Best Of The Batch: Peeping Tom/Mike Patton
Peeping Tom

By Danny Canak, [06-18-2006]

Artist: Peeping Tom/Mike Patton
Title: Peeping Tom
Genre: Pop
Format: CD

The most prolific and innovative musician of today, Mike Patton finally unleashes the long awaited debut album from Peeping Tom. Since Faith No More's demise in 1998 and Mr Bungle's last album in 1999, Patton has focused most of his attention to his more experimental projects. But it's now Peeping Tom season - Mike Patton's twisted version of pop, twisted in the sense that it ain't easily digestible pop. Exception being radio hit 'Mojo,' which is by far the standout choice for a single and contains some of the catchiest Patton hooks heard in years. Other highlights include the opening thumper 'Five Seconds' and the damn sexy 'Sucker' featuring the sultry vocals of guest Norah Jones.


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