Miss Kristin — Wild Child

By Holly Day [08-17-2005]

"I want audiences to be lifted up, to get encouraged when they listen to my music," says Miss Kristin about her new album, The Secret.

"To get a good feeling, like, 'I'm free.' I want them to feel free. This album is about freedom and it's about the secret of your heart, and that is something within in each and every one of us. We can't run from the secret. It exists. It's going to catch up with us. We're going to find it, the secret of our heart, eventually, as we go down our walk of life... and this album is about finding that, being free. A lot of it is like, I'm dancing with myself. I'm playing me for me. I'm being me, I'm being free. I'm not really into me personally, I'm not into giving myself up or losing myself in another person. I'm very much grounded in who I am, and I'm free."

She laughs, adding, "You know, I'm kind of almost like a little anti-marriage person. I'm not really, but I totally believe we're supposed to love God and be whole with God, and then be free, because we're meant to love more than one person in this life. Love goes from heart to heart. And so my thing is, instead of having an attachment and getting attached to people and getting attached to things, we're too attached to God. And then we're free, free to really just believe and watch how things open up and transpire just from faith in knowing that they're going to. It's awesome.

"I have a very good life. I've been very blessed to be whole and free and happy, you know? It's cool. Not a lot of people are like that. Some people are stuck in relationships and they're like — it's hard for me to describe it. But that's what this album is about: freedom, and happiness, and not losing one's self in another person or in an attachment of some sort."

Miss Kristin, who has been involved in music in one way or another for most of her life - she once won the Sonny Bono Cocoa Butter Beach contest in Minnesota for being the darkest girl on the beach - is now making a living performing her inspiring, Pop-Rock New Age music in coffee shops and concert venues all over Northern California. Her newest and third CD, The Secret of Your Heart, is a fun collection of hard-rocking songs that could be easily as comfortable in a cool '80s nightclub as they are on stage today. Her backup band is an amazingly tight ensemble and features a brilliant lead guitarist.

"I love to play live, but when I play live, I like to have a band backing me up," says Miss Kristin of her hectic performing schedule. "I like playing with just me and my guitar, but I like to dance when I'm on stage. I'm a performer, a theatrical performer, a lot like how Madonna would be, or someone like that — I like to really get into my show. I don't like to just stand there, stand behind the guitar, so it's great to have a band that can support me."

Lyrically, the tracks on the new album are part love song, part "I'd like to be left alone now." In all the relationships covered in Miss Kristin's material, there is a current of resistance to the popular conventions of settling down and becoming part of someone else. Miss Kristin is definitely a free spirit, and it's hard to tell which conveys this the most — the vibrant energy that ties together the stories in her songs, or the absolute buoyancy of the music behind the words.

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In the hard-rocking "Only One," Miss Kristin wails, "You're the only one for me ... you know what I believe!" Similarly, in the fast-paced "Love You Later," she sings, "I'll love you later, baby I ain't got time, I've got things on my mind … hold onto your gun/and maybe we'll have some fun." On one of the slower tracks on the album, "Stardust," Miss Kristin reveals a softer side, singing about following a star/man in the winter sky and being filled with love.

"I don't feel like I should be classified either as a feminist or not a feminist," says Miss Kristin about the power behind her music and words. "You know what I mean? The reality is, I'm a spirit-filled woman, so I'm filed with the spirit and what the spirit tells me is that, you know, God created man and woman in His image — believe it or not, I believe this — and that, you know, they're supposed to work together.

"Man was created physically stronger in some ways for a reason, and we women, we're different. I like to do different things, we have different interests. We're a different species. We were created differently. So my thing is to honor both sexes, you know? I don't have to try to be anything that I'm not. I don't have to try to be a man. I'm very sensual and more soft, and, you know, feminine, and yet I'm very androgynous as well. I have this side that's kind of masculine, in a sense.

"But the whole thing, really, my whole message, is about loving myself first. I just think it's fun, to be wild and crazy sometimes and not have to be such a nice girl, a good girl. It's fun to just say hey, I'm going to be nice to myself right now and focus on me, and not really be focusing on someone else. So I guess I want audiences to be encouraged to do the same thing, and feel free, you know?

"It's hard though, because there are all these stereotypes of what people should be, what women should be. But everybody should be free to love themselves well, and that's where it's at, and just accept themselves. I guess when I wrote this music, I found that in me, and that's why so much of it is like that. I found the secret of my heart."

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