James Holvay - James Holvay

By Ben Ohmart [12-13-2000]

Artist: James Holvay (djholvay@earthlink.net)
Title: James Holvay
Genre: Soul

The most soulful of the 4 songs on this EP is the slow, but trippy 'We're All In This Together', a choice ballad between the Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes styles of night solos. In fact, the cd is dedicated to Curtis, James' #1 influence. It's easy to see the co-relation between the known and the unknown. James has a sweet style of singing that always seems to be hovering between keys, between choices of tenor, a little like a black Dame Edna. No, that's no put down, and no comic performance. It's just the closest I can possibly come to not describing Holvay's very individual style.

'Hot N' Heavy Love' is the song to start with, and it's first up. Good stereo work, with plenty of fluid guitar, friends gathered round the microphones, a little tinkle of synthesized strings, and a 70s rhythm that will find goldfish swimming in your high heel shoes. Takes ya back.

Source: http://www.musicdish.com/mag/?id=2447

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