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Articles by Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher)
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» [2012-02-25] MusicDish*China
Tizzy Back To Play Beijing's Yugong Yishan In March
What distinguished Tizzy Bac from all the other bands is their unique "piano rock" style

» [2012-02-24] MusicDish*China
Shanren Teams Up With ClubCreate To Remix 'Drinking Song'
Southern China's indie folk band Shanren has launched a remix project in partnership with music platform ClubCreate

» [2012-02-23] MusicDish*China
Taipei Performing Arts Center Breaks Ground
For a city passionate about theatre, TPAC is a new kind of venue - adaptable, efficient, and intimately connected with the urban fabric

» [2012-02-22] MusicDish*China
Shanren To Showcase Toronto's Lula Lounge For Canadian Music Festival (chinese version)
Shanren To Showcase Toronto's Lula Lounge For Canadian Music Festival (chinese version)

» [2012-02-22] MusicDish*China
Shanren To Showcase Toronto's Lula Lounge For Canadian Music Festival
Chinese indie folk band Shanren will be performing at Toronto's Lula Lounge as part of the Slacker Canadian Music Festival

» [2012-02-18] MusicDish*China
NYC's Pianos Opens Chinese Mountain Men (Shanren) North American Tour
Beijing-based indie folk band Shanren (literally "Mountain Men") will open their debut North American tour at New York's Pianos on March 6th

» [2012-02-15] MusicDish*China
An Asian Year For Midem 2012
my golden Midem rule that participant satisfaction is inversely correlated to attendance size proved to be true once again

» [2012-02-07] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China Sponsors China Connect 2012 In Paris
Over 20 speakers from China and Europe will gather to highlight western (luxury) advertisers crucial marketing stakes

» [2012-02-07] MusicDish*China
Chinese Band Shanren Taps RocketHub To Crowdfund North American Tour
Beijing-based indie folk band Shanren to offer a win-win experience for both audiences and fans on the band on their first North American tour

» [2012-02-07] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China Sponsors China Connect 2012 In Paris (chinese version)
MusicDish*China Sponsors China Connect 2012 In Paris (chinese version)

» [2012-01-18] MusicDish*China
Ruhan, A Chinese Singing Star In The Making, At Midem 2012
China General Administration of Press & Publication (GAPP) and the China Audio Video Association (CAVA), proudly presents a rising new star, Ruhan

» [2012-01-15] MusicDish*China
Taiwan Superstars Mayday To Perform At Midem 2012
Cannes has seen its share of stars and celebrities, but few have had as much impact in Asia's music scene than award-winning Taiwanese alternative rock band Mayday

» [2012-01-08] MusicDish*China
Avex Establishes Live Entertainment Subsidiary in Shanghai, China
The company will focus on planning, producing, and operating events and live performances as well as managing artists and entertainers

» [2012-01-08] MusicDish*China
Singapore Originals: Nicholas Chim
Singapore Originals is a new series put up by Timbre Music to recognize independent original musical works by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans

» [2012-01-07] MusicDish*China
Apple's iPhone 4S Rings In The Year Of The Dragon
China is now Apple's second largest market after the US, while it sales volume overtook Lenovo, the world’s third-biggest PC maker

» [2012-01-02] MusicDish*China
Is MEIZU China's Answer To Apple?
To avoid the chaotic scene of the MEIZU M9 launch last year, only customers who could be guaranteed a MX were told to go to their local pre-order store

» [2011-11-13] MusicDish*China
The 3rd Annual MIDI Awards Live
The 3rd Annual Midi Awards Live will take a place at the 3rd floor of Beijing Tango on 10th December 2011

» [2011-08-31] MusicDish*China
Historic Rains Force Postponement Of China's Big Love Music Festival
Mindful of recent outdoor stage collapses in the U.S. and Belgium due to natural disasters, the Mianyang City Propaganda Bureau sent a letter requiring the festival's postponement

» [2011-08-20] MusicDish*China
Pet Conspiracy 2011 Summer World Tour - China, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia
Expect an alchemical synthesis of sounds, lights, and creepy puppets, as this Beijing four-piece detonate dance rock catastrophe

» [2011-08-15] News Beat
Executive Watch: RIAA; IFPI; RCA Music Group; Universal Republic Records; Myxer; Guitar Center Professional; Photo Finish Records
RIAA - Cary Sherman; IFPI - Plácido Domingo; RCA Music Group - Peter Edge; Universal Republic Records - Rob Stevenson; Myxer - William J. Brown; Guitar Center Professional - Kurtis Ewing; Photo Finish Records - Trevor McFedries

» [2011-08-15] MusicDish*China
Taiwan's Mavis Fan Follows Her Own Yellow Brick Road
"If I could give the fans the ability to go nuts with me and forget any of their stresses or problems for one night, that really is the best thing of all!"

» [2011-07-18] MusicDish*China
Chinese Songwriters Are Mad and They Ain't Going To Take It Anymore
The fact is that if there were trust in institutions such as MCSC, songwriters wouldn't feel the need to form another organization to represent their rights

» [2011-07-05] MusicDish*China
Rock Band IO - Making The Leap From Canada To Taiwan
Taiwan's IO discuss their music, their adjustment to Taiwan and how the Internet has been a game changer

» [2011-06-25] Insider Scoop
Music In The Cloud: A New Chapter
The launch of Apple iCloud service has been the spark to a powderkeg of conference talk and blog buzz

» [2011-06-16] News Beat
PALE's "Catastrophic Skies" MV Premieres In China Exclusively on MOGO
MOGO will be featuring the extended 9 minute video and "The Making of..." on its video platform as well as its branded channel on popular sharing sites Tudou and Youku

» [2011-06-13] MusicDish*China
La Fête de la Musique Shanghai 2011 - Opening Concert Official After Party
Fête de la Musique after-party is organized by local music promoters STD, celebrating their 4th anniversary, in two neighbor bars: DADA and ANAR

» [2011-06-10] MusicDish*China
China's Major Online Music Providers Form Industry Association
The 20 member organizations issued the "Digital Music Industry Declaration" and jointly signed the "Alliance of the Digital Music Industry Convention"

» [2011-06-10] MusicDish*China
Tizzy Bac: A Cross-Cultural Musical Exchange (Chinese Version)
Tizzy Bac believes that their appeal for American fans lies in a combination of two things – the merging of music and cultures

» [2011-06-09] MusicDish*China
CEEA White Paper on Intellectual Property (Film And Audiovisual Industry)
Examining the state of intellectual property and copyright protection issues, while offering recommendations to China's film and audio-visual industry

» [2011-06-02] MusicDish*China
Music As A Diary To A-Mei's Life
Taiwan's Mando-Pop queen A-Mei shares her secret to music longevity

» [2011-06-01] MusicDish*China
FakeLoveMusic presents: Dance Dangereux V w Mike Simonetti (Italians Do it Better)
Mike, who DJed all the legendary NYC clubs in the late 80s and early 90s, will be performing in Beijing and Shanghai

» [2011-05-31] MusicDish*China
Music As A Diary To A-Mei's Life (Chinese Version)
Taiwan's Mando-Pop queen A-Mei shares her secret to music longevity

» [2011-05-23] MusicDish*China
La Fête de la Musique Shanghai 2011 - Opening Concert
Held at 800 Show in partnership with Shanghai-based label Zhu Lu He Feng, the opening concert will feature an impressive line-up of French and Chinese acts

» [2011-05-23] MusicDish*China
Pet Conspiracy Album Release Party at Yugong Yishan
The Pets are back and they'll kick your ass!

» [2011-05-15] MusicDish*China
The Amazing Insurance Salesmen Rocking Out Loud In Chengdu's Zebra Festival
Guitars were tuned, ties adjusted and nerves abandoned. It was time to do our thing in Chengdu!

» [2011-05-01] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China "12 Hours Into The Future" Tour
MusicDish*China President Eric de Fontenay will be conducting a month-long tour of Asia we're calling "12 Hours Into The Future"

» [2011-04-16] MusicDish*China
Douban Goes Twitter While Sina Snatches "Weibo"
This is the beginning of a new phase in the 'microblog (weibo) wars' as various portals compete for the Chinese youth segment

» [2011-04-15] MusicDish*China
MR.BIG To Tour Beijing & Shanghai Midi Festivals in Suport of Japan
We promise to play our best for you. We can't wait to come to Japan and play a live!

» [2011-03-13] MusicDish*China
Taiwan Punks Out NYC @ The Studio, Webster Hall
For those New Yorkers not heading to SXSW, we have a treat with Fire Ex. and The White Eyes performing at The Studio at Webster Hall on Monday the 14th at 8:00 PM

» [2011-03-06] Music Spotlight
MusicDish "Secret Sounds Vol. 1" Playlist
MusicDish Secret Sounds Vol. 1 will get any party started and will suit the needs of many people's particular styles of music

» [2011-02-23] News Beat
Digital Music NY To Host "Music Goes Social" Networking Event
This event will give a recap of the recent MIDEM conference in Cannes, France as well help us prepare for SXSW

» [2011-02-21] MusicDish*China
Deserts Xuan: Bridging The Indie & Major Divide In Taiwan
The problem in Taiwan is that the independent music community lacks the infrastructure we take for granted in the West

» [2011-02-14] MusicDish*China
JUE | Music + Art: Bookworm Presents "Slam, Rap, Words"
Festival slam poets Omar Musa and Kelly-lee Hickey join Chinese hip-hop artists for this one-off slam showdown at 2Kolegas

» [2011-02-14] MusicDish*China
13th Beijing Midi Music Festival Presents Rock Legends Mr. Big
This year's Beijing Midi Music Festival will present one the world's greatest hard rock / pop rock band, Mr. Big

» [2011-02-14] MusicDish*China
Chinese-American Producer Christopher Tin Wins 2 Grammy Awards
Christopher Tin was awarded two Grammy Awards for 'Best Classical Crossover Album', and 'Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists'

» [2011-02-12] MusicDish*China
Eye On China: Punk It! From Beijing to London
China's Rock Revolution On Film

» [2011-02-08] MusicDish*China
Queen Sea Big Shark (Beijing) & Aphasia (Taipei) Head To SXSW
Queen Sea Big Shark will be making a comeback to the States - since their 2009 "Sing for China Tour"

» [2011-02-07] Insider Scoop
MIDEM 2011 Recap: Classical Music Out, Taiwan Music In
MIDEM welcomed a record number of music managers (150) as well as significant increases in attending publishers (+25%) and digital/tech companies (+29%)

» [2011-02-05] News Beat
Global Value Of Digital Piracy Of Recorded Music Estimated At $17-40 Billion
The commercial value of recorded music digital piracy was estimated between $17 billion and $40 billion in 2008

» [2011-01-13] MusicDish*China
A Conversation With The "Godfather" Of Taiwan And China's Music Industry (Chinese Version)
Conversation on Taiwan's pop music industry, it's influence on the mainland, the role of new medias in developing talent and MIDEM 2011

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