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Articles by Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher)
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» [2012-10-06] MusicDish*China
MUSIC Group Commits $50 Million to New Campus
Cornerstone ceremony with local representatives opens a new chapter in MUSIC Group history

» [2012-10-05] MusicDish*China
HIGH WOLF 2012 China tour
Electro shamanistic visual and music concert experience comes to China

» [2012-10-05] MusicDish*China
HIGH WOLF 2012 China tour (Chinese version)
HIGH WOLF 2012 China tour (Chinese version)

» [2012-09-24] MusicDish*China
Taiwan Music @ CMJ Presents Da Mouth, 831 and Chemical Monkeys
CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival proudly presents a highlight of this year's music festival: "Taiwan Music," hosted by a-Peer Music & the Taiwan Ministry of Culture BAMID

» [2012-09-16] MusicDish*China
"CASH Summer Music Project 2012" Experimental CD Launch cum Concert
"CASH Summer Music Project 2012" Experimental CD Launch cum Concert

» [2012-09-03] MusicDish*China
Social Media Underground #2 - Connect With Hong Kong Bands (Chinese version)
Social Media Underground #2 - Connect With Hong Kong Bands (Chinese version)

» [2012-08-29] MusicDish*China
New Artist Arrival @ Brown Sugar, Shanghai (Chinese version)
New Artist Arrival @ Brown Sugar, Shanghai (Chinese version)

» [2012-08-29] Insider Scoop
Why Car Brands Need To Appeal To Country Music Fans
Country fans represent a strong buying market with 24 percent planning to purchase a new vehicle in the next 12 months

» [2012-08-28] Insider Scoop
Uncovering The Best Practices for Fan Outreach Around Live Music Events
Bandsintown reveals what makes live music fans tick

» [2012-08-22] MusicDish*China
Hyphenics Productions Presents Bruk Braders In Shanghai Feat. KRNFX
International Beatbox Crew Prepares Aural Assault on Shanghai

» [2012-08-20] MusicDish*China
Shanghai's First Air Guitar Competition
Shanghai's First Air Guitar Competition coming to rock bar INFERNO (480 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu) on August 24th

» [2012-08-16] MusicDish*China
STRANDED HORSE 2012 China Tour Shanghai Concert (Chinese version)
Stranded Horse is the musical moniker of Yann Tambour, a French songwriter who became known throughout France for his work with Encre

» [2012-08-14] MusicDish*China
Raw Deal Presents: The Frantic Fevers
The crazy garage punk explosion "The Frantic Fevers" + local Shanghai acts The Macaronians, Round eye, DJ Snaff O'hara

» [2012-08-07] MusicDish*China
China's Audio Industry: A Perspective from AES' Peter Cook
The audio industry is experiencing explosive growth, so much so that it's perhaps become almost unmanageable

» [2012-08-05] MusicDish*China
Banbian Punk Charity Concert and Punk Rock Auction for Half the Sky Children's Orphanage
Performances from old school punk groups A-Boys, Catcher In The Rye, Gao Wei and Mi San Dao, as well as new kids Rustic, the Flyx, and Discord

» [2012-08-05] MusicDish*China
Banbian Punk Charity Concert and Punk Rock Auction (Chinese version)
Performances from old school punk groups A-Boys, Catcher In The Rye, Gao Wei and Mi San Dao, as well as new kids Rustic, the Flyx, and Discord

» [2012-07-24] MusicDish*China
The Future Of Music In Chinese Retail Is Bright
Esprit Will Utilize Mood Media’s Proprietary Technology Throughout its Retail Stores in Mainland China

» [2012-07-23] MusicDish*China
China's Ministry Of Culture Sends Metal Bands to Germany's Wacken Open Air (Chinese version)
Beijing Midi School has selected three Chinese metal bands to perform at the world's renowned metal music festival

» [2012-07-21] MusicDish*China
Shanghai & Beijing Embrace Their Punk Side!
The First Annual Shanghai Punk Festival will be held on August 19th at Yuyintang

» [2012-07-19] MusicDish*China
Will Beijing Go Gaga Over Dada?
Shanghai's Dada announced that they would be opening a new "Dada" bar on August 18 in Beijing's hip Gulou area

» [2012-07-14] MusicDish*China
German Pianist Stefan Aaron Brings Orange Piano Tour To China's Great Wall
After performing the heights of the Swiss Alps, Stefan Aaron will be bringing his Orange Piano Tour to The Great Wall of China on August 12th

» [2012-07-09] Insider Scoop
Final Countdown - Launching Digital Services in Asia
To commemorate iTunes expansion into Greater China, we wanted to share a video from the Music Matters 2012 panel "Final Countdown - Launching Digital Services in Asia"

» [2012-07-04] MusicDish*China
The Beijinger Reaches Out To Indies For Debut Showcase
The Beijinger announced its inaugural showcase (what took them so long) at my new favorite livehouse, 2 Kolegas on August 18th

» [2012-07-03] Digital Skool
The Opposite House Soundtrack Volume 4
The Opposite House's latest soundtrack Oppositehouse Vol 4 features a sampling of China’s younger musical talent including Mr. Graceless, Pumi and JR Fog

» [2012-07-03] MusicDish*China
Black Rabbit 2011 Official Wrap Video
Black Rabbit Music Festival Returns To Shanghai This October

» [2012-06-25] News Beat
Trigger '12 Brings Together Music Industry Luminaries From Around the World
The Trigger Creative Conference has confirmed its program, bringing together top global executives from the music and media industries

» [2012-06-23] MusicDish*China
AFM Delegation In Beijing to Support the Adoption of the WIPO Audiovisual Performances Treaty
Among concerns are the millions of dollars foreign collective rights organizations collect each year on behalf of US and Canadian performers that are never distributed

» [2012-06-15] MusicDish*China
China's Jubilant of LGBT Summer Celebration Returns
The week of art, sport, performances and social events is spearheaded by the ShanghaiLGBT group

» [2012-06-03] MusicDish*China
Jupiter Asia Tour Shanghai Stop
Mao livehouse Wednesday 13th June

» [2012-05-11] MusicDish*China
Ziru Productions Presents - Simon Ting Hip-hop Live and Dance Show Project
This is the first time Simon will be performing a show in a live house in China

» [2012-05-09] MusicDish*China
Tencent And Sonos Bring QQ Music Into The Home
QQ Music Now Playing on Sonos Wireless HiFi System in China

» [2012-05-06] MusicDish*China
Digital and Music Matters 2012 Announces Their Strongest and Finest Ever Speaker Line-up
Program to cover all that matters in the music and digital entertainment industries in Asia

» [2012-05-05] MusicDish*China
JJ Lin Appointed As Singapore's IP Ambassador
JJ was chosen as the IP Ambassador because of his invaluable contribution to the local and regional music industry and his strong support for original works

» [2012-05-05] MusicDish*China
The Underground HK releases Compilation CD5 "Breaking Through" - Party A - 12 May 2012
The bands featured on the new CD are: AirTub, Audiotraffic, beebob, eli, Intellectual Morons, operator, ReOrientate, The Bollands and Who Shot Holga?

» [2012-05-05] MusicDish*China
The Underground HK Releases Compilation CD5 "Breaking Through" - Party B - 19th May 2012
The Underground announces the fifth in our series of compilation CDs, highlighting the enormous talent in Hong Kong original music

» [2012-05-04] MusicDish*China
"Elektro Kif" by Blanca Li Comes To China
Elektro Kif is the encounter between choreographer Blanca Li and "tektonik", a new kind of street dance born in parisian suburbs

» [2012-04-30] News Beat
SoundCloud Song Pitch Competition for Midem 2013
Song pitching competition for midem trailers

» [2012-04-30] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China To Represent 5X Muay Thai World Champion in Asia
In addition to martial arts, Bryan is also slated to act in upcoming feature films as well as develop programming for Asian TV viewers

» [2012-04-29] MusicDish*China
Italy's Medullary Paralysis Returns To China With 5-City Tour
The 2012 tour will bring the band across China through some of its top music cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Chengdu

» [2012-04-29] MusicDish*China
DSL Collection Launches DSL CineMag
DSL CineMag, the first bilingual quarterly iPad magazine about 'Chinese New Cinema'

» [2012-04-27] MusicDish*China
Hitweek China 2012: The Best of Unexpected Sounds from Italy and China
Cult music festival Hitweek arrives in Beijing & Shanghai, where groundbreaking superstar acts from Italy will join forces with China's finest

» [2012-04-22] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China New Festival Partnerships In May
MusicDish*China announces new partnerships with major festivals occurring this May: 2012 Beijing Blues Festival and HitWeek China 2012

» [2012-04-22] Insider Scoop
Roadshow Films PTY LTD & ORS v iiNet Limited
The Court observed that iiNet had no direct technical power to prevent its customers from using the BitTorrent system to infringe copyright in the appellants' films

» [2012-04-21] MusicDish*China
Chris B, Crowned Indie Champion Of The World
Described by Time Magazine as "the tattooed fairy godmother of the Hong Kong scene and the 'face' of The Underground"

» [2012-04-20] MusicDish*China
Genjing Records Goes Vinyl With Duck Fight Goose's History 7"
Beijing newcomer Genjing Records has the sole purpose of releasing Chinese bands on vinyl

» [2012-04-13] MusicDish*China
Beijing Blues Festival 2012
The Beijing Blues Festival 2012 will feature 23 international and local acts covering a whole spectrum of blues music

» [2012-04-08] MusicDish*China
Wooozy Sessions #6 - Hangzhou Folk Trio The Tree
This project's initiative is to provide a platform for young, emerging bands to develop their sounds and expand their musical horizons

» [2012-03-31] MusicDish*China
2012 Beijing Midi Music Festival Is Coming!
2012 Beijing Midi Music Festival will be back at Haidian Park, with the "Qing" stage presenting new rock bands!

» [2012-03-31] MusicDish*China
2012 Midi Shanghai Music Festival Ticket Giveaway
We are giving away three sets of tickets to 2012 Midi Shanghai Music Festival - one set in partnership with FOLDBACK publication, distributed in 6 cities in China

» [2012-03-28] MusicDish*China
Xiaohe, Djang San, Vialka, Experimental Folk at Temple
Wangba Records and the French Embassy in Beijing present:

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