Best Of The Batch: System Of A Down

By Danny Canak, [12-13-2005]

Artist: System of a Down
Title: Hypnotize
Genre: Metal
Format: CD
Label: Sony/BMG Music Australia
Download: “Hynotize”

System of a Down are back with another new album within the space of six months. Recorded during the Mesmerize' sessions, Hypnotize continues on from where its predecessor left off.

Changing styles within the blink of an eye, the album is a cacophonic concoction of explosive guitars and chugs along at a breakneck pace. Serj Tankian's vocals are as good as ever - screeching one minute, soft and delicate the next. Mike Patton would no doubt be proud.

The album again deals with many political issues but musically, this is one damn heavy album that should confirm SOAD's status as the poster children for the metal world.

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