Interview W/ Groovie Mann Of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

By August Forte, St@tic [05-21-2001]

The following interview was conducted recently with Groovie Mann, one of the masterminds behind the long-running My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, who have just completed work on their first album in more than five years.

[August Forte] Have you found a label to release The Reincarnation of Luna? Will the album contain material recorded early last year in San Francisco (and what can you tell us about those sessions)?

Groovie Mann We had planned to release (the album) ourselves, though we are awaiting word from Rykodisc, as they have expressed interest. They have reissued our other LPs from Sexplosion to Dirty Little Secrets, a collection of TKK soundtrack material and oddities put together a few years back. They should also be picking up the WaxTrax/TvT catalog, as it expires near the end of 2001. The material taken from the SF sessions has changed naturally through time--some tracks dropped, others written and added up to 2001.

[August] Aside from you, Groovie Mann, who else is on board this time around? Bomb Gang Girlz? Buzz?

Groovie Buzz McCoy, principle creator of all TKK music (as I do the bulk of lyrics and vocals), relocated to Hollywoodland (LA) back in November of 2000. He is finalizing the mixes of ...Luna and is working on his solo project. Cherrie Blue (aka Lady Galore) can be heard throughout the record and is the latest of the Bomb Gang Girlz. (Former Bomb Gang Girl) Jacky Blacque still appears for INFERNO EXPRESS shows, and has been with Buzz & I since the very beginning. Other BGGz have included Cynderella Pussie, Ava Luscious Whyte, Rhona Bond, and SeKretman. Levi (our bass player) has continued as part of our live lineup and is currently working on his solo effort, Apocalyptic Palace, in Germany (with Bobby Burgandy). Others vary in the lineup. In the past we've used James Fury on percussion (as well as beatmistress Linda Lasabre, & OTTO) and guitarist Davey Dasher.

[August] The rough mix of ...Luna has a very sleek, contemporary feel-hints of trip hop and cutting edge club music throughout. Are you consciously attempting to move beyond the B-Movie disco-shock sound that you pioneered (and many newer bands have taken to the bank)?

Groovie Buzz dominates that end of things, so whatever feelings or vibrations happen to him tend to infect our final sound. He has his world in which we all live-it is a very Manson-like kult that way. Other new bands? I can't name one in the last few years that has made any impression. Maybe fatboy slim for a few minutes... Aphex Twin is still cool. Beyond that, I loved Eat Static (so underrated) and adore Scanner.

[August] Speaking of B-movies, was anything ever shot in support of the original TKK concept? What was it like working on The Crow and with Ralph Bakshi for the "Sex on Wheelz"/Cool World video?

Groovie We have walls and drawers filled with videos and so on-"cutting up the pieces" one could say. Buzz is currently working with editing programs of sorts. It's a matter of time and a bit more living before it will appear, but it definitely will. I have been working with Mark Hejnar on completion of a full length Hit and Run TKK show video, due out by summer. It will be available from the TKK store, online. Ralph was a riot to work with--energetic, enlightening, loaded (ha ha ha). The Crow was cool, damp and spooky at times. We shot in this cold cement factory and Brandon Lee was in and out and very busy, though friendly always. He smiled or nodded at us throughout the time we were there--3 or 4 days, long ones.

[August] Of your older material, what is currently available? How comprehensive were the Rykodisc reissues that came out a few years back?

Groovie Our entire catalog is available. The Rykodisc albums were remastered and some had bonus tracks added. Aside from Hit+Run Holiday, WaxTrax/ TvT has the first two LPs as well as our first EP and assorted 12"s under the Kooler Than Jesus Kollection. The movie soundtrack stuff like The Crow, Cool World, Showgirls (!) and so on is still around (well at least The Crow soundtrack is!).

[August] Your recent live outings have been very well received. Do you have any plans to tour in the near future? Which bands would you handpick as support if you were given the choice?

Groovie The INFERNO EXPRESS 2000 tour went very well and reception was as kool as ever--sold out shows, etc. We may do a mini-INFERNO early this summer for 2 weeks and/or a full-length in the fall to promote ...Luna. We'll just have to wait and see when the record is released. We are usually given the choice of openers, but I'm not so sure of bands opening (as much as I used to be). A deejay would be kool, but I'd prefer a duo, spoken word, strippers, a klown comedian, or a smaller musical endeavor (keys +vox). Unfortunately with opening bands, it is too much of a technical disaster. Unless you are working with a full tour crew, things always get fucked up from the changeover! A mini kaberet would be nifty!

[August] Your fans are fairly Internet savvy. How closely to you monitor the TKK fans sites that are up and running?

Groovie Yeah, I check a few out. The Mindway site is well kept and regularly updated, and Kooler than Askii is good for lyrics +discography. In truth, a lot of them need to be updated. We just got the merch. Site up earlier this year @ and are awaiting a Web designer to wrap up the OFFICIAL MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT site. But I like to poke around and see if we are being portrayed right--not too stupid or nelly or gothic. I do appreciate anyone who has taken his space and time to promote TKK. We are 13 years old now, and still too young to be retro! A hahahahaahahteeheehell aaaaaaand we shall burn in hell forever kidz!

[August] How have the advances in digital recording affected the way that you create music?

Groovie Maybe this is a question for Buzz, though he hates talking tech and equipment and always has. I'm sure the speed of it has helped us hurry the process along and allowed us to remain more spontaneous in writing. And of course it cuts down the long hours of production time tasks, as it takes hours and hours of work for the record to be heard good and loud.

[August] What can you tell us about your Hammer Head Housewife side project?

Groovie The album has taken 16 years to make! NUAGE DEPRESSION by HAMMER HEAD HOUSEWIFE?

Oh such a story from this one. Wait until I write the bio for it when it's ready. Dave Collins and I are saying this year for sure. Stock piling forever; narrowing it down from several tracks, as well as completing and adding tracks. So much has happened along the way, as this first started as completely experimental by Dave and I (pre-TKK). It has been going around for years gathering input from various friends of the family (William Tucker, Lydia Lunch, Chris Connelly, Chris Mackey, and Angela Bowie). It will be one assortment of experimental music-works! We are very excited to complete and make available through The Kult Konnection site this year! It will be spectacular! Honest.

[August] Can the battle to keep music evil be won?

Groovie Evil always wins!


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