Digital Domain Jointly Produces Chris Lee's First VR Music Video With Whaley VR And VS MEDIA
Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) launched her one-of-a-kind 360-degree VR music video - Open Up

By Mi2N [08-09-2016]

Visual effects company Digital Domain 3.0, announced that it has jointly produced the first virtual reality music video for China's famous singer Chris Lee's new song, "Open Up", with Whaley VR, a well-known VR company in China, and VS MEDIA, a we media company.

Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) launched her one-of-a-kind 360-degree VR music video - Open Up at the "2016 Chris Lee Growing Wild Tour Concert" press conference in Beijing. Guests could experience firsthand the Hollywood-standard production VR music video through VR goggles. The MV combines the latest 360-degree video streaming technology and the expertise of the top-tier VR production team of IM360, a subsidiary of Digital Domain.

Whaley VR, one of the first companies entering the Chinese VR industry, is now an industry leader in terms of device innovation, content creation and platform development. VS MEDIA is a next- generation we media network company, producing videos in high quality and intriguing contents, while possessing immense content creativity across Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

Mr. Seah Ang, Daniel, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Domain, said, "We are glad to enter the first collaboration with Whaley VR and VS MEDIA. Whaley VR has abundant experience in the VR field, while VS MEDIA represents the voice of our Gen-Y population, fueling us with unlimited creativity. Together with our VR and 360 live streaming technologies, the VR production of Chris Lee's new music video fully demonstrates the strengths of all three companies. Chris, being the most iconic f emale singer in China, has attracted a huge fan base. The VR version of her MV will be seen by her fans and other audience across China. We look forward to expanding our foothold in China through our collaboration."


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