Will One Genre Rule Them All? China's Love Affair With EDM
The number of EDM listeners in China has gone from 197 million online listeners in 2016 to an estimated 286 million listeners in 2017

By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) [10-10-2017]

As China's music industry grows into its own and music listeners' taste diversify, electronic/ dance music (EDM) has proven a surefire winner, reflects the genre's global popularity. This has been reflected both on the live and recorded sides of the music business.

Following on the success of festivals such as A2Live's Storm Festival, Live Nation Entertainment is looking squarely at electronic music to grow its presence in Asia with the formation of a new music division called Live Nation Electronic Asia. Headed by Jim Wong, who gained who has extensive experience in the electronic dance music industry as a Hong Kong independent promoter, the venture will harness Live Nation's expertise in all aspects of event production and promotion to meet the region's rising demand for electronic dance music.

The first bill from Live Nation Electronic Asia will be a tour from TiŽsto supporting his forthcoming album 'Clublife Vol. 5 - China' that will kick off in Shanghai this October and continue for 8 dates throughout the country.

The surge in interest in EDM is also reflected in China's streaming music market. According to a report by Chinese research firm iiMedia Research, the number of EDM listeners in China has gone from 197 million online listeners in 2016 to an estimated 286 million listeners in 2017. This number is projected to reach 358 million in 2018 and exceed 400 million by 2019.

This is backed by the number of online streams of EDM, in 2016 163.05 billion streams to an estimated 226.08 billion in 2017, representing 38.7% growth. By 2020, this number is likely to reach 360.86 billion, marking electronic/ dance music as an exponential-growth genre.

NetEase Cloud Music, which iiMedia Research ranked as the top Chinese streaming music service for EDM, saw the number of EDM streams soar by 434%, making it the fastest growing music genre on the platform, outpacing rock, folk and hip-hop. Correspondingly, the number of its listeners to the genre grew a phenomenal 147% year-on-year.

Mathew Daniel, NetEase Cloud Music's Vice-President, International noted: "Along with the increasing popularity of electronic artists and DJs in China via NetEase Cloud Music and its social platform, we are also, interestingly, noticing international music over-indexing as a whole on our music service. This is certainly welcome news to international labels and artists who can now work closely with us."

Source: http://www.musicdish.com/mag/?id=13953

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