Interview With Legendary Remixer Marc JB And Simon Bartholomew From The Brand New Heavies
They tell International Life all about their passion for disco, and why they are producing a disco album for the modern generation

By Mi2N [02-19-2012]

An interview with legendary remixer Marc JB and Simon Bartholomew from the Brand New Heavies, who tell International Life all about their passion for disco, and why they are producing a disco album for the modern generation.

Yesterday I caught up with Marc JB from JBZ to discuss his latest project with International Life. He also tells us what his favorite disco Fashion items were, as well as what he has for lunch when he is in the studio. Marc JB who is one half of super remixers Bimbo Jones, who are responsible for #1 hits from Rihanna, Kylie and the Pussycat Dolls. JBZ's latest project sees them moving away from their roots to recreate a 'true sound of disco album' for the modern generation. The album is due for release in Spring and include collaborations from big name artists.

Wow that's cool, all is good with you guys I hope? You had a busy morning in the studio?

[JBZ] Ye it has been a pretty manic one the last couple of weeks. We have some amazing artists coming through the studio. We are just on a break for lunch and are cooking up some rice and peas.

Is it too early for some Malibu and the cracking of a couple of glow sticks?

[JBZ] Yes maybe a little later.

Firstly guys what tracks are there in the pipeline?

[JBZ] We have got tracks on the way with Omar, Beverley Knight, Kenny, Junior Giscombe, Sharlene Vula from Basment Jaxx and Glowsticks at the ready!

That sounds cool, we will keep an ear out.What was recording with Jocelyn Brown like that must have been pretty special.

[JBZ] That was amazing. Simon and I went up to Jocelyn Browns house and recorded a track with her.

Secondly are you still working with Bimbo Jones?

[JBZ] Yeah, Im still working on Bimbo Jones and have just finished off the 2nd album which is sounding hot, amazing collabs.

That's cool so have you always had an interest in Funk and Disco?

[JBZ] I have always been into funk and disco, I am actually a jazz pianist and have played jazz clubs for 10 years! I was introduced to Simon last year, he came and did a guitar session in the studio and contacted me a week later to see if I wanted to do a disco album with him as he knows so many artists from his years touring and being on the scene. We made some backing tracks and now the project is snowballing.

Sounds really good, so do the production techniques differ from remixing chart hits to recreating the disco sound?

[JBZ] We have lots of live instruments here in the studio so we are recording live guitar, bass, drums and vocals and also using retro equipment like the mouth box on the guitar! Alot of the techniques are similar like the bass end will have that modern depth so will work on club systems.

OK, thirdly. Do you think that there will be a resurgence in Disco in the club scene over the next few years, and if so why?

[JBZ] Kenny here, I think the disco vibe will always be around in one form or another. In fact may radio stations are now leaning towards a disco feel in some of the tracks here in the UK.

Thanks, Kenny another question for you. You have been off the radar for a while is this collaboration the start of something of resurgence and a new album?

[JBZ] I have new album out now called 'Breathe' which is getting airplay here in the UK and have recently been doing gigs in South Africa….check out my tracks at

I will do thank you, finally a question for all of you. Would you like to see disco fashion becoming cool again, and which aspects of disco fashion are your favourite?

[JBZ] Marc here, I love that whole 70s look with the bright colours and brown, we are all about big fur coats (not real ones!), tight flares, mental footwear, tweed, retro pimped up jackets, this is where it all starts!

That's cool let's hope that it does come back and you can pimp up a couple of retro jackets.


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