Rick Folwer & Friends - Welcome Companions
Polyglot Records

By MuzikMan [01-15-2001]

Artist: Rick Folwer & Friends (www.fowlercd.com)
Title: Welcome Companions
Label: Polyglot Records (www.polyglotmusic.com)

Athens based Polyglot Records has released "Welcome Companions", a fundraising effort for the Tourette Syndrome Association of Georgia, featuring guitarist Rick Folwer and friends. One of those friends is former REM member Bill Berry.

Rick Folwer is a guitarist with a mission. He has set out to help people that suffer from a neurological disorder that causes emotional pain and discomfort. Being close to the realities of the disease, as he suffers from it himself, has enabled Folwer to understand the challenges and roadblocks it can cause in ones life. Rick is the author of the book "The Unwelcome Companion, An Insider's View of Tourette Syndrome." This CD is a logical follow up to that book, hence the title, welcome companion.

Fowler tears his way through this CD with awesome chunks of rock-blues licks that would stand up with the very best. All the women get equal time with the vocals as well. In addition, they do a fine job. Debbie Norton, Sherry Joyce, and Susan Statley provide soulful and heartfelt vocalizations to accompany the resounding thunder of Fowler's aching guitar.

You can tell everyone gave it their all on this recording. This is an outstanding CD with tremendous backing and support. This is a winner through and through... for the people involved, and those that stand to benefit from the funds gathered to help solve the issues of a ravaging disease.

Support the cause; it will make you feel good. You will listen to the music and know you are really helping someone that needs it. This is the heartbeat of our lives. We are on this planet to coexist and learn from each other. Not only is this a tremendous effort in the musical sense, it is a triumph for a worthy organization.

1. Destiny Blues
2. Porfit Off The Lord
3. Riviera Nap
4. Can't Say No
5. Dr. Jack
6. Walk Softly
7. Hymn Of Doubt
8. Infected With The Blues
9. House Of Pain
10. Anything But This
11. She's A Good Boy
12. Paralyzed
13. Make Me Feel At Home
14. Black Snake Moan
15. Potion #99

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