The 2018 MIDEM Silk Road International Music Alliance Signing
International Music Industries Signing of a Mutual Resource Sharing Agreement with Shanghai Conservatory of Music & the China Records Group

By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher) [06-23-2018]

On June 2018 at MIDEM, the Silk Road International Music Alliance presented two projects from China and signed a cooperation agreement with the members from the Music Alliance.

China Vinyl Record Renaissance Project
Founded in May 1949, China Record Corporation (CRC) is the largest and oldest publisher with a rich set of resources in China. The State-owned company, Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, manages the CRC. With the recent revival of vinyl records, in 2010 the CRC started Vinyl Record Renaissance Project. The CRC initially reissued many splendid classical vinyl records. In early 2018, the CRC rebuilt a world-class vinyl record workshop in Shanghai that included the whole production processes from lacquering, electroforming to pressing.

Shanghai Conservatory of Music record label launched
SHCM Production is an international label founded on December 25, 2017 by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the China Record Corporation Shanghai Co., Ltd. This label is specially used to record the compositions written by SHCM teachers and students, and to remaster the highly regarded recordings from the master alumnus. The recordings are distributed abroad. The Shanghai Conservatory of Music is the first music institution in China owning an international record label. The purpose of the label is to improve the promotion and distribution of the audiovisual productions whose copyrights are owned by SHCM to international markets.

During the event, Mr. Fan Guoyong, the President of China Record Group Co., Ltd. and Mr. Lin Zaiyong, the Dean of Shanghai Conservatory of Music spoke about using the Silk Road International Music Alliance Platform to exchange the resources with the international music industries would be a great development for the Chinese music step forward to the world music market. Under the witness from Mr. Zhu Weifeng, the Director of Press & Publication Administration of PRC, Ms. Wang Hua, the Deputy Director of Press & Publication Administration of PRC and the Mr. Wang Ju, the Vice President of China Audio Video & Digital Publication Association proceeded the signing ceremony.

Signing China parties:
a. Bill Yanbin Zang, Chairman of Silk Road International Music Committee.
b. FAN Guobin, General Manager of China Record Group Co., Ltd.
c. LIN Zaiyong, Dean of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and General Art Director of SHCM Record Label.
International parties:
a. Hans Memo Rhein, President of CuGate Ltd. NDL Berlin (Germany),
b. Ulla Sjostrom, President Musikmarknar/Songwriter Academy (Sweden),
c. Gianni Solvioni, President of Ermitage Records (France), 
d. Alexander Shulgin, President of Groupa Kompaniu Familia (Russia), and Allen Johnston, President of The Music Specialist (USA).

After signing ceremony, a new Chinese musical production titled "Tang the Playwright, a Life of Dreams." performed by Wang Ziting and Wang Minhui. This musical theatre production applies a double-themed storyline, or play-within-a-play, to interpret contemporary understandings of the famous artist, Tang Xianzu. It presents several of the most significant episodes in Tang's life, which focus on his mental experiences in creating "The Four Dreams of Linchuan." The production gives a comprehensive and penetrating overview of Tang's life.

The Silk Road International Music Alliance initiated an 18 country music business collaboration program on June, 2017 at MIDEM. The Alliance is a multi-country, multi-industry initiative to develop and expand the music, film, entertainment and digital media industries in China. Its immediate goal is to promote and market Alliance memberís business projects and cultural exchanges between the Chinese and international markets.

The Alliance will launch comprehensive cooperative ventures in a wide range of fields including creation, production, performance, promotion, copyright, education, digital technology, event streaming, business platforms, digital media sales, etc., in the Chinese and international music, cultural and entertainment markets.


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