Event Review: NOFX
House Of Blues, Chicago, IL

By Erica Brown, St@tic [05-30-2002]

Photo: Erica Brown
"Don't call me white, don't call me white, " were the words that bellowed out of Fat Mike, the singer of the punk rock legends, as they rocked the crowd at the House of Blues. Veteran punk rockers NOFX invaded the House of Blues with their exhibition of entertaining, upbeat punkn', hemorrhoid talkn' and lack of respect for any sort of authority. These are the makings of a true punk rock band and NOFX is one with out a doubt. For a band who's members are well into their thirties and have been around for more than two decades, they blew away the sold out crowd of over 3000 at the House of Blues with more ferocity than their younger clones could ever hope to.

NOFX opened the show by having members from all the bands on the bill play humping each other. This absurd display ensured that the night was going to be a good time. Opening their set with a cover of Rancid's song, "I'm the One," while Rancid singer Tim Armstrong was in attendance was an excellent way to begin the show. Immediately the crowd got on their feet and started to thrash.

The night was filled with about two hours of songs from the bands huge catalog of music, including such songs as, "Radio," "Don't Call Me White," "Linoleum," and "Bob." Every song just seemed so full of energy as they made fun of everything from George Bush to themselves. The added bonus for the evening was that the band kept getting shoes thrown at them by their fans but the band seemed to love it so it was all in good spirit. Some highlights of the night were when El Hefa, the guitar player, did a little trumpet solo and Eric, the other guitar player decided to bust out his accordion and do a song for everyone. Now lets not forget that Fat Mike made sure everyone knew he was the star of the show by singing a solo with the spotlight directly on him for the full effect.

This is what true punk rock is all about and it just doesn't get any better than this. Finishing off the night they announced that they were going to stick around to attend the Wu-Tang Clan show that was going on after them. Fat Mike could definitely get a few laughs if he sang "Don't Call Me White," to them.

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