMM
Miles Davis Properties reps link up with Slash at the NAMM Show during launch of the new headphones

» [2010-02-07] Music Spotlight
Composing Music for Movies - The New Way
Thunderous epic scores, quirky music for comedies, and the new era of film scoring - meet rising film composer George Kallis

» [2010-02-07] Insider Scoop
Music Gets Back To Business
The strongest message to have come out of MIDEM 2010 is that music is back in business

» [2010-02-07] News Beat
Label Deals: Velocity Records; Dark Star Records; Hamptons Entertainment; Round Cat Records; Sire Records; Sunset Records
Rise Records - Velocity Records; Two Ton Anvil - Dark Star Records; Hamptons Entertainment - EVRO; Round Cat Records - The Ron Noyes, Brooks Young; Sire Records - Blue Horizon; Sunset Records - Pascal G.

» [2010-02-04] MusicDish*China
Global Survey Reveals Music Trends Rocking Fans Across The World
Synovate surveyed 8,000 adults ages 18+ across 13 countries to understand the buying habits and preferences of music consumers

» [2010-01-17] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China Sounds At MIDEM 2010
MusicDish*China Sounds shines on spotlight on China's independent music scene emerging in cities like Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai

» [2010-01-16] Industry Interviews
Leatherhead Interview: DJing For A Global Audience
How to achieve global domination with banging dance music, epileptic drumming and hardcore ski wear

» [2010-01-16] MusicDish*China
Jimmy Page Launches "Show Of Peace" Concert In Beijing
One of a kind televised music event to be seen by 2 billion people around the world

» [2010-01-16] Open Review
Candella: Addictive Like Heroin, Without The Bad Side Effects
Talent simply bleeds from this band in amazingly large doses

» [2010-01-02] Digital Skool
Wireless Predictions & Mobile Media Trends for 2010
Mobile Data Traffic Explosion to put strain on 3G Networks

» [2009-12-31] Music Spotlight
Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars' Most Played And Used Song Of The Noughties
The hit peaked at number 6 in the UK charts when it was released in July 2006

» [2009-12-29] News Beat
Music Jobs News: Alfred Music Publishing; Leadership Music; NMPA; Universal Motown Records; ReverbNation; Intellectual Property Office; Warner/Chappell Music
Career Announcements At Alfred Music Publishing; Leadership Music; NMPA; Universal Motown Records; ReverbNation; Intellectual Property Office; Warner/Chappell Music

» [2009-12-29] MusicDish*China
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Into The Wind
Ubiquity To Release Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Into The Wind Worldwide Release On January 26, 2010

» [2009-12-27] Digital Skool
Guitar Heroes Steve Ouimette and Ryan Greene Get Dangerous
Musician & Engineer use Dangerous Music 2-Bus and D-Box on Blockbuster 'Guitar Hero' Games

» [2009-12-22] Open Review
Jahmings Captivates Roots Reggae with Eek A Mouse
Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, California - October 6th, 2009

» [2009-12-21] Insider Scoop
Online People Power Is Not Just For Christmas
Social media has given ordinary people the power to change things

» [2009-12-20] Music Spotlight
Indie Guitars Gear Up October Sky With New Endorsement Models

» [2009-12-18] Digital Skool
AVATAR Mixed by Simon Rhodes at Ocean Way / Record One
The James Horner score for movie AVATAR was mixed by Simon Rhodes at Ocean Way's film mixing studio Record One

» [2009-12-18] Digital Skool
Studio City Sound Shines with Star Power
Stellar Holiday Season as Legendary Recording Studio Welcomes Famous Names

» [2009-12-17] Industry Interviews
Exclusive Interview with Rap Sensation Smokes aka Mr. Asian Pride
Asian-American Rapper Taking The Music World by Storm

» [2009-12-17] News Beat
Label Deals: Tom Kat Records; Platinum Sports Entertainment; Chopmark Records; Tee Pee Records; Rise Records; Earache Records
Headless Charlie - Tom Kat Records; Platinum Sports Entertainment Group - Keyshia Dior; Seek Irony - Chopmark Records; Sweet Apple - Tee Pee Records; Scarlett O'Hara - Rise Records; Annihilator - Earache Records

» [2009-12-16] Insider Scoop
Streaming Is Destroying Piracy
With 115 million internet users downloading or streaming legal music, the US is world leader for paid music

» [2009-12-14] MusicDish*China
Making Media Work Through Music - Digital Future Series Conference
The Centre for Content Protection (CCP) conducted the Digital Future Seminar Series to engage the digital distribution industry

» [2009-12-12] Insider Scoop
Are Music Artists Profiting From iTunes' Price Increases?
Artists receive fixed residuals for music sales based on individual contracts

» [2009-12-10] News Beat
Music Jobs News: Fontana, CMA, Atlantic Records UK, Warner/Chappell Music, ASCAP, GoDigital, Today's Country Magazine
Ron Spaulding; Tammy Genovese; Mark Terry; Juan Madrid - Ryan Press; Jason Silberman - Joshua Briggs - Marc Emert-Hutner - Jorge Rodriguez; Mike Rubsamen; Jeffrey Kurtis

» [2009-12-09] Digital Skool
NYU's New Facility Goes Dangerous for 10.2 Surround Monitoring
NYU's Department of Music and Performing Arts at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

» [2009-12-05] News Beat
Label Deals: Relapse Records, Ryko, Rise Records, Metal Blade Records, Reprise Records, Interscope Records
Black Tusk - Relapse Records; Allison Moorer - Ryko; Legend - Rise Records; Allegaeon - Metal Blade Records; Art Of Dying - Reprise Records; Kelis - Interscope Records

» [2009-11-29] News Beat
Music Jobs News: DiMA, KCRW, ASCAP, Warner Bros Records UK, PPL, Gracenote, Sharp Objects, Copyright Agency Limited
Jonathan Potter, Ruth Seymour, Shawn Lemone, Ben Durling, Mark Kelly, Andreas Lakeberg, Ray Bruce, Brian Johns - Sandy Grant

» [2009-11-23] Insider Scoop
Borislav Mitic Speaks Out Against The Murder Of Music
I would like to send a message for all those who intend to download my album for free

» [2009-11-23] Music Spotlight
Wallace Jones, of The Cleave Band, Speaks With The Battalion
We produce at our own pace, which allows us to produce what we believe to be quality material

» [2009-11-23] Music Spotlight
Reggae & Soul Legends Concert Series Launched In Brooklyn
Gerald Alston of the Manhattans gave the ladies a pinch of Kiss & Say Goodbye

» [2009-11-18] Insider Scoop
The Problem With The Music Industry And Steps To Take To Improve It!
Like the real estate industry, the music industry is being flooded with sub par product

» [2009-11-14] Insider Scoop
Indie Artists And Bands Lead The Charge
For us and for our friends in the independent music world, business has never been better

» [2009-11-12] News Beat
Music Jobs News: UMRG, Hurray!, Music Choice, EMI Music, Lime Wire, Studio Center, ACG
Cameo Carlson, Haibin Qu - Li Yao, Sean Salo, Shane Naughton - Kyla Mullins, John Pavley - Shoshana Winter, Chris Arbisi, Shawn Amos

» [2009-11-12] Industry Interviews
El Media Group Redefines the Meaning of Muzak
El Media Group is a new power player in the entertainment industry

» [2009-11-12] Industry Interviews
An Interview With Janie Hendrix On The Introduction Of The New Jimi Hendrix Model Guitars
What could possibly add to the enormity of Jimi Hendrix's music legacy in 2009?

» [2009-08-10] News Beat
Music Jobs News: Copyright Agency Limited, Lime Wire, EMI Music, Pandora, Sound Performance USA, Warner Music Group, Masque Sound
CAL - Libby Baulch, Lime Wire - Zeeshan Zaidi, EMI - Syd Schwartz - David Boyle - Eric Case - Charlotte Robertson, Pandora - Sean Duggan, Sound Performance - Charlie Davis, WMG - Christian Tattersfield, Masque Sound - Matt Peskie

» [2009-08-02] Music Spotlight
Hendrix and Woodstock: 10 Little Known Facts about the Performance That Defined the '60s
WPI Professor and Hendrix Scholar Joel Brattin Recalls What Made the 1969 Woodstock Appearance a Unique Moment in the Career of the Legendary Guitarist

» [2009-07-18] News Beat
Indie Label News: Kerchoonz, Beggars Group, Ironclad Recordings, Metal Blade Records, Lucky 7 Records, Tropical/Sunset Records

» [2009-07-18] News Beat
Music Jobs News: E1 Music, Universal Music Japan, Harry Fox Agency, Universal Music South East Asia, Lime Wire, Razor & Tie
E1 Music - Alan Grunblatt, UMJ - Kazu Koike, HFA - John Raso, UMSEA - Digital and Business Development, Lime Wire - Jason Herskowitz, Razor & Tie - Kerri Brusca

» [2009-07-08] News Beat
Jerry Greenberg President/COO MJJ Music Speaks Out About The Loss Of Michael Jackson
Jerry Greenberg was asked to head Michael Jackson's new record label MJJ Music, from 1993 through 2001

» [2009-06-28] News Beat
The Music Industry Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson
Michael leaves behind a legacy of trend-setting innovation, not only musically but with dance, fashion and media as well

» [2009-06-27] News Beat
Music Jobs News: Global Music Group, Universal Republic Records, Airplay Direct, Acoustical Society Of America, BIEM, USC Thornton
Kevin Black - GMG, Tom Mackay - Universal Republic Records, Scott Welch - Airplay Direct, Russ Berger - ASA, Thierry Desurmont - BIEM, Alan Pasqua - USC

» [2009-05-12] News Beat
Smokey Robinson, Linda Ronstadt, Juan Luis Guerra, And George Massenburg Honored At 2009 Berklee College Of Music Commencement
Guerra joins students for performance at annual Commencement Concert

» [2009-05-06] Insider Scoop
Payola Consent Decree Fails To Deliver Independent Music Radio Airplay
Future Of Music Coalition study finds FCC-Consent Decree has had no appreciable change in station playlist composition

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