The Best Of Endiche Vis.Sat

By Ben Ohmart [02-28-2002]

Artist: Endiche Vis.Sat
Title: The Best of Endiche Vis.Sat
Genre: Experimental

Say the words 'experimental music' to the general public at large, and a portion of them will go screaming from the room. Some of the others will ask you to explain, and slowly frown as you wax poetic on the glowing aspects of said music. Those that are left are the ones who read poetry, believe in the god of theatre, not tv, and generally understand more of the puzzles of reality. It is modern art in sound, a collage of wonder, looping hysteria and a wandering radio dial turned in upon itself.

All of that goes far, far into explaining this Lithuanian band, known in Europe for its inventive and epic stage productions where 'everything from violins to jackhammers to banjos' is captured and released to either a bewildered or captivated public.

To bother with a detailed breakdown of even one of the eight tracks here would keep me up all night and make this review into short story length. Just to LIST everything going into the 3rd track for instance would mean robbing time from sleeping, eating and other reviews. Suffice it to say, Endiche Vis.Sat (and I don't know what the name means) is as avante garde as a squirrel caught in Andy Warhol's bedroom, with much more activity and experimental throw rugs lobbed around.

Some of this stuff is incredible, and eye-opening. Experimental music is some of the best ever devised - especially when it comes from this sort of stew pot construction (just pop it All in!) rather than a mundane and far too repetitious minimalist base. You can't - YOU CAN'T!! - call that this. It is driving, relentless and always commands attention. Always.

I'll leave you with E's own definition of itself. Then you should go visit their website. 'Endiche Vis.Sat seeks not merely to satisfy the outer realms of the audience's thirst for virtuosity, but is missionary in the sense that it turns its performances and recordings into a medium which addresses the listener's attention towards the Spiritual. Each of our members works tirelessly to fulfill this task, dedicating all of his/her creative energy to serve this one clear and genuine goal.'


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