Sydney Unleased: Predictions For 2006 From Down Under

By Danny Canak, [02-04-2006]

Sydney Unleashed’s Danny Canak takes a poll to find out what the Aussie music industry folks have on their minds regarding what’s to come in 2006. You’ll find predictions about music, record labels, bands, politics, sports, fashion and more …

RICHARD KINGSMILL, TRIPLE J: A major band will reform and say that they're not doing it for the money.

DARREN CHERRY, STOMP: The death of Australian Idol and reality TV. I will be proved wrong of course but I can dream, can't I?

JON SATTERLEY, ROADRUNNER RECORDS: Rock radio will make a comeback to commercial airwaves as the networks realise not everyone between 25-40 wants to listen to shit from the eighties; in tandem with above, there'll be a pop backlash as real-music starved punters revolt against more Australian Idol shite and start using the likes of My Space to satiate their hunger; The White Room will become one of the biggest new Aussie rock bands around.

BRUNA CHIOVITTI, JARRAH RECORDS: Artists will be paid as much as AFL footballers! Oz will kick ass in the World Cup in Germany.

NATASCHA HINZ, SBA MUSIC: Stronger Australian artist focus; Missy Higgins and Ben Lee duet; U2 to tour Australia; Hoff - The Musical.

NIK TROPIANO, MD, CHATTERBOX RECORDS: The end of plastic corporate rock bands. I think kids will want music with substance very shortly. Buzzy guitars, bottom end and real melodies.

ADAM YEE, LEVEL ONE AGENCY: Blasko and Gerling to take over the world; CC Martini to debut with a roar; Howe Gelb's gospel album 'Sno Angel Like You' to become an instant classic.

JOHN ZUCCO, THE RIGHT PROFILE: The independent sector of the industry will continue to grow.

ROSE MARIE LIM, IDENTITY PR: Robbie Williams' new album, DJ Peril's King of the Beats, Beyonce Knowles releases second album, fingers crossed Linkin Park releases an album coz "Collison Course" with Jay Z was one of the greatest collaborations of all time for me and I want more!

JOHN HOWARTH,CEO, RIOT: Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society to finally tour. Kiss' Paul Stanley to do a solo tour of Australia. Stuck Mojo to release a killer new album and tour Australia around September. Toto to tour Australia. The Deathstars to make it big - remember the name. Manly to win the NRL Premiership and look for more big things from Riot.

MARSHALL CULLEN, DAMIEN GERARD GROUP: More independent Australian artists breaking here and overseas. The Australian industry is on a roll and will continue well into this decade.

JONATHAN WILLIAMSON, RUBBER RECORDS: More 'amazing' fads, less synths, nineties rock with a more raw sound - man, ragga and rocksteady, reality TV meltdown, iTunes video, Something for Kate's new album.

GARRY PEADON, GREENROOM CANBERRA: All reality TV shows will get shut down. George Bush marries John Howard and goes missing in the desert while on their honeymoon. Liquor licensing laws are changed to favour live venues - it would be nice, wouldn't it?

ROB APPEL, CHAOS ENTERTAINMENT: Telcos will become the new majors.

STUART STUART, CHARTSONG:Another label merger - Warner and EMI might get it together, more illegal download sites getting shut down, Britney & Eminem retiring from the business, retail businesses suffering and download sites strengthening, more labels launching new artists online to test the waters. Further ahead - radio becoming less important as radio receivers become internet portals, and people tune into internet radio stations.

GARY SEEGER, FESTIVAL MUSIC PUBLISHING: More Chelsea success, John Howard retires, better Australia films and the rise of many independent music labels.

HANNAH LE COIC, PUBLICIST: Hopefully more great Australian music. The independent scene is getting stronger by the second!

ROBERT MONK (AKA DJ SOMATIK): Manly to win the Grand Final - Go Eagles

SHANNON KEAYS, TWO FISH OUT OF WATER: Van She. Super hot boys who will replace The Presets as my obsession.

JUSTIN DORSET, SLANTED/LIBERATION: Howling Bells; Airbourne; vests will come back big-time, people will question why they ever purchased 3/4 length pants.

EUGENE BARI, BARIA RECORDS: I hope and pray that all those crappy singer/songwriters will just f**k off. In reality I see lots more ipod news and a total revamp of the business towards web based downloads. Sanity will go bust; Triple J will start listening instead of preaching and get back in touch with music fans. Rupert Murdoch will die and News Corp will be bought out. The big 4 will push more singer/songwriters in Australia and try to kill any creativity down under. America will pull out of Iraq and there will be a resurgence of protest songs (too late as usual). The UK will fall out of love with Keane and embrace regaeton. Bob Geldof will become a fundamentalist and bomb Canberra

NIK WESTON, MUKATSUKU PR: Online retailers doing well and shops struggling to compete; jazz crossing over to a younger crowd.

NARRELL BROWN, JAYBEES ENTERTAINMENT: The end of "The Idol Phenomenon" and the growth of 'real' songwriters and performers in Australia.

ANDREW JACKSON, MINISTRY OF SOUND: Jenny Wilson "Love And Youth", the new album from The Knife and the new Sleepy Jackson album.

RACHEL MAVROS, ABC/WARNER: The US will pull out of Iraq leaving the country on the brink of civil war. With any luck, John Howard will get run over by a bus. Oh - you meant music... The Morning After Girls.

ALICIA MOREAU, FREELANCE PUBLICIST: Custom Kings, Offcutts, Airbourne, Something For Kate's new album, Sophie Koh, Karnivool.

JESS McAVOY: I'm releasing an excellent album...

ALEX DALRYMPLE, NOVA 96.9FM: The Vandas (aka The Haircutz) getting the national recognition they deserve...ditto Bird Blobs. The Spanish Club in Melbourne will become one of the hottest venues around. I might manage a full 8 hours sleep one night.

CAROLINE RIVETT, SHOCK RECORDS: Love Outside Andromeda - forthcoming album promises to be a killer! Infadels - forthcoming album will be awesome! Tegan and Sara's tour early 2006 and The Go! Team's set at The Big Day Out are not to be missed!

CAROLINE TULLY, EX GM, CHUGG ENTERTAINMENT: The next albums from The Sleepy Jackson & Dappled Cities Fly.

KIRRI LIEPENS, ROCK SOLID: Tambalane, Lout, The Wireflys, Carmen D. Smith, Inakin...the list goes on. 2006 will be an exciting year!

LEANNE DE SOUZA, BUZZ: Kate Miller-Heidke, Transport.

MONIQUE LISA, PR/MANAGER, etc:Switchkicker, Intercooler, McQueen.

KARL MOELLER, WARNER MUSIC: Eskimo Joe, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

TARA THOMAS, ARIA: It's going to be bigger, better and harder…

PAUL MILLS, The new romantic revival gets in full swing, oh no The 80's are coming back.

NUI TE KOHA, HERALD SUN: DJ Peril will deliver greatness - finally! Brett Wolfenden, of the Sparrows, will get a cult following. Kylie Minogue will do her postponed 'Showgirl' tour, then quit major touring.

DAVID SAYER, PREMIER ARTIST: Love Outside Andromeda, The Exploders, Window


DAVID HISCOCK, BEAT FM: High energy dance music is about to "come back" in the US. Madonna's new CD will start it all off.

LIZ EVE, CREATIVE VIBES: Datarock all the way! Breakestra finally touring, Socceroos actually going far in the world cup.

PAUL PAOLIELLO, RAJON: It will be the year for independent music companies in Australia and a lot more Australian talent achieving success across the globe (we hope to be part of that artist development at BIG/Rajon with large investment in domestic artists). Digital will have well and truly bedded in as a growing revenue stream for music.

LUISA MIRABILIO, WATERFRONT RECORDS: Jimmy Eat World and Thrice to tour before June. Dave Grohl spoken word album. And hopefully Australian Idol will be axed.

SCOT CRAWFORD, EX-FMR: More major record company mergers, the growing resurgence of the indie labels, online music sales growth will start to fall short.

JUSTIN HOLSTEIN, BAD COP BAD COP RECORDS: More highlights than 2005.

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