Blood Audio - Bludgeoning Timbre
Ant Farm Productions

By Michael Allison [03-15-2002]

Artist: Blood Audio (
Title: Bludgeoning Timbre
Label: Ant Farm Productions
Genre: Metal

"Blood Audio is a self-contained songwriting, recording and producing team comprised of Merritt Gant (former Overkill guitarist), and life long song collaborator Scott Gallagher." That's what the bio says, but the music is really what tells the story here. By adding Merritt's brother Bob Gant on drums, Blood Audio was formed and music is sure to change. This my friends, is what metal looks and sounds like in the not so distant future. Heavy mechanical rhythms and futuristic haunting vocals give this music it's abrasive power, while the raw energy and essence of heavy music is not lost.

Originality is always one of the first things I look for in a band. The second is good music. Blood Audio gets high marks on both of those qualities. The closest thing to this music would be Ramstein, but even they are a few years behind. The music has some great hooks that keep the songs from being clouded by heavy riffs and energy. The lyrics are also quite impressive, not to mention, easy to understand. This is not one of those screamer albums that you would expect from the more hard-core metal bands. The music does have that high end energy and release potential, but tends to be a little more melodic as well. So if you want to take a look into the future of what metal will sound like, here you go. Indulge yourself.


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