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» [2010-11-06] MusicDish*China
NAMM Marks 5th Year of Hosting NAMM University Sessions at Music China Show
Forum Provides Lively Educational Sessions and International Insight for Best Business Practices

» [2010-11-04] MusicDish*China
Performance & Lecture: Up Close and Personal with Dana Leong
Dana Leong explores the ties between the different worlds of recording, performing, touring, and producing music

» [2010-11-01] News Beat
Executive Watch: BMG US; Universal Music Group; SESAC; HELLO MUSIC
BMG US - Richard Blackstone; Universal Music Group - Rob Wells; SESAC - Gregory Riggle; HELLO MUSIC - Diana Turk

» [2010-10-31] MusicDish*China
China Lion Film Distribution Releases Aftershock in North America
The highest grossing domestic film in China that broke Chinese box office records

» [2010-10-27] Music Spotlight
The 4th Annual ole Pop+Urban Songcamp in L.A.
ole pop+urban songcamp in Partnership With Bucks and Atlantic Records, Produces Songs for Atlantic Record's Artists (Lupe Fiasco, T.I., Cody Simpson, Shaw Campbell)

» [2010-10-27] MusicDish*China
International Copyright Forum "Music: Sounding Out the Future"
Music: Sounding Out the Future in conjunction with the opening of International Copyright Expo, November 18-19 in Beijing, China

» [2010-10-27] MusicDish*China
Apple Launches Online Store in China
Customers in China can now access Apple's legendary App Store in Simplified Chinese

» [2010-10-26] MusicDish*China
Changjiang Midi 2010: Concentrate! We Made It!
It has always been said that Midi Music Festival is the only real rock festival in China

» [2010-10-25] MusicDish*China
Split Works Awarded 2010 British Business Award for Creativity
Founded in 2006, Split Works is a Beijing- and Shanghai-based music agency, which operates several properties

» [2010-10-24] Insider Scoop
Fair Or Not, The Performance Rights Act Will Affect More Than Artists' Royalties
Amos Biegun, CEO of Counterpoint Systems and a 20-year veteran of the music industry, has taken a fresh look at the Performance Rights Act

» [2010-10-24] News Beat
Sennheiser Is A Winner At The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
The nearly 12 million viewers of the 2010 MTV VMAs saw Sennheiser microphones and wireless technology deliver

» [2010-10-19] MusicDish*China
China Singapore In-Concert 2010
Concert celebrates 20 years of Film, TV and Music in China and Singapore

» [2010-10-15] News Beat
"Musicians As Entrepreneurs" CMJ Networking & Showcase Event
Digital Music NY, Women in Music, RocketHub & MusicDish present a special CMJ networking and showcase on October 20th

» [2010-10-15] News Beat
CMJ 2010 Events To Keep An Eye On!
Sonicbids, RocketHub, White House Band, Sennheiser, Maya Solovey, MPress Records, Berklee, The Travelling Band and HELLO MUSIC

» [2010-10-11] MusicDish*China
Share The Music, Share The Love - JZ Shanghai + Antidote Stage Line-Up
Distinct from other music festivals, this is the most "Shanghai-style" music festival

» [2010-10-05] News Beat
Matthew Montfort Of Ancient Future Featured On Rachel Maddow Show
Kent Jones Reports on the Strange Instruments Played at the Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival

» [2010-10-02] MusicDish*China
Live for the Mo\m/ent @ SCIM #19
SCIM #19 is proud to present "Live for the Mo\m/ent" Label Launch Party!

» [2010-09-28] MusicDish*China
Chang Jiang Midi Festival 2010 - Line Up Schedule (Tang/Song/Yuan Stage)
Held on October 1-4 in Zhenjiang City, the festival includes some of today's biggest names on the international rock scene

» [2010-09-27] MusicDish*China
Nigel Lythgoe to Keynote IFF China and to receive IFFY Grand Prize
Nigel will also be awarded the first IFFY Award Grand prize for Excellence in Worldwide Formats

» [2010-09-27] MusicDish Edelweiss
Erneut BCP Award Für Rego
Juni wurden Rainer Groothuis als Agenturchef von Groothuis, Lohfert, Consorten und Bernd Hocke als Chefredakteur des b2b Magazins prego

» [2010-09-27] MusicDish*China
IIPA Requests To Testify On China's Compliance With WTO Commitments
Mark a critical juncture in addressing the concerns of the U.S. creative industries in China

» [2010-09-14] MusicDish*China
Trash A GoGo Surf In Shanghai
Trash A GoGo Surf - Garage Punk Live Show In Shanghai

» [2010-09-11] MusicDish*China
The 4th Day - Shanghai's Purveyors Of Dark, Futuristic Electronic Sounds
The 4th Day is a collaboration between Shanghai's purveyors of dark, futuristic electronic sounds

» [2010-09-11] MusicDish*China
The 22nd CASH Song Writers Quest - Call for Entry Now!
Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH) announced details on the 22nd CASH Song Writers Quest

» [2010-09-11] MusicDish*China
The 4th Singapore-China IP Conference Held in Shanghai
the Forth Singapore-China IP Conference: Realising the Potential Of Your IP In Singapore And Around

» [2010-09-06] MusicDish Edelweiss
MusicDish Focuses On GSA Market At Popkomm
MusicDish Edelweiss will bridge the linguistic and marketing barriers between the English language and GSA

» [2010-09-04] MusicDish*China
Changjiang (Yangtze) MIDI Music Festival 2010 Lineup Announced
Held on October 1-4 in Zhenjiang City, the festival includes some of today's biggest names on the international rock scene

» [2010-09-04] MusicDish*China
Deputy Director He Hua Meets with Delegation from Thailand's Department of Intellectual Property in Beijing
Cooperation between China and Thailand on IP legislation, patent examination and SMEs' technological innovation had made great achievement

» [2010-09-04] MusicDish*China
China's Consumers In Upper And Lower Tier Cities Have More In Common Than You May Think
mobile for talking and mobile for non-talking activities dominate the market especially for younger generations

» [2010-09-04] Career Tips
TuneCore Offers Ten Tips to Sell More Music Online
self-distributing bands via TuneCore sold and got paid from streams from over 65 million songs and albums earning over $32 million

» [2010-09-02] MusicDish*China
Hong Kong Showcases A Fruit Salad Of Organic Sounds
Ever wondered what Steve Reich would sound like on watermelons, or what 'improvised carrot' is?

» [2010-09-01] News Beat
NY Times Covers AES NY Section's Electric Lady Studios 40th Anniversary Salute
Over eighty music industry pro's were in attendance, and thousands of viewers witnessed the two-hour+ event

» [2010-08-31] MusicDish*China
Electric Shadows Shorts Films At Beijing's Peng Hao Theatre On Sep 5th
The Disposable Film Festival was created in 2007 to celebrate the artistic potential of disposable video

» [2010-08-28] MusicDish*China
Boundless Multi-Media Series: City Inside a Broken Sky II by Kung Chi Shing
Artists from Hong Kong, the United States, Australia and Japan share their life experiences

» [2010-08-27] MusicDish*China
FEYST World Tour Brings Six Malaysian Music-Makers To Shanghai World Expo 2010
The highlight of the tour includes performances at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China in celebration of Malaysia's 53rd Independence

» [2010-08-26] MusicDish*China
Tomas Doncker To Play Shanghai World Expo American Pavilion
Global soul musician Tomas Doncker will perform at the American Pavilion as part of his "Small World" tour

» [2010-08-22] News Beat
Jimi Hendrix & George Fullerton Inducted Into Fender Hall Of Fame
Fender Musical Instruments Corp. proudly inducted the Fender Hall of Fame class of 2010

» [2010-08-22] News Beat
KSU Hires Music Industry Veterans To Head New Music And Entertainment Business Program
Kennesaw State University has hired some of Georgia's most renowned music industry veterans

» [2010-08-22] MusicDish*China
MOFCOM Deputy CITR Chong Quan Met With The 7th Japanese Governmental And Non-Governmental Joint Delegation On IPR
Chong stated that the Chinese government attached great importance to IPR protection

» [2010-08-22] MusicDish*China
Hong Kong Dance Festival 2010 - Dance Delight Snapshot Competition
The Dance Delight Snapshot Competition is one of the key events under the Hong Kong Dance Festival 2010

» [2010-08-19] MusicDish*China
"The Amazing Insurance Salesmen" Live In Beijing, China
A band lead by French man Zhang Si'an, with "ZIYO" drummer Maomao from China and bass player Maikel from Holland

» [2010-08-18] MusicDish*China
95 Magazine - 1 Year Anniversary Party
Liquid Lifestyle Promotions is a proud event partner for 95 Magazine's 1 Year Anniversary

» [2010-08-14] News Beat
Verizon-Google "Legislative Framework Proposal" For The Internet
Statements by Future of Music Coalition, FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps and Public Knowledge

» [2010-08-11] MusicDish*China
Sweatshop Presents DJ Blackie At Shanghai's Shelter
Sweatshop August edition features our Beijing comrades' most loved DJ across the board

» [2010-08-09] MusicDish*China
The 12th China Shanghai International Arts Festival Performing Arts Fair 2010
China Shanghai International Arts Festival Performing Arts Fair - A Major Brand Event of China Shanghai International Arts Festival

» [2010-07-30] MusicDish*China
MusicDish*China Sponsors "Small World" Shanghai Word Expo Tour
Tomas will be performing for an estimated audience of 50-70,000 during 3 shows at the World Expo

» [2010-07-25] MusicDish*China
Underground Heavy #4, Hong Kong's Hardest Summer Metal Show
Underground Heavy #4, Hong Kong's definitive summer show of metal and moshing

» [2010-07-18] MusicDish*China
Kongkrete Bass Sonic Step Sisters Featuring MC Rebearth
Composer/MC Rebearth will be performing new songs from his new trip-hop album

» [2010-07-18] Digital Skool
Has The Music Piracy Ship Finally Been Sunk?
The impact of piracy is far reaching with an estimated 30,000 potential employment losses

» [2010-07-13] MusicDish*China
FREEDOM TRIP - Qinling Valley Electronic Music Festival
Electronic music in Xiang Yu Forest Park, located at the northern foot of Qinling Mountains in China

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