Best Of The Batch: Goldfrapp

By Danny Canak, [10-30-2005]

Artist: Goldfrapp
Title: Supernature
Genre: Electro Clash Glam Pop
Label: Mute Records

After blowing critics away with their debut album Felt Mountain and then following it up with the insanely catchy Black Cherry, English duo Goldfrapp are set to do it all again with their third album, Supernature.

The album follows the same path as Black Cherry, but adds that little extra. If you listen carefully, you will even hear some guitars this time around. First single, “Ooh La La,” has catapulted them to the Top 10 for the very first time and the good news is, you ain't heard nothing yet. Wait till you hear track two, “Lovely 2 C U,” one of the albums standouts. The overall sound is best described as electro clash glam pop. A solid follow up.

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