Dippso.com Blurs The Line Between Search & Streaming
Users of Dippso.com can search the platform's vast discography metadata

By Mi2N [05-15-2016]

Jamaican based music startup DIPPSO.com is blurring the lines between multimedia search and music streaming.

Dippso.com gives users the ability to search, discover, organize, and share music using an interface similar to popular music services such as Spotify and TIDAL.

"It's not a streaming service, It's a multimedia search engine," touts its Chief Imagineer, Lloyd Laing. "Dippso.com is a search engine that delivers its results with an enhanced multimedia experience."

Users of Dippso.com can search the platform's vast discography metadata, and has the ability to create a virtual collection of albums and singles that can be curated and accessed on any desktop or Android device.

"Its not just about audio or video", continues Laing. "Dippso's approach to music discovery and curation aggregates both audio and video results into a multimedia driven platform that represents the future of the search engine landscape."

Dippso.com boasts social media features such as playlist sharing and the ability to build an ongoing audience by gaining like-minded Dippso followers in the process.

Currently in Beta, the project was in stealth mode for almost a year until its reveal at the recent staging of KingstonBeta. There it was well received by members of the regional start up community at the Jampro Auditorium in Kingston, Jamaica.

Dippso.com is a Caricom startup project based in Jamaica, spearheaded by a multinational team of developers, imagineers, and programmers incubated by international digital asset management firm, AnSuen Holdings Inc. who recently established a Caribbean hub in Jamaica.

Source: http://www.musicdish.com/mag/?id=13811

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