Best Of The Batch: Divinyls
Greatest Hits

By Danny Canak, [01-01-2007]

Artist: Divinyls
Title: Greatest Hits
Genre: Rock
Label: EMI Music Australia

Coinciding with Divinylsí induction into the 2006 ARIA Hall Of Fame, EMI Music Australia is proud to announce the release of a newly created Greatest Hits album.

For Australian music fans of a certain age, it was a shared experience. It happened one Sunday night back in 1981, while we were all huddled around the box watching Countdown. That's when we first saw her, when we first heard Divinyls. That school dress, the pout, the neon microphone stand, and what an attitude. Most unforgettable of all, that voice, desperate, demanding: "Get me outta here!"

No, we had never seen or heard anything like Chrissy Amphlett. And those guys behind her - that blonde bloke, Mark McEntee, on lead guitar - were producing such a distinctive, razor-edged sound.

The impact was immediate. That song, Divinyls' classic debut single, 'Boys In Town,í shot straight into the Australian Top 10. Of course, many, many more hit singles followed, both locally and internationally. 'Science Fiction,' 'Only Lonely,' 'Good Die Young,' 'Pleasure And Pain,' 'Sleeping Beauty,' through to 'Back To The Wall,' 'Hey Little Boy' and 'Punxsie' to name but a few. Iconic songs in Australian rock. They still get played on radio, occasionally a clip reappears on TV, as far away as MTV in the USA. You could say Divinyls' music has aged well, but it hasn't aged at all. These songs sound as edgy and glorious now as the day of their release.

Over the course of a decade-and-a-half, Divinyls produced five studio albums worth of modern rock classics: Desperate [1983]; What A Life! [1985]; Temperamental [1988]; diVINYLS [1991]; and Underworld [1996]. And that's not including the mini-LP that started it all, Monkey Grip [1982]. The band was recently inducted into this year's ARIA Hall Of Fame.


1. Boys In Town
2. Science Fiction
3. Siren
4. Only Lonely
5. Casual Encounter
6. Good Die Young
7. In My Life
8. Pleasure And Pain
9. Sleeping Beauty
10. Temperamental
11. Back To The Wall
12. Hey Little Boy
13. Punxsie
14. I Touch Myself
15. Love School
16. Make Out Alright
17. I'm On Your Side
18. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
19. I'm Jealous
20. Human On The Inside

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