Merrell Fankhauser - Back This Way Again
Discos Melocoton

By MuzikMan [02-15-2000]

Artist: Merrell Fankhauser
Title: Back This Way Again
Label: Discos Melocoton

The limited edition "Back This Way Again" was released in the vinyl format in 1990. Twelve hundred numbered copies were issued. If you happen to be one of the lucky few that have a copy you should be coveting it as one of the most treasured pieces in your collection. I sure am. This is a special recording and not because it's vinyl and a limited edition. The very fact that it's great music is reason enough to consider this LP as a valued piece of musical history and a enjoyable addition to your collection.

I would expect nothing but the best coming from Merrell Fankhauser. He never disappoints. The title tells the story as Merrell and his friends go back in time to play some good old time rock and roll. Reaching back to the fifties with all the great rockin' rhythms and jumpin' saxophone. It's basic rock with no frills. The blues are very done well on the tunes "Dog Gone Blues" and "Boppin' The Blues."

This LP is filled with all the care free joy that rock and roll music is all about. Fankhauser has not only been one of the most influential and prolific guitarist of our time but one of the sweetest voices music has ever known. I don't think enough focus has been put on the outstanding all around talent Merrell has been. This album is yet another testament to that fact. Most notable, is guest artist Luis Ortega of the Texas Tornadoes. Ortega won a grammy in 1991 for a song he did with the group."Only A Woman" was also featured in the film "Shadows In The Storm." Ortega's guitar licks gives the album a distinct flavor and style that accentuates and strengthens Fankhauser's superb guitar and vocals.

Come back this way again and relive the rock and roll that was played in a more simpler time. When it all got started back in the 50s it was pure and simple. These very attributes are the most important factors that make this collection of songs what is.


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