Best Of The Batch: Mew
And The Glass Handed Kites

By Danny Canak, [06-18-2006]

Artist: Mew
Title: And The Glass Handed Kites
Genre: Post Progressive Epic
Format: CD
Label: Sony / Bmg Import

A band that have been receiving some major accolades of late are Danish post-rockers Mew. Their new unique album, And The Glass Handed Kites, recently picked up four major titles at the Danish Music Awards, while music bibles like NME have been describing them as "brilliant." Why, you may ask? Could be the fact that this album goes beyond borders and truly challenges the listener - it ain't easily digestible. It hurls musical ideas and heartbreak choruses at you with random ferocity, but it is intelligent at the same time (a la Radiohead). A truly distinctive album that can best be described as a post-progressive epic.


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