MIDEM Music Spotlight: Sheikh Haikel
For Sure/Witulah

By Anne Freeman, The Aspiring Songwriter® [03-22-2006]

Artist: Sheikh Haikel
Title: For Sure Too
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Label: Music & Movement Singapore
Contact: mm@musicmovement.com.sg
Play.Download: Listen to “Witulah” and “Jangan Tinggalkan Daku"

Sheikh Haikel is a popular rap/hip hop artist/DJ/actor from Singapore who has a local following and local hit singles. “Witulah,” a single off his CD, For Sure Too, was a #1 single in Malaysia, and was included in the Singapore Midem 2006 compilation CD I picked up at “MIDEM, The World Music Market’s 40th Edition” conference.

Not knowing to expect from a Singapore Rap artist, I was captured by the song’s melodic delicacy and reserve. “Witulah,” which means “with you lah,” is one of those romantic, engagingly hooky kind of songs that you just don’t get tired of listening to.

The song’s appeal includes its unexpected instrumentation, groove and vocal delivery. I am very curious about the rest of Haikel’s CD, For Sure Too. It turns out that Haikel is quite the romantic rapper! You can listen to clips on AOL Music Now, above.

The compilation CD was a joint project between the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS), in collaboration with the National Arts Council, Singapore, and with the support of ID Singapore, and was distributed at MIDEM by the Singapore Pavillion.

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