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» [2013-08-03] News Beat
U.S. Department of Commerce Green Paper on Updating Copyright Policies for the Internet Age
Comprehensive Analysis Addressing Copyright Policy, Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Economy

» [2013-07-26] Insider Scoop
National Poll Reveals Queen Really Are The Champions
The poll also revealed that the UK's favourite music genre is Rock, with two-fifths (40.51%) of Brits preferring Rock Music above all other styles

» [2013-07-17] Music Spotlight
Fair Trade Music Project Speaks Out for Silenced Songwriters
Discuss the alarming trend of the recent imprisonment of songwriters throughout the world

» [2013-07-11] MusicDish*China
Zebra Music Festival (Shanghai) 2013 Reveals Its Complete Line-Up (Chinese version)
Zebra Music Festival (Shanghai) 2013 Reveals Its Complete Line-Up (Chinese version)

» [2013-07-11] News Beat
Demystifying Pan-European Digital-Music Rights
New research details the path to success in digital-music rights licensing in Europe

» [2013-07-06] MusicDish*China
CISAC Gains Support of Chinese Copyright Authority on its Mission to Promote Creator's Rights
The CISAC team shared their plan to relocate its Asia Pacific headquarters from Singapore to Beijing

» [2013-07-04] Insider Scoop
Join The Beat In Five Of The Youngest Cities In Europe
An exciting new briefing uncovers five of the youngest cities in Europe and highlights the impact their population is having on the culture and events scene in each area

» [2013-06-27] MusicDish*China
Zebra Music Festival Partners With Gewara (Chinese version)
Zebra Music Festival Partners With Gewara (Chinese version)

» [2013-06-06] News Beat
Innovative Personalized Artist Consulting Firm ArtistAdvisors Launched
The Los Angeles-based firm to offer comprehensive consultation and development packages for artists at any level of accomplishment

» [2013-06-06] MusicDish*China
Underground 108 - 22 June 2013 (Chinese version)
Three outstanding Hong Kong bands "Dark Himaya, Shotgun Politics & Les Gromechkos"

» [2013-06-05] News Beat
Live Nation Further Expands Presence In Asia
Live Nation Entertainment and Lushington Entertainments have formed a joint venture, Live Nation Lushington, to promote live concerts in Hong Kong and Singapore

» [2013-06-03] Insider Scoop
Does The Pluralist Generation Love Music Like Previous Generations?
First-of-its-kind research study among the Pluralist Generation helps to understand difference in music consumption and music community among the USA’s next generation

» [2013-06-03] News Beat
Copyright And Popular Media: Liberal Villains And Technological Change
New book on media piracy by Trajce Cvetkovski - with strong focus on the popular music industry

» [2013-06-01] News Beat
Building The 100 Billion Dollar Music Business At The New Music Seminar
New Music Seminar is back on June 9-11 in New York City, ready to tackle the challenge of building the 100 billion dollar music business

» [2013-05-31] Insider Scoop
New Music Streaming Survey Shows Trends In Europe
Usage and willingness to pay continue to increase

» [2013-05-31] MusicDish*China
Jamaster A Featuring Bi Bi Zhou - I Miss You Missing Me
Jamaster A is the first Chinese electronic dance DJ ever to enter the famous DJ Mag Top 100

» [2013-05-29] News Beat
Tony Maserati and Bedrock.LA Pioneer Modern Music Studio Center
Hit record producer/engineer Tony Maserati is teaming up with LA's hip Bedrock.LA studios in an ambitious strategic partnership with the Standard Oil Investment Group

» [2013-05-28] Insider Scoop
Industry Trends In Asia And Internationally - Frances Moore at Music Matters 2013
In China, we are seeing a new approach to licensing, as record companies partner with internet companies such as Baidu, with vast customer bases

» [2013-05-26] Insider Scoop
Music Industry Plagued By Retitling Of Songs
Report reveals prolific problems with royalties in the music licensing landscape for artists and companies

» [2013-05-20] Insider Scoop
Take Me To Your Leaders
Digital & Music Matters 2013 has assembled a the most CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen level speakers than ever before

» [2013-05-20] News Beat
Maria Pallante, John Morton, Scott Turow, Jean-Michel Jarre and Hervé Di Rosa to Keynote at the World Creators Summit
Featuring appearances from over 80 of the biggest influencers and industry luminaries in the creator-rights space

» [2013-05-19] News Beat
Microsoft Windows Azure Supports Digital Matters!
Microsoft Windows Azure solidifies its place as the premier partner event on the digital entertainment industry calendar

» [2013-05-18] Insider Scoop
Merlin Member Labels And Distributors At Forefront Of Burgeoning Streaming Market
Merlin Member Market Share Increases Significantly On Digital Platforms, Even More On Streaming Services

» [2013-05-18] MusicDish*China
Sunny Chang Appointed Chairman And CEO Greater China
Chang will oversee all of UMG's Greater China operations including Taiwan and Hong Kong

» [2013-05-17] News Beat
Music Weekly Asia Launches Top 30 Asia: Asia's First Digital Music & Video Charts
Music Weekly Asia, the online music magazine and Asia's leading source of music news, has launched Asia's first digital music and video charts

» [2013-03-09] Career Tips
Garage is Back. How to Make UK Garage Music by Jeremy Sylvester
A few tips on how to make UK Garage from one of the most prolific UK Garage producers around, Jeremy Sylvester

» [2013-02-17] MusicDish*China
Underground 107 - 23 Feb 2013 (Chinese version)
Underground 107 - 23 Feb 2013 (Chinese version)

» [2013-01-09] News Beat
Are Apps Building A New Music Industry?
Applications are becoming a defacto tools in the music industry's toolbox, with apps helping artists practice, record, promote and even split royalties

» [2012-07-26] News Beat
Guitarist Adrian Vandenberg Gets Sued For The Rights To His Own Name
Former Vandenberg, Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg gets sued to the rights to his name by former Vandenberg band members

» [2012-07-23] MusicDish*China
2012 "Open Or Close" Rock Showcase in Chengdu (Chinese version)
2012 "Open Or Close" Rock Showcase in Chengdu (Chinese version)

» [2012-07-21] MusicDish*China
Elliot the Bull China Tour, August 2012
Elliot the Bull' first China tour with 9 dates this August, including Yoga Midi Festival in Guiyang and Maritime Silk Road City Music Festival in Ningbo

» [2012-07-14] Industry Interviews
Interview With Finland-based Guitarist Pauli Saksa
Fusing jazz, rock, and pop "Fragments & Fusion" marks debut of guitarist Pauli Saksa

» [2012-07-12] MusicDish*China
Growing up with Ruhan Jia
Ruhan Jia made her debut performance at the Ran Tea House in Brooklyn, New York on Friday, June 22, 2012

» [2012-07-10] MusicDish*China
Audio Engineering Society Expands To China
New Beijing Section Exemplifies International Growth

» [2012-07-06] MusicDish Edelweiss
Interview with adventurous German bassist Thomonic
Thomonic releases new EP "Solo With Myself" that symbolizes his uncompromising vision for jazz

» [2012-05-31] MusicDish*China
W Hotels Launches Online Search Goes To Asia
The eighth and final DJ, representing Asia, will be found through an online talent search held by W Hotels Worldwide

» [2012-05-19] Music Spotlight
Music Matters Live 2012, The First-Ever Music Festival In Singapore To Be Beamed 'Live' Via YouTube
Uniting music lovers around the world with Asia's best independent artists

» [2012-04-29] News Beat
Roger Waters The Wall Smashes Attendance Records In South America
The Wall Makes Its Triumphant Return To North America On April 27th With 41 Shows

» [2012-04-29] MusicDish*China
DSL Collection Launches DSL CineMag (chinese version)
DSL Collection Launches DSL CineMag (chinese version)

» [2012-04-28] MusicDish*China
Vans Supports Beijing Midi Music Festival
Vans Supports Beijing Midi Music Festival

» [2012-04-21] MusicDish*China
DTS And FM Broadcasters Deliver First Surround Sound Radio Experience In China
HD radio broadcasts-Guangzhou Broadcasting Network (GZBN) and Anhui FM radio station are the first to offer surround sound radio broadcasts in China

» [2012-04-21] MusicDish*China
Hong Kong & Southern China Bands Compete To Win Slot At Canada Music Festival!
Envol et Macadam festival will provide return air-flights and four nights accommodation in a four-star hotel for chosen band!

» [2012-04-20] MusicDish*China
2012 Shanghai Midi Music Festival Lineup Pools Global Music Talent (chinese version)
2012 Shanghai Midi Music Festival Lineup Pools Global Music Talent (chinese version)

» [2012-04-17] News Beat
Shakira And President Obama Promote Early Childhood Development Policies
Shakira Speaks Alongside President Obama During 6th Summit Of The Americas To Promote Early Childhood Development Policies

» [2012-04-14] News Beat
Yellow Dog Contracts
Union breaking tactics against the American Federation of Musicians (AFM)

» [2012-04-14] Insider Scoop
MU Urges Musicians Not To Work For Free At Olympics
The MU has been receiving reports of professional musicians being asked to perform for no payment at Olympic events

» [2012-04-09] MusicDish*China
Youku Receives GAPP Internet Publication License (chinese version)
Youku Receives GAPP Internet Publication License (chinese version)

» [2012-04-08] MusicDish*China
Wooozy Sessions #6 - Hangzhou Folk Trio The Tree (chinese version)
Wooozy Sessions #6 - Hangzhou Folk Trio The Tree (chinese version)

» [2012-04-08] MusicDish*China
Asia Academy Of Music Arts & Sciences Launches Interactive Website (chinese version)
Asia Academy Of Music Arts & Sciences Launches Interactive Website (chinese version)

» [2012-04-04] MusicDish*China
"Ultimate Rock Night" at Yugong Yishan
Five bands to make your head spin at Beijing's Yugong Yishan "Ultimate Rock Night"

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