Best Of The Batch: Ill Nino
One Nation Underground

By Danny Canak, [01-08-2006]

Artist: Ill Nino
Title: One Nation Underground
Genre: Nu-Metal
Format: CD
Label: Roadrunner Records
Download: “De La Vida"
De La Vida

Ill Nino declare that “This Is War” on their 3rd Roadrunner release, One Nation Underground. Kicking off with the said pounding track makes it clear that the band are back to wage war on those non-believers and those who dare to pigeonhole them as simply a nu-metal act.

The band takes you for a wild ride mixing some classic metal with various Latin influences thrown into the mix. A prime example is one of the album's standout tracks, “De La Vida,” which is an extremely catchy song that demands repeated listens. Comparisons between Soulfly and Linkin Park are not far off the mark. Not a groundbreaking album, but one that is sure to please the metal fans.

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