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» [2009-05-04] Insider Scoop
NARM And RIAA Sustainable Packaging Report
Comparing Packaging Options for Compact Discs - An Environmental and Toxicological Assessment

» [2009-05-02] News Beat
2009 Special 301 Review Affecting Copyright Protection and Enforcement Around the World
China and Russia remain major concerns, while Canada and Indonesia elevated to the Priority Watch List

» [2009-05-02] Insider Scoop
Google Book Settlement May Affect Music Publishers' And Songwriters' Rights
An important pending class action settlement with Google that may affect songwriters' and publishers' rights

» [2009-04-27] News Beat
Jeff Beck Joined By John Mayer And Joss Stone
Jeff Beck Joined By John Mayer, Joss Stone For 2nd Night At El Ray Theatre In LA

» [2009-04-26] News Beat
Rod Stewart And Jeff Beck On Stage Together
Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck on stage together for the first time in over 25 years

» [2009-04-21] Insider Scoop
Internet Pirates All At Sea
Co-founder of and renowned US artist Indiana Gregg, has had personal conflict with The Pirate Bay

» [2009-04-21] News Beat
Copyright Industry Hails Rare Court Victory
Statements from The Progress & Freedom Foundation, Copyright Alliance, MPAA, IFPI and Swedish Independent Music Producers Association

» [2009-04-19] News Beat
Arbitron Releases The Infinite Dial 2009: Radio's Digital Platforms
Use of online video and social networking sites exhibit remarkable growth

» [2009-04-19] Insider Scoop
Who Says Being Social Is Notworking?
35% of UK respondents that are signed up to a social networking site log on at work

» [2009-04-15] News Beat
Music Jobs News: ASCAP, HFA, Music Mogul, Bank Street Group, Malaco Music Group, Warner Bros. Records, Warner Music UK, UMGI
Marilyn Bergman, Gary Churgin, Bob Aniello, Rick Berger, Vivienne Bosch, Courtney Taylor, Jeremy Monroe, Scott Singer, Lionel Ridenour, Todd Moscowitz, Paul Craig, Francis Keeling

» [2009-04-14] MusicDish*China
Digital Music "No Magic Pill" For Solving Google's Chinese Challenge
Its rival, Baidu, has little to fear from this latest move by Google

» [2009-03-27] News Beat
Music Jobs News: MySpace Music, EMI Music, Universal Music UK, CISAC, NOTION Music, Pandora, Universal Music Nashville
Jamie Kantrowitz, Alex Maghen, Nancy Taylor, Cory Ondrejka, Brian Rose, Santiago Schuster, Richard Llewellyn, John Trimble, Jason Owen

» [2009-03-27] News Beat
HFA Collects Almost $307.1 Million In Royalties For 2008
HFA issued over 2.44 million mechanical licenses in the year, 62% more than in 2007

» [2009-03-23] News Beat
Irish Internet Providers Not Impressed With Threatened Legal Action By Music Industry
Internet Service Providers in Ireland have recently received letters threatening legal action from solicitors representing four major music recording companies

» [2009-03-20] Digital Skool
Mobile Social Networking is The Key to Stay Connected with Consumers
A survey active users in mobile internet illustrates comprehensive synergy effects between mobile social networks, the operators and the mobile phone manufacturers

» [2009-03-20] News Beat
Music Jobs News: Resident, 24-7 Entertainment, Live Nation, Original Signal Recordings, Peermusic, Universal Music Italy, Numark, Warner/Chappell Music
Tetsuro Mise, Christoph Oberhaus, Brian Yost, John Rostas, Seth Matlins, Robert Peters, Carise Yatter, Mary Megan, Alessandro Massara, Paul Daniel Wright, Tracy Gershon,

» [2009-03-08] News Beat
CMA Releases Major Consumer Research Segmentation Study
Largest Study in the 50-Year History of the Association Profiles Country Consumer

» [2009-03-05] Music Spotlight
Legendary Chick Willis Delivers The Best in Blues, R&B & Jazz
"The Don of the Blues" Chick Willis and band's musicianship are of the highest caliber on every track of this CD

» [2009-03-02] Digital Skool
iPods Aren't Working Well Enough As "We-Pods"
iPod generation is losing touch with joys of collective listening due to sub-standard equipment

» [2009-02-28] News Beat
Music Jobs News: Tepper Music Management, SABAM, UMGD, BMI Foundation, SMIC and NARM
Tepper Music Management Formed; SABAM Appoints Christophe Depreter; UMGD Expands Executive Team; New BMI Foundation Treasurer; SMIC Appoints New CEO; NARM Welcomes Bill Wilson

» [2009-02-23] News Beat
Music Jobs News: RightsFlow, The Echo Nest, Warner/Chappell Music & Island Records
RightsFlow Hires Jason Walker; The Echo Nest Hires Paul Lamere; Warner/Chappell Music Key A&R Appointments; Island Records Appoints Mark DiDia

» [2009-02-15] News Beat
MAC Presents Hires New Head Of Operations

» [2009-02-12] News Beat
Carolyn Williams Named Senior Vice President, Urban Marketing, RCA Music Group

» [2009-02-09] News Beat
The Performance Rights Act
Summary & Statements On The Performance Rights Act

» [2009-02-08] News Beat
A2IM (and Barack Obama) Draw Hundreds To Inauguration Party On The French Riviera

» [2009-02-08] News Beat
The Cramps' Lux Interior Dies
Lux Interior, co-founder and front man of inimitable punk-rockabilly band the Cramps

» [2009-02-03] Music Spotlight
John Anderson And Aaron Tippin Make Personal Appearance To Show Support In Rebuilding High School In Enterprise, AL

» [2009-02-03] News Beat
Kings Of Leon Commemorate Over 2 Million Albums Sold Worldwide!
Three-time Grammy nominee Kings of Leon played to a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden

» [2009-02-03] News Beat
Future Of Music Coalition: DC Policy Day 2009
Single-day event brings together leading minds in music, technology, policy and law for robust and balanced discussion about emerging issues

» [2008-05-30] News Beat
Website Music Player Joins Forces With To Offer Licensing Integration To Its Artists, Bands, Publishers And Record Label

» [2008-05-12] News Beat
Hudson Entertainment & Napster Sign Digital Music Agreement

» [2008-04-25] News Beat
New Online Label Store Debuts

» [2008-04-22] News Beat
Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute Shatters Enrollment Projections, Introduces Proprietary Technology

» [2008-04-04] News Beat
MusicDish Network Brings The News To Waveform Media

» [2008-03-17] Digital Skool
Technology that Stops Illegal 'Copyright' File Sharing

» [2008-03-17] Digital Skool, Music Licensing Solutions for Independent Artists, Record Labels and Publishers, Launches Public Beta

» [2008-03-02] Music Spotlight
2008 Station Nightclub Benefit Concert - The Story Behind The Story

» [2008-01-28] Insider Scoop
Maxim Magazine Reviews Album Without Hearing It

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
DiMA Requests That Copyright Office Clarify If Section 115 Mechanical License Applies to Internet Streaming

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
Nielsen Music 2007 Year End Music Industry Report For Canada

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
2007 U.S. Music Purchases Exceed 1.4 Billion

» [2008-01-23] MusicDish*China
Beijing Court Confirms Yahoo China's Music Service Violates Copyright

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
Public Outcry Causes Delay In Canadian Copyright Bill

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
Government's Delay In Introducing Copyright Reforms Concerns Canadian Music Industry

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
Phonographic Performance Company Of Australia Limited under section 154(1) of the Copyright Act 1968

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
Ann Chaitovitz Appointed Executive Director of Future of Music Coalition

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
British Music Rights Appoints Feargal Sharkey And Andy Heath as Chief Executive and Chairman

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
RIAA Welcomes Former FBI Principal To Command West Coast Anti-Piracy Unit

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
Elise Wright Appointed Universal Republic's SVP Urban Music

» [2008-01-23] News Beat
A2IM Announces Ted Cohen As Digital Business Development Consultant

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