Event Review: Alastair Moock CD Release
Club Passim, Cambridge, MA

By Matthew S. Robinson [07-08-2007]

Artist: Alastair Moock
Title: CD Release for Fortune Street
Venue: Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
Date: June 30, 2007
Website: www.AlastairMoock.com

Alastair Moock CD RELEASE @ Club Passim, Cambridge, MA – June 30, 2007

In the past six months, Alastair Moock (and his “fertile little spouse,” to quote Moock’s “Fishing Tales”) have given birth to three babies- two living and one plastic. On his latest musical child, Moock plumbs the depths of American history for the under told story of John Brown, and also of personal history for explorations of self and society that dig deep and emerge with beauty and grace.

At this CD release party for Fortune Street (CoraZong), Moock gathered with family, friends, and fans to share stories, songs, and laughs. Backed by the groovy-saurus duo of drummer Mike Piehl and guitar wizard David Goodrich as well as by bassist Paul Kohansky, Moock presented an album-ordered set of new songs such as a gruff and ready (or, as Mock put it “slow and sensual”) take on the jugband porchrocker “Yin Yang Blues,” a loungey rhumba through “God Saw Fit to Make Tears,” and a rendition of “Swing That Axe” that swung sharply indeed.

Breaking out of his admitted OCD, Moock broke track order to offer the ablative redemption of “Roll On” and a narrative cover of Blind Willie McTell’s “Delia” that was accented with Piehl’s percussive washes and Goodrich’s swampy interjections.

After going back to the porch for an extended sing-along of “Own Way to Heaven,” Moock and the boys took a break, after which he returned solo to finish up the musical meander down “Fortune Street” with the musical version of Russell Banks’ “Cloudsplitter” and the Rodgers and Hammerstein-esque soliloquy “Fishing Tales.”

Bringing the band back, Moock then gave his appreciative fans a second set of “hits,” including the nocturnal perspective of “When the Moon Comes Out,” the rollicking twanger “My Famous Leaving Song,” and the “immature” but no less cleansing sing-along “Here’s a Latte and My Middle Finger” that brought the second set (and the entire night) to a wild and fun climax that lingered through the encores and all the a well-deserved adulation Moock and his band received when they finally called it a night.

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