Morgan Heritage In Concert

By Lady Zimma & Miss Mention, Dainty Crew [03-25-2001]

Bigga Things Promotions presented 'More Teaching Tour' featuring Morgan Heritage, LMS and Denroy Morgan on Friday 9th March 2001 at the Malcolm X Centre, Bristol, England.

When The Dainty Crew entered the Malcolm X Centre at 2am we hurriedly made our way through the crowd and positioned ourselves right in front of the stage. We had barely been in the venue for 5 minutes when Beres Bassa introduced Morgan Heritage to centre stage.

All the male members of the group were dressed in green camouflage jackets with dark trousers with their sister dressed in a camouflage T-shirt and floor length beige skirt.

They all took up their positions, Una on keyboards, Peter Anthony on lead vocals, Nakhamyah "Lukes" on bass guitar, Roy "Gramps" on keyboard and Memmalatel "Mr Mojo" on the bongos. They bellowed out 'Live Up' and from we heard the strength of their voices we knew we were in for a good night.

Roy then took the lead and he began to sing his heart out. Mic control was back with Peter and he hailed Jah Rastafari in readiness for "send us your love oh Jah…". Morgan Heritage then paid their respects to Garnet Silk and sang 'Splashing Dashing'.

Peter introduced 'Helping Hand' as a track off the new album. He went onto big up all Jamaicans and people of Jamaican parentage and he talked about his love for the country life and then sang, "humble country people…".

"New time, new signs Nyabingi chant down…" belted out Morgan Heritage and then Peter called, "R-E-G-G-A-E I love reggae". The crowd were soaking up the atmosphere just as a high-pitched noise came from the direction of the stage. Morgan Heritage tried to continue for a few seconds but realised that their efforts were being drowned out.

Peter impatiently glanced across at the engineers almost willing them to hurry and rectify the problem. Within a few seconds the high-pitched noise had been resolved then power was lost to the microphones.

The power was quickly restored and Peter asked the woman to shout 'Roots' as he raised his left hand and asked the men to shout 'Culture' when he raised his right hand. Peter then stopped and said that the woman were out doing the men and he managed to coax the men to shout out as much as the woman.

Morgan Heritage then sang 'I Love Music' before Peter introduced his father and up stepped Denroy Morgan dressed in black military outfit with gold detail. He looked extremely happy to be sharing the stage with his children and he bounced around the stage as he sang 'Salvation'.

'Down By The River' got a great response and hot on it's heels was 'Reggae Bring Back Love'. Peter then explained that being a Rasta was not all about locks, smoking ganja and eating ital food he said Rasta was about love and with this Morgan Heritage finished their set on 'Don't Haffe Dread' accompanied on stage by LMS and Denroy Morgan.

Unfortunately due to reaching the dance late The Dainty Crew didn't get to take in LMS' performances but by all accounts they did well. We only wish that Morgan Heritage would have sang a few more of their tunes, especially one of our favourites 'Liberation' but other than that we were treated to a solid set.

The Dainty Crew would like to thank Jabulani of Bigga Things Promotions for sorting out the review. Check out his Sanchez, Mikey Spice, John McLean and Lloyd Brown dance at the Malcolm X Centre, St Pauls, Bristol, England on Good Friday 13th April 2001.


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