Ruby Zoo - Disenchanted Monk

By MuzikMan [10-17-2000]

Artist: Ruby Zoo (
Title: Disenchanted Monk

What does a disenchanted monk do? Well, walk his pigs through a graveyard, of course. I must admit the cover to this CD is very attractive to the eye. You are probably thinking…so what? It’s what’s on the inside that counts. I agree.

What you will find with Ruby Zoo is several killer high-powered rock and roll tracks that will blow the doors off of any concert hall (or studio) from Boston to San Francisco. Whew! These guys really cook! There isn’t to many CDs that I receive for review that I immediately want to hear again after the first listen. This one qualified hands down.

I was thinking of so many things at once as I rocked my ass off listening to this spine tingling collection of electric rock ala Black Sabbath, Jane’s Addiction and Living Color, just to name a select few. They have been compared to others, but those groups in particular came to mind. They have a gentle tasteful side to their music as well, which is nice...but I prefer when they cut loose and pound away.

Not only does this group power its way through each song with straight ahead rock and roll, they add some funky guitar licks to get your head bobbin’ and your feet tappin’. “Disenchanted Monk” is an impressive CD by a talented group of young men with nothing but clear skies and smooth sailing ahead.

This is one the best new groups that I have heard all year, and I can honestly say I have felt that way about only a handful of hundreds that I have heard this year. Keep your eye on this group they are excellent. They will be in the consciousness of every one that loves kick ass rock music very shortly.

Disenchanted? Not in the least.

1. Intro
2. We Cry
3. Brotherhood
4. Dreams
5. Peaceful Genocide
6. 42
7. Josh Song
8. Never Alone
9. Me
10. Noonday Breeze
11. Pottery
12. Jesus Come


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